Pinnacle Group’s Design & Production Experience


One of the challenges that confront home owners when they are thinking about doing a home renovation or new home build is – what are we going to do and what are we not going to do? The Pinnacle Group has addressed that challenge by creating a Design and Selection process that guides you through the stages of the project design. To measure their performance, the Pinnacle Group hired Client Insight Inc. to conduct client conversations to measure success from their customer’s perspective. The graph below shows the results of the Design and Production process. The reviews below capture the ‘voice of the customer’.

Timeline: 2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012

Here are Reviews of The Pinnacle Group clients:

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“We actually had a wall extension in the kitchen and gutted our entire ensuite area, so there was definitely an Architectural Design aspect to our project. The plans were updated promptly. I would say that we could not have come up with the result without Eugenia’s guidance. She is very professional and takes the time to be a quiet listener. She was efficient in her listening and incorporating our input into the overall design. During the selection process we never felt overwhelmed with details and we attribute that to Eugenia. She provided input without being overbearing with her opinions.”

Linda E, SW Calgary, Dec/18

“I would give Brennan, the Site supervisor, a 6 out of 5. He was great. I felt that Brennan had good ideas as the project was moving along. I threw a lot back at Brennan but he was professional and I felt that I could trust him. He didn’t t make excuses, he just took the feedback and made it right. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. There were some issues with cabinets post move in. But, Wilf and another guy came in a 11:00 am one day and stayed until 3:00 pm until they got it done right and aligned hinges, doors and drawers. I was really impressed with that. They made absolutely sure that everything was right.”

Willow Park Homeowner, SE Calgary, Dec/18

“Velvet is very genuine and she instantly became my friend as opposed to being a Designer. It was great working with her. It felt like she was looking out for me along the way. The Site Supervisors, Brennan and Grant, were both so amazing and they were so crucial to the project. They are both really good at what they do.”

Krista L, SW Calgary, Nov/18

“I would be happy to do another project with Pinnacle and have Brennan be the Project Manager. At the time of our project, he was very busy. Brennan did a good job even though he was so busy. He said that they had things happen on our project that he has never seen before. I realize that they also fixed several things that were not Pinnacle’s fault. Our project is done and Pinnacle has met our expectations.”

Evan B, SW Calgary, Oct/18

“There are a thousand moving parts when a renovation like this is occurring. I think Pinnacle Group did a good job and I think they pay attention to details that others do not. The cabinet work is high quality craftsmanship. I always felt that Pinnacle was responsive. It feels like Pinnacle works together as a team, like a family, and there was always an element of humor. It was the first time I had done a project like this but I would do it with Pinnacle again.”

Suparna M, NW Calgary, Sep/18

“All the Suppliers were top notch and I personally thanked them all. They become like your family. I could call them up and they spent time to help. I needed some hand holding because I hadn’t done a project like this before. If there were concerns or issues, Brennan resolved them. Brennan always listened. At times, we would have a list of questions or things to be addressed and Brennan would review them and get them resolved. He never tried to shuffle something off the list.”

Joanne R, SW Calgary, Sep/18

“We love and appreciated how personal Pinnacle Group’s design process was. We were impressed how they came into our home and wanted to understand how we live and our needs. We were very thrilled with the planning process. Pinnacle’s Architectural Designer, Velvet, helped us with the design and expansion. We had limited space before, but now we have a space with so much storage and it is so clean – it is just stunning. Pinnacle’s Site Supervisor, Brennan, is amazing. If we had questions, he would reply right away and he was very aware of everything.”

Glenda L, SE Calgary, Jul/18

“Actually we would like to do another project in the near future. We are very pleased with Pinnacle Group’s Interior Designer, Eugenia’s ideas. She designed our vanity, closets and a mirror piece. It was finished a week early. We chose Pinnacle because of the personal interest that Paul, the Owner, and the team took in our story and the issues we faced, the knowledge and expertise that Pinnacle has. The whole project was well executed and communicated.”

Erik F, SE Calgary, Jul/18

“Paul, Pinnacle Group’s Owner, was always enthusiastic and professional when we talked to him. It was clear that he wanted our experience as clients to be a good one. Velvet is a good kitchen Designer and we enjoyed working with her. We are really enjoying the end result. I cannot say enough good things about Brennan, Pinnacle’s Site Supervisor. He epitomizes what the Pinnacle Group is all about. It was clear that the customer comes first. He is an outstanding employee and always wanted to make things the best they could be.”

