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This page contains results and reviews from what Affinity Kitchen’s clients Value the Most about of their cabinet purchase experience with Affinity Kitchens.

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Here are Reviews of Affinity Kitchens’ Clients:

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“It was an overall good collaboration with Tim Huber and I valued that. He gave us the guidelines we needed. What was most important to me was function, but I got a design that is beautiful and attractive. My kitchen has clean lines, is functional, classy and looks great. I completely trusted everything that Tim did and I looked for his recommendation and guidance on a bunch of things.”

Heather, Scottsdale, AZ Jan/19

“We love the result of the remodel. I will say that Beth Martinec was patient with us. We had never done this before, so it took time. When you are building something you need time and Beth was willing to help us.”

Mike, Paradise Valley, AZ Jan/19

“I like to have things just right. It seemed that there was nothing Affinity wouldn’t do to make sure that would happen. It is Affinity’s people that made the project great. You can buy cabinets anywhere. It is the dedicated staff that makes the difference.”

Sally E, Scottsdale, AZ Jan/19

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“clients, are easy to work with and they are highly professional. Affinity just seemed to have it together. The installation and scheduling was very good and also communication is a big thing. As the project was moving along it was good to be in contact with them. Also knowing the next steps was helpful. Affinity is just really good at what they do.”

Therese B, Fountain Hills, AZ Dec/18

“The contribution and expertise of Tim, the Designer, and Anthony, the Installer were great. I would certainly work with both Tim and Anthony again. I cannot say enough about them, they are exceptional.”

John J, Chandler, AZ Dec/18

“I stopped by Affinity’s showroom and met Beth. I was looking for a stainless steel cabinet. I started talking to Beth and it just went from there. It was the quality of cabinets that was most important to me.”

Kathy B, Paradise Valley, AZ Dec/18

“Norman’s involvement as Designer in the project and Affinity’s service level is what I value the most.”

Andrea A, Phoenix, AZ Nov/18

“It was a smooth process. The project was on time and on budget and we ended up with good looking product. We are pleased.”

Mike P, Peoria, AZ Nov/18

“My wife is very happy with Affinity Kitchens and I have no complaints. I cannot think of anything that Affinity could improve.”

Bunny K, Scottsdale, AZ Nov/18

“We valued the design interaction with Beth. She has been involved the whole time. Beth remained engaged and we have valued that. In my mind, she did the best that any Designer could do with our design. Beth listened, asked us about our life and how we live, and our tastes and how we work. She brought that all into our design. She was excellent.”

Larry G, Phoenix, AZ Oct/18

“I really trusted Norman’s opinion and his knowledge and suggestions. I think we really looked to Norman for guidance and he provided it. Affinity said what they were going to do and that is what they did. They were informative, organized and got the work done.”

Sheila Y, Phoenix, AZ Sep/18

“I valued interaction with Debbie, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer the most. That was the best part of the project. It’s not often that you find a good fit and the vendor takes consideration for the fact that it was a project for a church. It was helpful for us to have the professional assistance of Affinity Kitchens to design, deliver and execute the project.”

Mario V, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/18

“The fact that it was a pleasant experience working Affinity Kitchens and that we got what we wanted. It was as smooth a process as possible. I have been putting this remodel off for quite a well. My challenge was finding the right people for the job. Kathy’s referral made all the difference. Affinity was the right company with connections to a group of highly trained professionals. Our project turned out very well.”

Jerry O, Glendale, AZ Aug/18

“We had a good all round experience with Affinity Kitchens and everything turned out well. We gutted our entire kitchen so it was a big project. It costs money to do a project like this and there is uncertainty about whether it will turn out. We are happy with the end result and that is what I value the most.”

Julie G, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/18

“It was easy working with Affinity Kitchens. I didn’t have to chase them. Affinity set the expectations with the schedule. The coordination was easy and efficient. Things go wrong on every project so the test is really how much you can depend on your Supplier. That is what I value the most, when issues came up, Affinity resolved them all – no worries.”

Valerie L, Phoenix, AZ Jul/18

“It seems like everyone at Affinity Kitchens is wonderful! Affinity staff love what they do and they want to do the best job they can for their customers. The staff take pride in doing the best they can. A project like this takes a lot of people. Affinity has a team that works well together – they work hard and are respectful. It’s an enjoyable way to do a project.”

