Affinity Kitchens Installation Experience


This page contains results and reviews from Affinity Kitchen’s clients about of their Cabinet Installation Experience with Affinity Kitchens.

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Here are Reviews of Affinity Kitchens’ Clients:

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“Our Installers were two brothers, their names were Emilio Jr. and Eric. They were wonderful as well. They did demonstrate quality, craftsmanship & pride in their work.”

Sally E, Scottsdale, AZ Jan/19

“Affinity’s Installer, Gerardo took his time, didn’t rush things and did a good job. Their Designer, Ray Kant was there on site during installation as well. I would say that I relied on Ray pretty much throughout the project.”

Gary S, Chandler, AZ Jan/19

“Mike S is a phenomenal person to work with. He is very precise. Any little issues that he noticed were resolved. There was never a question for Mike, it had to be perfect.”

Ron C, Scottsdale, AZ Jan/19

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“The Installer was excellent. He was very thorough and demonstrated such care and attention. He was concerned about every detail. Every day, he cleaned up before leaving. He was extremely cheerful.”

Therese B, Fountain Hills, AZ Dec/18

“Anthony is amazing. He is really, really detail oriented in his work and his efforts.”

John J, Chandler, AZ Dec/18

“The Installers knew what to do. Any service issues were all done in a timely manner.”

Mike P, Peoria AZ, Nov/18

“Mike was excellent, he is a really good guy. He is a skilled craftsman and his approach is to do everything as well as he can.”

Larry G, Phoenix, AZ Oct/18

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer and installation was good. The service was fine and my customer is happy.”

Ron P, General Contractor, Flagstaff, AZ Oct/18

“I know the installation process was good and that Affinity Kitchens was very professional.”

Sheila Y, Phoenix, AZ Sep/18

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer, Matt, was a great guy. He was what we would call a true craftsman and it really shows! The fit, the finish and the attention to detail were all strong – it was all good.”

Jerry O, Glendale, AZ Aug/18

“The whole process from signing to execution by Affinity Kitchens was smooth and professional. It was good on the sales side, the admin side and the installation. Affinity demonstrated quality, craftsmanship & pride in their work. Not everything on the installation was perfect, but Affinity took care of it. I didn’t have to fight with Affinity on anything.”

Mario V, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/18

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer who finished up the installation was really good. He worked with my husband to customize the bottom of some of the cabinets. He was willing to come up with a solution for us and did a really nice job. They were one of the better trades at cleaning up the space. I appreciated that.”

Valerie L, Phoenix, AZ Jul/18

“The Installer, Gerardo with Affinity Kitchens, was very pleasant to work with. He is a very professional, nice person. Affinity absolutely resolved any service issues in a timely fashion.”

Julie G, Scottsdale Jul/18

“The installation area was absolutely spotless. Affinity Kitchens’ Installer, Gerardo, was pleasant – he was a nice guy. Gerardo was always smiling. He clearly enjoyed what he was doing. He is a craftsman — you don’t find craftsmen anymore. He knew what he was doing and he did it really well. We were lucky to have him. I’d give him a 10 out of 5.”

David B, Scottsdale AZ Jun/18

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installers had a very good attitude and they did an excellent job.”

Shane K, Scottsdale, AZ Jun/18

“We didn’t meet Gerardo, Affinity Kitchens’ Installer, but we are sure he did a good job. We were more concerned on the first project but based on that experience, we just let Affinity go and get it done. Regarding the quality and craftsmanship, it was all well done.”

Tom C, Scottsdale, AZ May/18

“I think that I have worked with every one of Affinity Kitchens’ Installers and they are all really good to work with. They are conscientious.”

Cheryl S, Sandella Custom Homes & Interiors, Fountain Hills, AZ Apr/18

“The Installers with Affinity Kitchens did a good job and both were very respectful and very approachable. They had time to talk and answer some of our questions. They demonstrated quality, craftsmanship & pride in their work. The cabinets are beautiful and were installed very well.”

