Pinnacle Group’s Overall Impression


Some of the questions that face a renovation contractor or any business owner for that matter are: Will our clients be satisfied? Will our clients select us for a future projects? Will our clients recommend us to family and friends?  To answer those questions and measure their performance, the Pinnacle Group hired Client Insight Inc. to talk with their clients and get their perspective. The graph below shows the results of those metrics and the reviews capture the ‘voice of the customer’.

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Here are Reviews of The Pinnacle Group’s clients:

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“This wasn’t the first time we had done a reno with Paul. It was pleasure to work with him and his team again. I think he has really focused on ensuring the reno experience will be professional and well mapped out. The timelines for our project were crisp and well laid out. The result is top notch.”

Linda E, SW Calgary, Dec/18

“Brennan is really a strengthen to the Pinnacle Group operation. He did a lot to ensure the project went well. We are pleased with the design of our cabinets and the millwork. The plumbing was good. The tiling person, Preston, was very impressive. Wilf, the installer, was easy to work with and had some ideas as to what would work best.”

Willow Park Homeowner, SE Calgary, Dec/18

“I found Paul, the Owner, to be super knowledgeable and professional. I actually interviewed 2 other contractors as well. One of main reasons I went with Pinnacle Group is that Paul knew the details and took additional time to look at my house. He is the type of guy who came wearing a suit but was willing to roll up his sleeves and look at what I had. Paul’s level of knowledge & engagement made me feel comfortable.”

Krista L, SW Calgary, Nov/18

“We just had the 1 Year Warranty Walk Through and it went well. Pinnacle has hired a third party to take care of the Warranty work. There is nothing major but there are a few little things. They are meeting our expectations and we are very happy with that. We had confidence that they would come through and resolve issues that came up during the project. They did that, so our trust was well placed.”

Evan B, SW Calgary, Oct/18

“Compared to other companies, I found Pinnacle Group very professional and very approachable. The Owner, Paul, was also a huge factor – he is genuine and very trustworthy. I felt that I could take him at his word. The RenoMark certification and insurance were important to me.”

Suparna M, NW Calgary, Sep/18

“In a sense, Pinnacle Group is a moving chess game and they do a good job. At the end of the day, we love the product and their efforts that were made to make it this way. There will always be issues on this type of a project and Pinnacle was there to fix it. I think the visit from Paul just set us at ease. We were not their only customer but they did a good job of making us feel like we were. We felt like we were #1 in the queue even though we might have been #8 in the number of projects.”

Joanne R, SW Calgary, Sep/18

“We are just thrilled with the result and the way our house turned out. We found the staff at Pinnacle Group to be very accessible. Texting is so much a part of the world we live in and Pinnacle Group was alright with that. We texted questions, and they were all so quick to respond. We highly appreciated that our project was finished on time. It was awesome!”

Glenda L, SE Calgary, Jul/18

“Working with Pinnacle Group’s Owner, Paul, was fantastic. We had accessibly issues as we are both in wheelchairs. Functionality and access was really important to us. We had contacted a number of other companies but Paul and the team at Pinnacle were the most interested in helping us and had the most awareness of the issues to consider. That had a big impact on our decision to go with Pinnacle Group.”

Erik F, SE Calgary, Jul/18

“The Start, Completion and Cost Guarantee, (SCC) had a strong influence on our decision to renovate with the Pinnacle Group. They were more than professional. We were very impressed with the time and care that the Suppliers and Trades took. We would give Pinnacle Group a score of 100%. Everything about Pinnacle was very efficient.”

Taryn P, NW Calgary, Jun/18

“Pinnacle Group’s Architectural Designer, Eugenia, did a fantastic job. The whole Pinnacle Group staff were great. We made some changes along the way, it all worked. I am very happy with the look and design of our cabinets.”

Reg K, NW Calgary, May/18

“We had done a bathroom renovation the year before with another company which did not go well. That bathroom took as long as it took for Pinnacle Group to do our kitchen and bonus room. That start and finish date with the SCC guarantee was really significant for me. While you are doing a renovation project, your life sort of goes on hold. The big thing about Pinnacle is that they made me feel like they really cared about how my life was being impacting. I am pleased with the design of our cabinets & millwork. My kitchen is beautiful and it is everything that I ever wanted. Before, this house felt like the previous owner’s house and now the house feels like our home.”

Stacey K, NW Calgary, Mar/18

“Absolutely, the SCC guarantee did impact our decision to renovate with Pinnacle Group. I have spoken to a lot of people who have done renovations in Calgary and a consistent theme is that projects go over budget and over time. People would tell me, “the timeline they commit to is what they say, but it will never happen.” In our case with  Pinnacle, it worked out. Pinnacle is really good at that. They clearly have a good relationship with their suppliers and trades.”

Mary, NW Calgary, Mar/18

“It was definitely a bonus to know that Pinnacle Group focused the start and finish date with the SCC guarantee. Everything was good and everyone I encountered was nice to work with. Pinnacle resolved the post project issues in a timely fashion. Everything was done at turnover date. I had three companies come in to give me quotes. Paul, the Owner, came in and brought up the idea of doing a complete ensuite. I had not thought of that before and no one else bought that up as an idea. I loved that idea, so I went with Pinnacle.”