David B, Scottsdale AZ Jun/18

“What I valued the most were the ideas of the Designer with Affinity Kitchens. Tim’s ideas were very unique and now we have a very unique home. People see it and say “Wow!” They delivered what Tim had on paper and the finishes are perfect. Tim and Affinity Kitchens’ staff just took the bull by the horns and got it done.”

Shane K, Scottsdale, AZ Jun/18

“I’d have to say it was working with Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Norman, that I valued the most. My husband, Dave, also liked working with Norman. It really helped that Norman was able to make it interesting for Dave and to include his perspective.”

Shelley B, Cave Creek, AZ May/18

“We value our interaction with Norm and the excellence that Affinity Kitchens provides in terms of the product and service. When someone in the service industry says they will take on a job and take care of things and they do that without you having to revisit the issues, that is the very best outcome that one can expect. It all comes down to that. And that is what we experienced again with Affinity Kitchens.”

Tom C, Scottsdale, AZ May/18

“We have been treated incredibly well by the staff of Affinity Kitchens. In the Affinity world, we are always treated with respect, and for us that is huge. Stephen, the General Manager, should be proud of his team and the culture that he has developed – to never show discrimination.”

Lynn H, Scottsdale, AZ Apr/18

“A few things that stick in my mind were Jamie, Affinity Kitchens’ Project Manager, coming in and fixing our doors. He had a really keen eye and just took care of things. And Theresa really is a knowledgeable Designer. She is confident and fun to work with. She also helped us choose our countertops and that was really helpful. We had a fantastic experience. I now have a new kitchen and I love it.”

Amy G, Scottsdale, AZ Apr/18

“I value working with Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Ray, and knowing that things are taken care of. Affinity provides a significant commitment to quality.”

Cheryl S, Sandella Custom Homes & Interiors, Fountain Hills, AZ Apr/18

“I valued the communication by Affinity Kitchens and that everything just clicked.”

Connie S, Rio Verde, AZ Mar/18

“If we did it again, my wife would demand that we use Tim. We would hire Affinity Kitchens again in a heartbeat.”

John S, Rio Verde, AZ Mar/18

“The result was good and my experience with Affinity Kitchens was positive as well.”

Homeowner, Phoenix, AZ Mar/18

“I felt welcomed into Affinity Kitchens’ showroom. We had an appointment with Theresa, we were treated as valued customers right from the start. Everyone was welcoming and very gracious. It was never a sell job. For me personally, if someone is coming to make a sale, it is really off putting. Everyone at Affinity approached it as a relationship. That is powerful.”

Roger L, Tempe, AZ Feb/18

“Beyond the materials and people, Affinity Kitchens does the simple thing that no one else seems to do and that is communicate. I have a philosophy that says whether you do someone right or wrong just communicate, communicate and communicate. I could pick up my phone right now and text Norman, Marco, Jamie or Stephen and expect to get a response within 1/2 an hour. That is exceptional communication.”

Peter C, Fountain Hills, AZ Feb/18

“It was Affinity Kitchens’ overall service that we valued the most, we had an excellent experience.”

Bob P, Phoenix, AZ Feb/18

“Affinity Kitchens is a really good organization – their shop drawings were great and they came to the party completely prepared.”

Tom L, Scottsdale, AZ Jan/18

“It makes a difference that Affinity Kitchens offers knowledge, education, and communication throughout the process. That all gave me confidence to make a decision and go ahead with Affinity.”

Barbara S, Phoenix, AZ Jan/18

“We ended up pushing out a wall and ran into some things that we had not anticipated. Affinity Kitchens’ staff were able to adapt and deal with any of the challenges with no problems. We valued that professionalism.”

Nancy S, Phoenix, AZ Jan/18

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“Affinity Kitchens is on top of the game. There are not too many companies like Affinity in the cabinet business. They are 100%. They have the quality of cabinets and the level of professionalism that sets them apart. For the value of the homes that are being built, Affinity just gets it.”