Lynn H, Scottsdale, AZ Apr/18

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer, Geraldo, was good about the way he listened and answered my questions. The installation team’s workmanship was great. Jamie, the Project Manager, was open to hearing our concerns and then he also noticed a few things that we hadn’t seen. I really appreciated his attention to detail. He was a good resolver of issues.”

Amy G, Scottsdale, AZ Apr/18

“Bill, the Installer with Affinity Kitchens, was excellent and answered my questions and concerns. Bill demonstrated quality, craftsmanship & pride in his work very much so.”

Susan W, Scottsdale, AZ Apr/18

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer did a really good job. Mike was very, very good. I saw it for the first time last week. We bought Mike a gift as well.”

John S, Rio Verde, AZ Mar/18

“I love Mike with Affinity Kitchens, he is a real treasure. With Mike, everything had to be exactly perfect. Every time he came, he noticed something that could be better and he fixed it. Mike cleaned things up and was meticulous about the installation. The installation was as great as the design.”

Connie S, Rio Verde, AZ Mar/18

“There were absolutely no issues when it came to the installation. Everything worked exactly as it was designed. Gerardo, Affinity Kitchens’ Installer, was professional and we talked, but he was very focused on getting the work done. I was amazed that one person could put the whole kitchen together. He is like a machine, he did an extremely good job. We never had any issues. He communicated with me as well. He was very open to any questions that I had. Gerardo was very personable, very professional and very focused on getting a great installation complete.”

Roger L, Tempe, AZ Feb/18

“We are happy with the way the cabinets were installed by Affinity Kitchens.”

Bob P, Phoenix, AZ Feb/18

“Affinity Kitchens’ processes and procedures are excellent, I have never worked with a company in the building industry that has this level of organization. Their installation team had a binder that was specific to our project with a full set of plans, descriptions, cabinet orders, etc. Material was numbered and had been pre-checked at their facility before shipping to us. I have remodeled a 20,000 sq ft office complex with less process and organization than Affinity had for our project. Their check list was very detailed and impressive. You really get what you pay for. I have never seen organization and focus on quality to this level. I would definitely ask for them if I was doing more work. Wood can be a nightmare to work with. A compound cut on a piece of molding is a challenge. Affinity’s Installers put compound cuts together like it was done in the factory. They are very good.”

Peter C, Fountain Hills, AZ Feb/18

“Everything with the installation was great. Gerardo was fantastic. The Installers did a good job and were adaptable with any issues they came upon. Affinity Kitchens took care of any issues we had.”

Nancy S, Phoenix, AZ Jan/18

“I will say that Mike was very much a craftsman. Affinity Kitchens’ staff are better than others. Mike was great and I would love to have him as part of my staff. He is a craftsman and he is a good person, you just cannot find those type of people anymore. Mike is trained, he is helpful and I cannot say enough good thing about him.”

Tom L, Scottsdale, AZ Jan/18

“Mike from Affinity Kitchens was very experienced and knew what he was doing. He was very detail oriented. To be a craftsman you truly have to be concerned about the details. Mike is a Craftsman. He left no footprint at the project site. It was similar to hiking – hike so there is no evidence that you have been there. That was Mike –  he left no trace in my kitchen, there was no sawdust anywhere.”

Barbara S, Phoenix, AZ Jan/18

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“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer, Gerardo, is very detail oriented and careful with what he does.”

Shirley S, Phoenix, AZ Dec/17

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installers were very attentive and detailed. They make sure the cabinets open and align properly and I think they like working with the Designer, Debbie, as she never makes mistakes. This project was installed by Gerardo. He did a good job. Jamie, Affinity’s Field Supervisor, did our first project and that was five years ago. He is amazing to deal with and the quality of his workmanship is great. Everything is very precise. We didn’t have any issues to resolve after installation.”

Lorelei S, Scottsdale, AZ Dec/17

“The Installer, Mike with Affinity Kitchens was really good at what he does. And someone came at the end to finish things up – he was really great to work with as well.”

Beth P, Paradise Valley, AZ Nov/17

“I am so glad that I found Affinity Kitchens. There are lots of cabinet places in town, but Affinity goes the extra mile with a smile on their face and that makes a big difference.”