Taryn P, NW Calgary, Jun/18

“Pinnacle Group’s Architectural Designer, Eugenia, was good in that she was able to take our ideas and make a good design out of them. We needed her help and we now have a lovely kitchen. I had ideas in my head but Eugenia was able to make them visual. She took our ideas and made them come alive. She was instrumental in the whole process. The result is beautiful.”

Reg K, NW Calgary, May/18

“Eugenia, the Designer at Pinnacle Group, was really focused on our vision and she took a lot of time to see what we had and what our interests were. She understood what we wanted throughout our renovation and she helped us a lot with the design of our cabinetry. The Site Supervisor, Brennan, was absolutely fantastic. He was really, really great. There were times when I asked questions. He would always address it in the most fair way possible. He was really responsive, very respectful, and super professional. Brennan is a great guy.”

Mary, NW Calgary, Mar/18

“The design aspect by Pinnacle Group was good. I needed a fully accessible wheelchair bathroom, so Paul had to take more time to understand all our needs. He was good at that and wanted to make sure my needs were met. It was new for Pinnacle and also new for me, as I hadn’t designed a space like that before. We worked together and the result turned out. Everything was good and everyone I encountered was nice to work with.”

Carissa I, NE Calgary, Mar/18

“We couldn’t have accomplished this without Pinnacle Group’s Designer, Eugenia. She really helped us out. She was good at helping us discover what would work and not work. The bonus room was a real big transformation for us. It had been a box without a personality. We now have floating shelves on either side of the fireplace. The shelves add personality and makes the room seem bigger. We also had a printer in a small cubby and it looked messy. Now we have cabinets with doors that contain it and make it look really streamlined and clean looking. Eugenia really had some good ideas and helped us make the house our home.”

Stacey K, NW Calgary, Mar/18

“Pinnacle Group’s Interior Designer was phenomenal. She answered our questions and understood what we wanted right away. Eugenia had to rein us in from time to time and steer us back to what we originally wanted. She provided a lot of information and we felt confident that she would direct us to make the right choices.”

Jennifer G, SW Calgary Feb/18

“The guys with Pinnacle Group always made time to say hello to our mother, who was home during the day. It felt like they went out of their way to make her feel comfortable and we appreciated that. We really like the painter, the flooring and cabinetry Installers and the tiler.”

Margarita G, SW Calgary Feb/18

“Pinnacle Group created a floor plan for us that was the first true representation of how much space our condo had. The Condo Association didn’t have a floor plan for our unit we were buying. Velvet, Pinnacle’s Interior Designer, provided helpful guidance and direction in our planning. She would listen to us and never tried to force anything on us. It was a fairly collaborative process. Pinnacle Group’s Owner, Paul, was involved in coming up with cabinet designs. Between our conversations with Paul & Velvet, we ended up with the design we wanted.”

Ella & Lee W, SE Calgary Feb/18

“Our overall finished design and product from The Pinnacle Group is fantastic. The design of the project meets the requirements we had. We moved in and 2 days later, it was our home. Everything ties together and the flow of our house is working great. Along the way, there were things that I was unsure of but we made decisions and everything has come together for a fantastic result.”

Rik G, NW Calgary Jan/18

“Pinnacle Group’s Designer, Eugenia, was excellent. I would say that we had a very defined scope and we knew exactly what we wanted. I would say that Eugenia listened really well and heard what we were saying. I think she was extremely diligent and knew every aspect of our project. She was able to bring everything together in our design.”

Robin B & Dave H, Okotoks Jan/18

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“We felt that Pinnacle Group’s Designer, Velvet, understood us right away and “the look” we wanted. We never had the feeling that someone else’s designs and wishes were being sold to us. The ideas and direction that Velvet brought forward were thoughtful and represented things we had said or wishes we had expressed. It was clearly our project.”

Greig S, NW Calgary, May/17

“Pinnacle Group’s Site Supervisor, Brennan, was very professional, if I had any concerns he dealt with them right away. He was very good to work with. I would use the Pinnacle Group to do another project. Pinnacle’s trades were excellent. I like the guarantee by Pinnacle Group of an overall cost and the guaranteed start and finish were significant as well.”

Angela W, SE Calgary, May/17

“We were familiar with Pinnacle Group as we had worked with them before. The showroom was definitely neat and tidy. Velvet, Pinnacle’s Designer, was very good. She worked well with my wife and she was interested in the project.”

Al S, SE Calgary, May/17

“Paul was very professional and very thorough. We had never done a reno of this size before so Paul was helpful along the way. He helped us through the process and he just kept us informed of things we needed to think about and consider. We found all of Pinnacle Group’s staff to be really good. Something that I tell people when they ask about Pinnacle is that I never felt ‘nickel and dimed’.”