Mike C, Scottsdale, AZ Dec/17

“What I like is that the staff at Affinity Kitchens are responsive, organized and they answered all my questions. I liked that they got back to me and delivered on time.”

Shirley S, Phoenix, AZ Dec/17

“Affinity Kitchens’ staff are just good people and they sell quality cabinets. Our Contractor had cabinets but nothing that we were satisfied with. Affinity had the contemporary style that we were after.”

Lorelei S, Scottsdale, AZ Dec/17

“I liked the ‘one on one’ with Beth at Affinity Kitchens, and how in-touch she was with our project. I never felt that I was not being heard and I was pleased with that. We made a number of small changes and adjustments but that was no problem for Beth.”

Gina K, Phoenix, AZ Nov/17

“What I like is that my kitchen is not only beautiful, it is also very functional. We had a galley style kitchen that was crowded and now I have so much more room and it is setup so well. Everyone who see my kitchen asks, “did you make your home larger? Affinity Kitchens has provided function and beauty with no compromise.”

Vicki C, Scottsdale, AZ Nov/17

“Affinity Kitchens did a great job. I like their level of customer service and the quality of their product. It was a great experience.”

Beth P, Paradise Valley, AZ Nov/17

“I went with Affinity Kitchens because we heard that Affinity was very detailed. I am meticulous and detail oriented. I valued the way that they handled my complaint and also the quality of the product. I’d like to thank them. They are an amazing company and have great ownership. Affinity went above and beyond to resolve the issues and that makes their company amazing.”

Kasia S, Scottsdale, AZ Oct/17

“The renovated part of our house is looking beautiful and not shabby like it did before. Affinity Kitchens did a great job.”

Chris L, Phoenix, AZ Oct/17

“It’s the alignment of Affinity Kitchens with our style that I valued the most.”

Diane B, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/17

“I valued that Affinity Kitchens wanted things to be as close to perfect as possible. Their standards are so high and they do everything to meet those standards.”

Susan P, Fountain Hills, AZ Sep/17

“We were satisfied and Affinity Kitchens had some of the nicest people that we dealt with on the project.”

Jack R, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/17

“We valued working with Tim, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer. We liked Tim and all the samples he showed us. He put together our entire remodel for us.”

Mark A, Fountain Hills, AZ Sep/17

“We’ve done business with Affinity Kitchens for 20 some years. They are thoughtful, provide good service and we really like working with Stephen, the General Manager. It’s a really good business.”

Diane D, Moon Valley Interiors, Phoenix, AZ Jul/17

“Their professionalism is what I value the most. Affinity Kitchens did what they said they were going to do. It’s really the professionalism.”

Bob W, General Contractor, Happy Jack, AZ Jul/17

“I valued the quality of the workmanship and the way the whole project was done by Affinity Kitchens.”

Deidra G, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/17

“I felt comfortable with Theresa, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer and how she did the design. I appreciated the time she put into it and it seems like we really had a personality match – she was very detailed about things and I appreciated that.”

Rebecca O, Prescott, AZ May/17

“I wanted precision and attention to detail. Affinity Kitchens is very professional. I had a past experience with another supplier. They were generalists at the job and Affinity are really the specialists. It is their really, really good work that I value. It is also the availability of their staff to answer questions along the way. I liked the ideas and suggestions that Theresa and others gave.”

Karen D, Scottsdale, AZ May/17

“It was a great result overall. I value Affinity Kitchens’ attention to detail and their level of customer service. They showed up when they said they would and they were good about returning telephone calls. That is a big one for me. Another thing is that AF is really neat. I had done two bathrooms with a previous company and so working with Affinity was a breath of fresh air. They are so customer oriented, it was amazing.I like the fact that if I have any issues in the future, I can just give Affinity a call.”

Jennifer B, Scottsdale, AZ, Apr/17

“Our experience was Affinity Kitchens was great but it doesn’t mean that everything went perfectly. When Affinity’s staff came across an issue they identified it and fixed it. My experience was amazing.”

Susan H, Scottsdale AZ, Apr/17

“It was the creative design by Affinity Kitchens that I appreciated the most.”

Kurt J, Scottsdale, AZ Mar/17

“I know that my clients will be happy at the end of the day and satisfied with everything done by Affinity Kitchens. As a General Contractor, that’s important to me.”