Andie C, General Contractor, Paradise Valley, AZ Nov/17

“The finished product is great, so yes, Affinity Kitchens did good work demonstrating quality and craftsmanship.”

Vicki C, Scottsdale, AZ Nov/17

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer, Mike, was very good and skillful. He was very neat, cleaning the work area each day.”

Chris L, Phoenix, AZ Oct/17

“Larry, Affinity Kitchens’ Installer, gets a gold star. The way he was handling the materials, he was so careful and immaculate, you could definitely feel the pride in the product and workmanship. It was also the way he talked about the product, the pride was definitely felt.”

Kasia S, Scottsdale, AZ Oct/17

“Mark, the Service Technician with Affinity Kitchens, did a great job from what my husband says.”

Diane B, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/17

“The experience of working with Affinity Kitchens is even better than the cabinets themselves. We love the cabinets and they meet our needs. However, the overall feeling that these people really cared about our overall satisfaction, meant more to me than the cabinets. If I had gotten the cabinets without the installation and service, I wouldn’t have had nearly the feeling that I have now.”

Susan P, Fountain Hills, AZ Sep/17

“We received a whole timeline and Affinity Kitchens was right on time and the installation was well received.”

Jack R, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/17

“Affinity Kitchens did a great job and they cleaned up after themselves. I felt I could trust them as we weren’t always home.”

Mark A, Fountain Hills, AZ Sep/17

“The Installer with Affinity Kitchens, Mike, did a good job. He was a true craftsman.”

Bob W, General Contractor, Happy Jack, AZ Jul/17

“Bill, who does the installation for Affinity Kitchens, definitely demonstrated quality, craftsmanship & pride in his work.”

Deidra G, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/17

“The quality of the work by Affinity Kitchens’ Installer was very good. The Service Technician, Mark, did a nice job too.”

Diane D, Moon Valley Interiors, Phoenix, AZ Jul/17

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer was excellent. He answered my questions, was easy to work with and he really took pride in his work. He was very precise.”

Karen D, Scottsdale, AZ May/17

“I think both Gerardo and Jamie with Affinity Kitchens demonstrated quality craftsmanship. Jamie did more as he was doing the more detailed work. My feeling is that Jamie went out of his way to make things right.”

Rebecca O, Prescott, AZ May/17

“We love Mike, Affinity Kitchens’ Installer, who was great. He was super respectful and super polite. He was here when he said he would be and finished the job when he said he would. He were very meticulous in what he did. I never felt that anything would be ‘jerry-rigged’. Another thing, Mike was always explaining things, giving us options and educating us on what would be best for our application. Affinity’s ‘guys on the ground’ were spectacular. Mike was hands down the best worker we had during our whole remodel.”

Homeowner, Mesa, AZ Apr/17

“Mike from Affinity Kitchens was outstanding to work with. I had a fridge with cabinet doors that was a bit more tricky and he did an outstanding job. He had a lot of knowledge and expertise with regards to how appliances fit with cabinets. Our challenge was that the fridge was installed at the wrong height and that had a big impact on how the cabinets were to be installed. It should have been installed a bit higher. Mike had so much knowledge on how to fit it all together, the issues were all figured out.”

Susan H, Scottsdale AZ Apr/17

“Affinity Kitchens was clean, efficient and respectful of the living space. Mark even suggested an additional support for a hanging cabinet. It was definitely needed. Mark went above and beyond.”

Susan L, Scottsdale, AZ Mar/17

“I met Gerardo, Affinity Kitchens’ Installer once, when he put the handles on. He was good. They sent someone else out to do additional clean up.”

Anne G, Mesa, AZ Mar/17

“I had lot of interaction with Mike, Affinity Kitchens’ Installer. He listened but he is not a man of many words. He appears to be an extreme introvert but he is very good at what he does. He is a real craftsman – his work is incredible.”

Beth S, Scottsdale, AZ, Feb/17

“Affinity Kitchens, Installer, Larry, did a great job. I enjoyed him a lot. He was informative, friendly and he explained what was going on. He did a wonderful job!”