Joe L, SW Calgary, Jan/17   

2016 ↑ Back to top

“I liked the interaction with Velvet, Pinnacle Group’s Designer. She was good. I would say we selected Pinnacle Group based on our good feelings about Velvet. We felt she was someone we could work with.”

Kevin T, NW Calgary, Nov/16

“Pinnacle Group’s Designer had some very useful input. There is one design that we call the ‘breakfast area’ that was totally Jody’s idea – we are really happy with it. I am really impressed with Pinnacle Group’s cabinets. That is the best part & we are 100% pleased. My cabinets are Silver standard but they look like Gold standard.”

Phil L, SE Calgary, Aug/16

“Not only did Paul, the owner, explain the build process but the Pinnacle Group’s website did a good job as well. Jody, the Architect Designer, brought my vision to light. She was a pleasure to deal with. The cabinet design was a 10 (out of 5).”

Tracy T, NE Calgary, Jul/16

“The thing I like about Pinnacle Group is that they are on the ball and they do things right. They are very professional and they will let you know when things go sideways. We had a situation where our Shaw gateway went down and Pinnacle had someone there in 30 minutes to have the issue resolved. They put their attention to the details and if there are issues, they are right on top of them.”

Tina S, SW Calgary, May/16

“Rodney, the Architectural Designer at Pinnacle Group, was responsive to our modifications. He worked quite promptly. The plans certainly did not hold up our project. Velvet, Pinnacle’s Interior Designer, was a quick study and we figured out ‘a look’ quite quickly. She was helpful in us achieving that. We are very pleased and Velvet did a great job.”

Linda M, NE Calgary, Mar/16

“The SCC 3-Way Guarantee definitely had an impact. On this project, we were on a tight timeline. My husband was going in for hip surgery so we had to make sure the project would be done before he went in. Pinnacle Group made sure of it. If there had been an open ended date, we would have waited but we knew that we could trust Pinnacle Group so we went ahead with the project.”

Barbara & Jeff R, AB Jan/16

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“Pinnacle Group’s Interior Designer was always on top of things in the design phase. At one point during the design, we went on vacation but she continued working and moving things forward. She was proactive about the design and I didn’t have to follow-up. I am an Engineer, so I understand projects and the importance of keeping them going. She was good about that.”

Kristina H, NE Calgary, Nov/15

“The Pinnacle Group’s Designer is an outstanding Designer. She is very detail oriented, she has good ideas and she did a lot to improve our project. Her focus was that we work as a team. She was able to articulate our vision and helped us make it a reality.”

Priddis Homeowners, Mar/15

“The Pinnacle Group’s Interior Designer was fantastic. She was willing to listen, willing to provide feedback and direction when we needed it. She helped us move in the direction we wanted to go, particularly when we didn’t know how to get there.”

D Drall, NW Calgary, Jan/15

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“I have to say that Pinnacle Group’s Designer was good. She let my daughter and I pick out what we wanted and we got along really well. It was good.”

D Dane, NW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“We were very pleased with Pinnacle Group’s Architectural Designer. He listened and heard our voice, our concerns and what we were envisioning. He made sure our vision was captured and had good practical suggestions. He was honest, open and would visually show us things to confirm our understanding. We appreciated that he would demonstrate visually as it really helped to confirm our understanding.”

L McFarland, Calgary, AB Apr/14

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“Pinnacle Group’s Reno Consultant was pleasant, warm and had a nice personality. He really listened and that made the difference, that was the reason we went with Pinnacle.”

Heritage Lake, Dewinton, AB Nov/13

“Pinnacle Group’s Interior Designer was also excellent. She advocated for us and helped us discover the design we wanted. She listened and created our vision perfectly. She was timely, budget conscious and kept us on track.”

Kelvin Grove, Calgary, AB Sep/13

“Pinnacle Group’s Architectural Designer listened and in the end, I got what I wanted. The design went beyond what I thought was possible.”

Brentwood NW, Calgary, AB Apr/13

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“Pinnacle Group’s Reno Consultant provided a lot of information and insight. He would give options, pros and cons and just concrete information that aided our decision making. It was a very good interaction – he was professional, informed, extremely pleasant and never rude.”

Lake Bonavista SE, Calgary, AB Aug/12

“Pinnacle Group’s Interior Designer was warm, caring and has great ideas. She explained the options, clarified our my parameters and then helped us stick to them. She was a great support and trusted partner in the project.”

Willow Park, Calgary, AB Jan/12