Heidi V, General Contractor, Scottsdale, AZ Mar/17

“It was our confidence in Beth, Mike and Mark at Affinity Kitchens that made our experience so good. I can’t imagine having any better experience than this, considering the challenges with this type of construction.”

Susan L, Scottsdale, AZ Mar/17

“I value the character and integrity of the people who work for Affinity Kitchens. They are proud of their products and their work. They want the client to be satisfied; you don’t see that much anymore. Affinity is a wonderful company with a super quality product. You get what you pay for.”

Gene D, Gilbert, AZ, Feb/17

“Affinity Kitchens’ staff assured us that if we had any problems, they would resolve them and stand behind their product. Their promise seemed to be without conditions or time limitations. Their message was that, “We take care of our customers”. That is really important and it meant a lot to us.”

Maro V, Scottsdale, AZ, Feb/17

“It was my experience with Tim that stands out. I read about Tim’s attention to detail and thoughtful response online and I knew I wanted to work with him. I think it is also important that Affinity Kitchens post before and after pictures online. The feedback is very important. I am referring Tim a lot. I am “shouting from the rooftops” about him!!”

Beth S, Scottsdale, AZ, Feb/17

“There were no problems with Affinity Kitchens from the office to the field. For the price point they offer, they were good.”

Mark, Manship Builders, Desert Mountain, AZ Jan/17

“Affinity Kitchens did everything that I needed to be done. They jumped through hoops for me. I was behind the gun to get the cabinets in and we made it work. It was my fault that we had to rush in getting done, but we made it work.”

Dan H, Harris – Cactus Pine, Phoenix, AZ Jan/17

“Everybody at Affinity Kitchens has good client contact skills. They respect the client’s home and surrounding area. They don’t leave a mess for neighbors to see. Also, the quality control is good.”

Tina W, Scottsdale, AZ Jan/17

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“It was an extremely easy experience for us working with Affinity Kitchens. We are in Dallas, Texas and this is our ‘get away in the dessert’ place. We were not on site, so we were managing it remotely and it worked. We were traveling back and forth and there were no wasted trips. I think that they have a lot of customers who would have done bigger projects than ours but I don’t believe they would have any customers who are more satisfied than us with the end result.”

Tom C, Phoenix, AZ Dec/16

“Affinity Kitchens does 100%. We are all human and mistakes happen, but Affinity Kitchens stands behind what they do and the results are projects that are 100%. We get good results from Affinity Kitchens. Their willingness to stand behind their product brings us back.”

John B, Bercel Builders Inc., Tempe, AZ Dec/16

“Affinity Kitchens has a really beautiful showroom and they are very inviting. I know that Affinity Kitchens will provide a quality installation – an installation that is better than their competitors.”

Andie, General Contractor, Paradise Valley, AZ Dec/16

“It was the overall quality of work from Affinity Kitchens that I valued and getting what I thought I would get.”

Robert S, Scottsdale, AZ Nov/16

“Stephanie is what I valued the most from Affinity Kitchens. We had a complicated design and her involvement and suggestions were amazing.”

Diana K, Phoenix, AZ Nov/16

“Norman and Affinity Kitchens are great to work with. I value Affinity’s quality, their design and their timeliness.”

Denise C, Scottsdale, AZ Nov/16

“I think it is the variety of product that Affinity Kitchens has – they have from high end product to modest. Another factor was their ability to provide guidance for specific cabinets based on a person’s budget. Theresa was able to give clear direction.”

Hugh C, Scottsdale, AZ Oct/16

“I’m in love with the material and the look and everyone else loves it too. It was the ability, talent and the personal interaction with everyone that made a difference. It was a marvelous experience working with Affinity Kitchens. Anyone going through construction knows there are some inconveniences. These people were so reliable, responsible and pleasant. I made a couple of change orders along the way and no one ever said it would be a problem.”

Phyllis K, Scottsdale, AZ Oct/16

“I think it was Affinity Kitchens’ honesty and integrity that I valued most. We had no unpleasant surprises on this project.”

Homeowner, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/16

“We value their honesty and ability to work with us, provide a high quality product and work within our budget. We had a very positive experience. A kitchen remodel is a stressful time but our experience with Affinity Kitchens was very positive.”