Gene D, Gilbert, AZ, Feb/17

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer went above and beyond. He was attentive to our needs and would address things before we brought them up. Bill is a master carpenter. He did a great job and worked well with our other contractor. We know for a fact that we couldn’t have picked a better team to do our project. The Delivery staff showed a very, very high level of respect.”

Maro V, Scottsdale, AZ, Feb/17

“Affinity Kitchens was very professional and did a good job of installing.”

Jan E, Desert Mountain, AZ Jan/17

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer, Mike S, is truly an exceptional craftsman.”

Tina W, Scottsdale, AZ Jan/17

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“I actually requested and waited for Mike at Affinity Kitchens to do the installation, because he is so great to work with. He really involves the clients in the decisions. He tells them what he will do and how many days it will take. He stops his work to answer any questions. If there are issues, he quietly takes me aside and tells me about it. Mike is also very clean and professional.”

Andie, General Contractor, Paradise Valley, AZ Dec/16

“Gerardo with Affinity Kitchens did a good job and he has worked on other projects I have done. He is very continuous about what he is doing. You have to understand, we do not let our subs work on a site without one of us, my father, my brother or myself being there. We demand quality.”

John B, Bercel Builders Inc., Tempe, AZ Dec/16

“Mike is a very good Installer and it was clear to us that this was not his first rodeo. Affinity Kitchens is very lucky to have an Installer like Mike. His work was fantastic.”

Tom C, Phoenix, AZ Dec/16

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer was great to have on site. His work was terrific.”

Merri R, Scottsdale, AZ Nov/16

“The Installer with Affinity Kitchens, Bill, was very, very good and knowledgeable.”

Robert S, Scottsdale, AZ Nov/16

“I only met the Installers with Affinity Kitchens a couple of times. They were truly pros. They did a great job.”

Steve S, Scottsdale, AZ Nov/16

“Yes, I think Affinity Kitchens’ Installer did a good job. There was one mistake, but it was corrected.”

Hugh C, Scottsdale, AZ Oct/16

“There was more than one Installer with Affinity Kitchens. They were all were wonderful people!”

Phyllis K, Scottsdale, AZ Oct/16

“Bill, the Installer at Affinity Kitchens, demonstrated quality craftsmanship. The cabinetry was installed in a manner that resulted in a very nice looking end product. It is aligned and looks correct. Our cabinets function very well.”

Homeowner, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/16

“The Installer with Affinity Kitchens actually finished early and absolutely demonstrated quality and pride in his work.”

Kara P, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/16

“I’ve used Mike from Affinity Kitchens for a few different projects. Mike is meticulous at executing design the way that Ray has drawn it. Mike does everything he can to make the project perfect. Affinity Kitchens’ installation is no comparison to others. Affinity Installers are trained in house and show pride in their work. They are not just third party Installers.”

Justin R, Contractor, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/16

“I loved Mike and the work he did for Affinity Kitchens. His work was very good and I supplied the handles. I met him on site one morning to discuss how they would be installed and Mike had a number of good ideas as well. Mike was meticulous and he made sure that everything was done just right.”

Helen B, Phoenix, AZ, Jun/16

“Jamie with Affinity Kitchens was fabulous in working out the problems he found. Mike had to go on to another project but Jamie really stepped in. The chap that came out to install and fix all those things did a great job.”

Carol S, Scottsdale, AZ, Jun/16

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer, Mike insisted on cleaning up each night and the couple of other guys that worked with him were all great.”

Mike H, Paradise Valley, AZ, Jun/16

“It was very good to have Mike with Affinity Kitchens there because he interfaced with our contractor. When things popped up in the installation, he could make the situation work. Mike did all of the installation.”

Robert F, Scottsdale, AZ May/16

“There are very few people or companies who can execute this type of complicated project without incidents. Affinity Kitchens gets it right with none of the typical problems. Everything fit. I’ve heard that they have a Quality Control process that allows them to provide a level of assurance that others can’t achieve.”

Tina W, Scottsdale, AZ May/16

“Both Installers were great craftsmen, and the delivery staff were very respectful of my home.”

Chuck W, Scottsdale AZ, Apr/16

“All of the Affinity Kitchens’ Installers are good to have on site. The delivery staff are good because they put the cabinets where you ask them to, they don’t make a mess and they do it quick. They get in and then get out.”

AJ, Fleishon Res, Phoenix AZ, Apr/16

“Bill is a consummate professional on all the projects that we work on together. He is very detail oriented. He always knows the best way to do something or he will come up with the best method if there is a surprise or if the design is a bit vague. He has a lot of experience and his installation will always look great.”

Justin, Contractor, Scottsdale AZ, Apr/16

“Mark at Affinity got things resolved in the end. He was set on getting it right.”

Jim C, Paradise Valley, AZ Mar/16

“Affinity’s service was wonderful. If I could clone Mark, I would have him do a lot more work in our house.”

Homeowner, Paradise Valley, AZ Mar/16

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer cleaned up 100% every time.”

Art A, Fountain Hills AZ, Feb/16

“We got spoiled with the Installer at Affinity Kitchens’ work.”

Beth B, Scottsdale AZ, Feb/16

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“Absolutely, Affinity Kitchens’ Installer was great. He made our project go well. He was very knowledgeable and meticulous with his work. When he encountered problems, he solved them.”

Jan G, Scottsdale, AZ Dec/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer was excellent. One of the things that he installed could have been done better, so I requested that it be reinstalled. He reinstalled it and made it as I wanted. I would still give him a score of 5/5. I am pretty picky and it was just a difference in aesthetics.”

Rachelle S, Phoenix, AZ Oct/15

3 AF Precision Craftsmanship

“The Installer with Affinity Kitchens was great. We were asking all kinds of questions and he took the time to answer them. He was a wonderful carpenter. One of the cabinet doors was a bit off color so, he sent it back. He was such a perfectionist. The cabinets look amazing, the way he installed them. He is a talented artist.”

Mariza D, Phoenix, AZ Sep/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer was excellent. I just thought he knew what he was doing and he did a really good job. He had to lower one of the cabinets for me and I was amazed at his expertise. He is really good at what he does.”

Jan C, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/15

“I would agree that Affinity Kitchens’ Installer demonstrated quality, craftsmanship & pride in his work.”

Lauren B, Ernesto Garcia Interior Designs, Phoenix, AZ Sep/15

“The Installer at Affinity Kitchens did a great job.”

Janet P, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/15

“Every person that I dealt with from Affinity Kitchens was professional, courteous, and easy to work with. Each one of them was interested in helping us accomplish the end result we were after.”

Dave B, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer was meticulous.”

Paula C, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer definitely demonstrated quality, craftsmanship, and pride in his work. We enjoyed having the Installers here and enjoyed working with them.”

Mary Jo, Phoenix, AZ Aug/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer is amazing and is the nicest person to deal with. He was courteous and a complete gem of a person.”

Jackie N, Scottsdale, AZ, Jul/15

“I was really happy with the installation by Affinity Kitchens.  I think Affinity was one of the best trades by far and I appreciate their level of quality control.”

Shannon D, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/15

The Installer with Affinity Kitchens was very thorough and very professional. The Installer and Affinity’s staff are the experts. I just stayed out of their way.”

Cynthia, Cynthia Woody Designs, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer also fixed up another cabinet for me. It was extra work and it had nothing to do with the kitchen but it was a very good thing that he did.”

Ginny M, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer was good, attentive and very easy to work with.  He was very courteous and respectful of everything and very professional.”

Bill & Sue V, Cave Creek, AZ Jun/15

“I had heard of the good reputation of Affinity Kitchens. I wanted my product to turn out really well and I know that typically costs more. In the end, my project was done really well.”

Dawn D, Queen Creek, AZ Jun/15

“If I look at the work Affinity Kitchens did with the crown moulding and other joints, they took their time to do it right. If there was anything we questioned, they would address and answer the issue. Affinity’s Installers are very good and we could tell that they took pride in their work.”

Cindy B, Tempe, AZ Jun/15

“The installation by Affinity Kitchens was impeccable. I wish they did all my home builds.”