Kara P, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/16

“It’s their customer service (that I value). I’ve worked with Affinity Kitchens for such a long time and never had a bad experience. With Affinity, even the problems are not their fault. Affinity goes above and beyond to take care of the customers, whether the issues are coming through a supplier or from themselves.”

Justin R, Contractor, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/16

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Norman was involved and wanted the project to succeed. It was clear that he was not just selling cabinets. Norman really got himself involved in the project.”

Mike H, Paradise Valley, AZ, Jun/16

“I went into Affinity Kitchens knowing what I wanted and when I told Sally, she directed me to exactly what I was hoping for.”

Helen B, Phoenix, AZ, Jun/16

“Stephanie at Affinity Kitchens was fabulous to work with. I trusted her. I was starting from scratch with a total redesign of my kitchen. I totally trusted Stephanie.”

Carol S, Scottsdale, AZ, Jun/16

“I valued the showroom and the professional presentation of the people at Affinity Kitchens.”

Stuart M, Luxor Custom Homes, Phoenix, AZ May/16

“It’s great the way that Affinity Kitchens’ staff work as a team. They know each other; they all work together and they solve any issues. We had an issue when the counter top people damaged the cabinetry. The granite people called Affinity and Affinity came over to take care of it. They work as team with the other Contractors.”

Robert F, Scottsdale, AZ May/16

“It’s the professionalism of all of the people that we encountered at Affinity Kitchens. Also, we have the confidence that they stand behind their product.”

Simone G, Bermuda Dunes, AZ May/16

“When Marco scheduled a worker, that worker was in my house at the exact time that Marco said they would be. The Affinity workers were professional and respected my time as they respected their own time. This is the number one thing that made me say I would definitely use Affinity again.”

Kristen R, Scottsdale AZ, Apr/16

“I loved working with Stephanie and Jamie was a prince of a man. The Installers were super skilled craftsman. I can’t say enough about them all.”

Chuck W, Scottsdale AZ, Apr/16

“I love the Affinity people, the staff, the company and their whole philosophy. They really do care about how the customers are treated and how the product is installed. Affinity Kitchens is a great place to do business with.”

Justin, Contractor, Scottsdale AZ, Apr/16

“I got quotes from other companies, but I couldn’t get a design I wanted (to cover the pipe). So I went to Affinity and they solved the problem.”

Nancy N, Phoenix, AZ Mar/16

“We are pleased with the way the project with Affinity Kitchens ended up.”

Patricia S, Scottsdale, AZ Mar/16

“If I had gone elsewhere I am not sure that I would get an Installer as good as Mark, with ‘Mark-like workmanship’ or a Designer with as much patience as Norman.”

Homeowner, Paradise Valley, AZ Mar/16

“I like to be involved in the design and Affinity’s Designer was really open to that. She is very easy to work with.“”

Cheryl N, Scottsdale AZ, Feb/16

“I enjoyed working with Affinity because they made me feel like I was important and I was the only one doing a project with them. I enjoy the quality of cabinets now that it is done.”

Beth B, Scottsdale AZ, Feb/16

“I value the fact that our project turned out well. We got quality material, designed and installed professionally. The other thing that was so good was that when problems occurred, Affinity Kitchens always recognized them and then jumped in to get them resolved. There was never any hesitation.”

Art A, Fountain Hills AZ, Feb/16

“The most important thing is that they resolve anything that comes up along the way. Errors and mistakes are a given in this industry – what was important to me is that Affinity acknowledged the errors and fixed them. Affinity just resolves everything.”

Nick P, Paradise Valley, AZ Jan/16

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“I value that Affinity has high standards for themselves and their product. They also offer a 100% lifetime guarantee.”

Lisa C, Scottsdale, AZ Dec/15

“Affinity has quality products and great customer service.”

Jan G, Scottsdale, AZ Dec/15

“If a problem came up, Affinity took care of it without aggravation.”

Michelle C, Scottsdale, AZ Dec/15

“I think getting what I wanted in the laundry room was the most valuable thing. It seemed impossible to get but Affinity Kitchens’ Designer found a way to do it with his creative design.”

Rachelle S, Phoenix, AZ Oct/15

“Affinity Kitchens stood behind the project. They gave me what they promised and what I expected, and then a bit more.”

Rich G, Fountain Hills, AZ Oct/15

5 AF Consistent & Reliable

“Affinity Kitchens was very accessible and easy to work with. They were there for us and we never felt pushed into anything. They were honest and easy to deal with.”

Jan C, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/15

“It was easy to talk with Affinity Kitchens and I felt supported. The product is beautiful. Steven and I always say, this is the nicest kitchen we have every had – it is so beautiful. Just looking at it makes me happy.”

Mariza D, Phoenix, AZ Sep/15

“We appreciate the quality of Affinity Kitchens’ cabinets and work.”

Janet P, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/15

“The thing I valued most was the fact that everyone from Affinity Kitchens kept the ultimate goal in mind and stuck to their promises. What they said they were going to do is what they did. It was a great achievement from our perspective. It is a big accomplishment. ”

Dave B, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/15

“I value the end product and how beautiful it is now. I don’t think there is anything that could have improved my experience with Affinity Kitchens.”

Mary Jo, Phoenix, AZ Aug/15

“I value the craftsmanship of Affinity Kitchens, their knowledge and the fact that they are just good people to deal with. If an issue comes up, they acknowledge it, own it and fix it. Affinity Kitchens does things the way they should be done.”

Jackie N, Scottsdale, AZ, Jul/15

“It was a pleasant experience from beginning to end. I didn’t have to be nit picky with Affinity Kitchens or their  Designer at any point. This project required no conflict resolution – it just flowed.  Affinity’s Designer was so pleasant to work with. My Contractor would notice something and Affinity would respond. They had a ‘we will take care of that’ attitude.”

Shannon D, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/15

“I am just totally happy with the kitchen as it now is. It is so much better than what we had. Now, it is just plain beautiful!”

Ginny M, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/15

“I know Stephen (Buller) the owner and I appreciate his personal mission in life and his integrity in business.”

Cynthia, Cynthia Woody Designs, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/15

“I will say that I value Affinity Kitchens’ RELIABILITY in capitals. The other thing that I value is their honesty.”

Brooks V, Brooks & Company LLC, Phoenix, AZ Jul/15

“I really liked working with the Designer with Affinity Kitchens. It was a connection we made initially. You have to make some sort of connection with a Designer. Another thing is that he came out to the house and understood what I wanted. That was important for me and he did a good job.”

Dawn D, Queen Creek, AZ Jun/15

“I value that Affinity Kitchens understood our situation and really pushed to get everything resolved. We appreciated their respect for our timing.”

Cindy B, Tempe, AZ Jun/15

“It is easy to work with Affinity Kitchens. As a Builder, I enjoy working with them.”

Dan F, Ittel Contracting, Scottsdale, AZ Jun/15

“Affinity Kitchens delivered everything we asked. (The kitchen) is functional and it looks great. It was also on time.”

Andy I, Phoenix, AZ May/15

“My whole experience with Af“Everything about Affinity Kitchens was good. It was the ease of operation, the quick service and their people really knew their product. The Receptionist was helpful as well.”

Peter P, Phoenix, AZ May/15

Affinity Kitchens was fine. I valued Affinity’s Designer, their Coordinator and Installer, their Service Technician, and Field Supervisor who was way up on my list.”

Satisfied Homeowner, Paradise Valley, AZ May/15

“We just felt comfortable having Affinity staff come into our home. They were accommodating and professional and we are happy with the end result.”

Kathy M, Scottsdale, AZ Apr/15

“It was Affinity’s professionalism and their attention to detail from start to finish and all the way through the process. I knew when Affinity came that things would be done perfectly. I knew it would be done well and that I wouldn’t have to pay attention to the details. For the project as a whole, I was the Quality Control (QC). With Affinity Kitchens, it was really refreshing as they are their own QC. I didn’t have to concern myself with QC when they were on site.”

John B, Chandler, AZ Apr/15

“We value the care and attention that Affinity Kitchens provide. It felt comfortable with their Designer and it seemed like it was a good fit. She listened to us and went through different suggestions and ideas. The more we worked with her the more we realized that she had a lot of good ideas. It was clear that she would bring so much value to our redesign.”