Dan F, Ittel Contracting, Scottsdale, AZ Jun/15

“The Installer at Affinity Kitchens was very good as he seemed to know what he was doing. He took his time but as a result, it looks great.”

Andy I, Phoenix, AZ May/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer was good about cleaning up the work area. I would use them again.”

Peter P, Phoenix, AZ May/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer spent a lot of time on the details. It is clear that he and Affinity are spending a lot of time in fitting everything absolutely right. They make sure the cabinets are right or they replace them. Their Installer actually custom built a cabinet right in our house.”

Jim C, Phoenix, AZ Apr/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer did very good work. From our perspective, he couldn’t have done anything better. He did a beautiful job of installing the hardware and a good job of cleaning up. Previous to starting the work they were quite careful to block off the unaffected areas of our house and in covering furniture etc. They vacuumed up and cleaned every day.”

Ron & Ruth, ScottsdalMar/15e, AZ

”Affinity Kitchens’ Installer is very professional. He has done the work before and he inspired confidence with my clients. He has a willingness to explain things and answer questions. It is all good.”

Interior Designer, Tempe, AZ Mar/15

Affinity 4 Design & Installation

“Affinity Kitchen’s Installer was amazing. He is the best Installer I have ever worked with and he had a great balance of workmanship and communication skills. He was excellent and he is also a strong problem solver.”

Alisha N, Gilbert, AZ Feb/15

“Affinity’s Cabinet Installer was great as well. I say that because he was amazing to work with and very professional. He perfectly installed all aspects of the cabinets on this project.”

Dannette S, Scottsdale, AZ Feb/15

“Affinity Kitchens has an unbelievable Installer. He knows his work and he is pleasant to work with. Everything was wonderful.”

Bonnie, Interior Designer, Phoenix, AZ Mar/15

“Affinity’s Installer listened and responded and was very helpful. He demonstrated craftsmanship and pride in his work.”

Juliet R, Scottsdale, AZ, Jan/15

”He was helpful and very nice. Affinity’s Installer demonstrated quality in his work.”

Tempe Homeowner, Tempe, AZ, Jan/15

“Affinity Kitchen’s Site Staff present themselves well to clients and always greet them and shake their hands. That results in clients who are comfortable having them in their homes.”

Alisha N, Gilbert, AZ Feb/15

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“Affinity’s staff are easy to work with and they respected other workers and trades on my site.”

Sue L, Scottsdale, AZ, Dec/14

”I deal with all kinds of trades and workers. The Affinity staff were clean, they swept and vacuumed after themselves. They had to do touch up work after and they were exceptionally clean about that.”

Al S, Scottsdale, AZ, Dec/14

“Occasionally Affinity’s Installers may miss or forget to do something. I think sometimes it is that they just don’t see the issues. They are good about following up and getting the issues resolved though.”

Vicki B, Scottsdale, AZ, Dec/14

“I have been in the business for over 35 years and these guys were the best Installers that I have ever seen. I was really impressed. I am not used to how professional and good were they were to work with. It was really refreshing, they took care of everything.”

Cal C, Paradise Valley, AZ Nov/14

”Affinity’s Installer was amazing. The walls of our house are all crooked but he made sure the cabinets were hung as good as they could. Precision is a word to describe him and the work he did.”

Jeff H, Phoenix, AZ Nov/14

“Affinity Kitchen’s Coordinator has been easy to work with. He gets back to me with any schedule changes that arise. The experience with him has been all good.”

David M, Phoenix, AZ Nov/14

“Affinity’s Installer was very professional and proactive.”

Cal C, Paradise Valley, AZ Nov/14

”Affinity’s Installer was a fantastic guy and there was nothing that he couldn’t handle. It is all custom work.”

Jimmie G, Cave Creek, AZ Sep/14

“Affinity’s Site Tech was super cool. The reason I say that is that he had our interests in mind. He was going to make sure the end result was fantastic. He said things like “I can make that look better”. He was going to make sure the project was perfect. For me that built a lot of trust and comfort.”