Jim C, Phoenix, AZ Apr/15

“I really liked working with Affinity Kitchens’ Designer. She is easy to work with and was there when we needed her and helpful when we had difficulty making decisions. She listened and then led us in the right direction. This was an area that we are not that familiar with, so having a knowledgeable person involved was very helpful.”

Homeowner, Scottsdale, AZ Mar/15

“The kitchen is better than we expected. The project really was a painless experience for us. I kept hearing nothing but horror stories from friends but everyone from Ray to Justin did what they said they would. They were there for us and always available. The whole job was done right.”

Ron & Ruth, Scottsdale, AZ Mar/15

“I value their professionalism. Affinity Kitchen’s staff are true professionals and that is what I value.”

Alisha N, Gilbert, AZ Feb/15

“What I value is my level of comfort in working with a Designer whom I have complete confidence in. Working with Affinity’s Designer has been such a pleasure.”

Janet P, Scottsdale, AZ Feb/15

“Affinity Kitchens just makes it easy for me. They truly appreciate what a Designer’s job is and that it can get complicated. Their process is just easy and within it, they take care of the details. They did it all and didn’t make my job any harder. The staff at Affinity Kitchens are professional, knowledgeable, talented and they provide excellent service. Their product is also good quality material and they are just great to deal with. I have had no reason to go anywhere else.”

Bonnie, Interior Designer, Phoenix, AZ Mar/15

“I valued Affinity Kitchens Designer’s level of knowledge and professionalism.”

Kathy C, Tempe, AZ Feb/15

” I also value the end result of the project. The projects we have done with Affinity Kitchens have ended up looking very close to what I hoped they would.”

Janet P, Scottsdale, AZ Feb/15

“It is their integrity that I valued the most about Affinity Kitchens.”

Dannette S, Scottsdale, AZ Feb/15

“I felt that Affinity Kitchens really cared about my project and that I would be happy in the end. Now, I am pleased and happy with the end result.”

Juliet R, Scottsdale, AZ, Jan/15

“What I valued the most was the quality of Affinity Kitchen’s product and the fact that they are easy to work.”

Tempe Homeowner, Tempe, AZ, Jan/15

“I value the end result. Affinity Kitchens really came through for us. The job was done on time, it was good quality and the staff were great.”

Linda T, Paradise Valley, AZ Jan/15

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“I guess the confidence in knowing that Affinity Kitchens will deliver on time and that I will get good quality workmanship on installation. Affinity Kitchens will make my clients happy. I don’t even have to be onsite when the cabinets are installed.”

Al S, Scottsdale, AZ, Dec/14

“In the future I will go to Affinity Kitchens because I know they do a great job. I can be confident in their performance.”

Sue L, Scottsdale, AZ, Dec/14

“The ease of use, the cabinetry selection and Affinity Kitchens attention to detail during the installation process.”

Van R, Scottsdale, AZ, Nov/14

“I value the fact that Affinity Kitchens did the right thing. They did more than we expected, we didn’t even know to ask for some of the stuff they did.”

Jeff H, Phoenix, AZ Nov/14

“I valued the whole experience with Affinity Kitchens, they were on schedule and their installation and service was A+. Service-wise, they took care of everything.”

Cal C, Paradise Valley, AZ Nov/14

“It’s the relationship we have with Affinity Kitchens. They are finishing the projects and doing good work. Their focus is to keep our clients happy (that is worth a lot).”

David M, Phoenix, AZ Nov/14

“It was Affinity’s quality of craftsmanship, attention to detail and product that I valued. Their delivery exceeded our expectations on every level.”

Tony L, Scottsdale, AZ, Oct/14

“I value the outcome of our Affinity Kitchens project. The whole kitchen project was effortless for me.”

Ann L, Scottsdale, AZ, Sep/14

“It was Affinity Kitchens knowledge of the product, their integrity and honesty that we valued the most.”

Ron C, Scottsdale, AZ, Sep/14

“I personally feel it was the customer service from their Designer. He returned calls and made himself available. We had a really good collaborative interaction.”