Gina G, Cave Creek, AZ Sep/14

“Affinity’s Designer was a true craftsman. In comparison to the other trades on our project, I am just amazed at the work that the Affinity staff did. Their work was top notch and they are truly craftsman oriented. They customized everything to what we wanted.”

Noily P, Phoenix, AZ Sep/14

”I felt that Affinity’s Installer went above and beyond on the little things. He wanted to make sure I got everything I needed – extra support for cabinets, the utility drawers I wanted. He wanted to make sure things got done right.”

Ann L, Scottsdale, AZ, Sep/14

“As far as workmanship Affinity’s Installer did beautiful work. He took a lot of time and wanted to made sure things were perfect. He was very methodical about his work and it was a quality installation.”

Rosalyn F, Scottsdale, AZ, Sep/14

“Affinity’s Site Tech was super cool. The reason I say that is that he had our interests in mind. He was going to make sure the end result was fantastic. He said things like “I can make that look better”. He was going to make sure the project was perfect. For me that built a lot of trust and comfort.”

Gina G, Cave Creek, AZ Sep/14

”Affinity’s Installer was a fantastic guy and there was nothing that he couldn’t handle. It is all custom work.”

Jimmy G, Cave Creek, AZ Sep/14

“I cannot say enough about Affinity’s Installer. He was professional and very talented, it was phenomenal. I would give him a 20 (out of 5).

Louise N, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/14

“Affinity’s Installer had some challenges but he seemed to be really engaged and was really conscientious and exact. He was fairly intense on doing a good job. When he did the installation of our bathroom cabinet it wasn’t done quite right. He had to come back to give it more support.”

Ellie K, Phoenix, AZ Jul/14

”Oh that dude is one “bad ass” craftsman – you can quote me, on that. I have never seen this – he is a true craftsman. At times I saw Affinity’s Installer just standing back and looking at what he was doing. He truly cared about the end result and that is very rare. I was really impressed, he is extremely clean and he exceeded our expectations.”

Mario R, Cave Creek, AZ Jul/14

“I don’t know where Affinity Kitchens found their Installer but he is really good. I think that Affinity as an organization is like that as well. Similar personalities attract the same type of people.”

Mario R, Cave Creek, AZ Jul/14

“I think he was really good. Affinity’s Installer was detailed with cuts and installation. The kitchen had some challenges but he seemed patient and diligent. He was also easy to work with.”

Brad A, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/14

”Affinity’s Project Manager was very helpful in managing the issues. He noticed some imperfections and got them resolved. We didn’t have any problems getting issues fixed.”

Homeowner, Tempe, AZ Jul/14

I asked Affinity’s Installer about the brand quality of our selection versus other lines that Affinity carries. We had purchased middle of the road. He mentioned that he liked working with this line the best (it was his favorite to work with due to fit and finish). We have nothing but compliments about his work.”

Chris H, Phoenix, AZ Jun/14

“Affinity’s Cabinet Installers were very good, very professional and did a really nice job. My cabinets turned out perfect.”

Kevin B, Scottsdale, AZ Jun/14

”Affinity’s Project Manager was outstanding. We had an area where we had to do some tearing out of old cabinetry. He made some suggestions that stopped us from making errors. His experience was invaluable.”

Jerry W, Scottsdale, AZ Jun/14

“We were really pleased with his work. We were pleased with everything that Affinity’s Installer did.”

Barbara B, Scottsdale, AZ May/14

“I have had a lot of people in my house since this remodel project started. Everyone from Affinity Kitchens was always so helpful.”

Gaby B, Scottsdale, AZ May/14

”He was very thorough and kept us informed on issues. Affinity’s Installer did a good job of communicating and we were extremely impressed. He found some creative ways to solve problems and made sure things worked.”

Frank R, Scottsdale, AZ May/14

“Affinity Kitchens has an environment of openness that creates an atmosphere of trust. Not that many business transactions are conducted in a truly trustful environment. They wanted a complete ‘win-win’ and not many businesses do that anymore. That was my business philosophy and it truly is Affinity’s as well. Affinity lives the ‘win-win’ philosophy.”

David M, Scottsdale, AZ May/14