Gina G, Cave Creek, AZ Sep/14

“I valued their craftsmanship and the whole process. Affinity Kitchen’s process achieves and delivers everything that their Showroom and Designer promised upfront. It also includes their staff’s great attitude, their workmanship, their philosophy of customer satisfaction and making the customer feel important.”

Noily P, Phoenix, AZ Sep/14

“It was their customer service, that is what I value the most about my experience with Affinity Kitchens. Actually, it was the quality cabinets and the customer service. I did a kitchen renovation a number of years back, it was a total nightmare. This experience with Affinity was the total opposite.”

John O, Scottsdale, AZ, Sep/14

“To me, in this day and age, it is about the people. Affinity’s staff were a pleasure to deal with and they answered their phones.”

Jimmie G, Cave Creek, AZ Sep/14

“It was Affinity Kitchens knowledge of the product, their integrity and honesty that we valued the most.”

Ron C, Scottsdale, AZ, Sep/14

“I value that it was a completely painless process. It was a 10 – 12 week process and it was really okay. We would do it again without blinking an eye. It was a good experience.”

Louise N, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/14

“Affinity Kitchens was easy to deal with. We loved their Installer and Designer and their Coordinator was always professional and always returned our calls. It is a nice group of people who we felt had our best interests in mind. That was different than we felt with other suppliers on this project. Affinity has good quality product.”

Chris R, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/14

“I think it is the quality product and the workmanship of Affinity Kitchens that I value the most. I really did appreciate their Designer’s involvement. At the end of the day though, it is the quality that you live with over time.”

Jamie I, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/14

“It was the craftsmanship of the product. Their Installer was good. I value my time and we went to work every day and he was here on his own, just doing his job. He did a great job. Everything just flowed really well and there were no surprises.”

Dennis S, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/14

“I value that our project is finished and done. I think the kitchen turned out really good. Our house is 50 years old and now it is much more contemporary and livable.”

Brad A, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/14

“I value the product but a very close second is the satisfaction with Affinity’s “old fashioned customer service and craftsmanship”. It is nice to see and great to experience.”

Mario R, Cave Creek, AZ Jul/14

“I guess I value how pleased I am with the end result of my kitchen remodel with Affinity Kitchens. The design, quality of cabinets and fit and finish is great. I can nudge a drawer and it will close by itself. It is pleasing to the eye and exudes perfection. I am very pleased.”

Ellie K, Phoenix, AZ Jul/14

“In the end, the project turned out great and we are really happy.”

Homeowner, Tempe, AZ Jul/14

“We are really enjoying our new kitchen.”

Barbara A, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/14

“Everyone at Affinity Kitchens was really professional. I think professionalism encompasses the whole experience.”

Ceil E, Scottsdale, AZ Jun/14

“I valued Affinity’s accessibility and their Designer’s strength was her ‘can do’ attitude. She remained positive throughout the project. I certainly liked her ideas and will want to use some of them on our next project.”

Jerry W, Scottsdale, AZ Jun/14

“What I valued was Affinity Kitchen’s design ability, their installation, their follow-up and service. If there are any issues, Affinity addresses them immediately.”

Kevin B, Scottsdale, AZ Jun/14

“I did a lot of research for this project and the feedback on Affinity and their Designer was good. It said that Affinity delivers everything they say they will. It was probably the best experience that I have had.”

Chris H, Phoenix, AZ Jun/14

“The confidence in knowing that Affinity Kitchens will address (attack) every detail. They are comprehensive in every step of the way. We are big do-it-your-selfers but on the first project, we turned it over to Affinity. That was a difficult thing for us to do but our experience was so good. We didn’t have to think about it on this last project. I knew they would do it well and Affinity came through once again.”

Barbara B, Scottsdale, AZ May/14

“That one is a hard one to answer. We had some pretty hefty desires, but they were good at listening and accommodating what we wanted. We did three different rooms and Theresa recommended that we should use lower price point cabinets for our laundry room. She wouldn’t have had to suggest that but it was a good suggestion. From top to bottom we are pleased with the end result.”

Frank R, Scottsdale, AZ May/14

“What I valued the most with Affinity Kitchens was the ‘total experience’.

David M, Scottsdale, AZ May/14