Carissa I, NE Calgary, Mar/18

“Our project finished on schedule. We have had different work done by smaller contractors earlier on. The smaller projects seemed to drag on forever, so the guarantee with Pinnacle Group was important to us. Our interaction with Paul, the Owner, influenced our decision to choose Pinnacle – he is very personable. We did three quotes. When it came to value for money and technical expertise, we decided to go with Pinnacle Group.”

Kelly M, NW Calgary Feb/18

“Paul, the Owner of Pinnacle Group, explained the renovation process to us numerous times. That is probably what makes Pinnacle different than other renovators. As the process was going on, he would build on what he had previously told us. He would add more information to help us understand. He was really good at talking about their approach and making suggestions.”

Ella & Lee W, SE Calgary Feb/18

“I felt that Pinnacle Group would work hard and meet our completion date. The schedule seemed fair and the project seemed manageable. We knew we could bank on Pinnacle. We lived in our home through the renos. We are really pleased with the end result.”

Margarita G,SW Calgary Feb/18

“Paul, the Owner of Pinnacle Group, was really professional. We knew that he was highly invested, it was an important project for Pinnacle and for Paul. We felt we could reach out to him if we had to. We felt very comfortable with both Brennan and Grant in our house. And we really enjoyed working with them, Brennan is very patient.”

Jennifer G, SW Calgary Feb/18

“It was a pleasure to work with The Pinnacle Group and I would be happy to recommend them. Now that the project is over, there are times that I miss talking to Brennan about what is happening. We had a fantastic result. Even when times were challenging, it was still a pleasure to work with them. When issues came up, I could always talk with Paul or other team members to work through the issue and get a satisfactory result. That was worth a lot.”

Rik G, NW Calgary Jan/18

“Paul, the Owner of Pinnacle Group, was always available and was checking in with us. It was very good. When we made the decision, we interviewed 3 companies and they were all strong contenders. I think what helped Pinnacle win was the strong commitment to process and the organization. I think that Pinnacle Group has a strong organization.”

Robin B & Dave H, Okotoks Jan/18

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“Pinnacle Group came across as being professional. We liked the ideas that the Pinnacle team brought. With Pinnacle, we got a strong impression of a team whereas with a competitor, there was no sense of team at all.”

Geoff S, SW Calgary, Jul/17

“The fact of the SCC 3 Way Guarantee was big. Pinnacle Group guarantees the start and finish date and that was a big yes for me.”

Angela W, SE Calgary, May/17

“It was really good with Pinnacle Group. Paul attracted us with his warmth and his genuine personality. It was clear that he had integrity and we could tell he knew how to run a business. It was those qualities that attracted us to them. For me, they are significant values and are important. It was also the quality of work that we observed on their projects and the SCC Guarantee.”

Greig S, NW Calgary, May/17

“The way that Pinnacle Group’s Owner, Paul, presents himself and the company is what got our attention. Paul is an easy person to listen to and get along with. It turned out that we made the right decision. We wanted a Renovation Contractor who was trustworthy and reliable. We were spending a lot of time and money, so trust was very important.”

Joe L, SW Calgary, Jan/17

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“Pinnacle Group’s Owner, Paul, was good about getting back to me and he was good to work with. I know that Todd and Paul work to provide good customer service and they do it really well. It was noticed and highlighted by my neighbors.”

Kevin T, NW Calgary, Nov/16

“We have two sets of friends who have used Pinnacle Group before. (One of) our friends did a project 10 years ago when Paul sold and built the projects himself. He couldn’t speak higher of anyone than Paul Klassen. Paul came across a foundation problem and Paul fixed it at largely his own cost. One of Paul’s subcontractors told my friend a key point, “Our standard of work isn’t measured by the Homeowner as much as it is by Paul of the Pinnacle Group. We have to make sure we are meeting his standard and that is the bigger challenge.” In my mind, that is the Contractor you want to do your Renovation. That gave me a really high level of confidence in Pinnacle Group and in Paul.”

Phil L, SE Calgary, Aug/16

“To me it wasn’t only a business transaction. It felt that we were treated like family. It was very personal and the degree of caring about our concerns was high. It felt like Paul and the rest of the Pinnacle Group really cared and wanted me to have a good experience. They wanted to make sure I would be satisfied. At some level it felt like we were brought in as part of the family. Pinnacle Group’s quality is amazing.”

Tracy T, NE Calgary, Jul/16

“Pinnacle Group is a wonderful company. Pinnacle’s staff was better than the trades, more responsive and more responsible.”

Stacey Z, SW Calgary, Jun/16

“I love Paul and his team at Pinnacle Group. Paul has been amazing. He is very personable, he is very interested in what we have to say, he listens, he hears our concerns and responds to them in a professional manner.”

Tina S, SW Calgary, May/16

“I was well aware of their guarantee to start and complete on time and their cost guarantee. To me that was attractive feature and it impacted our decision to work with Pinnacle Group.”

Linda M, NE Calgary, Mar/16

“This is our third renovation with Pinnacle Group. I used them for the same reasons that I would refer them. If I had another renovation coming, the Pinnacle Group is the only company that I would call.”

Barbara & Jeff R, AB Jan/16

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“The quality has been great. The focus with Pinnacle Group has been on doing things right as opposed to doing things fast and quick. Our house was drafty before and now it isn’t. We would use Pinnacle again.”

Kristina H, NE Calgary, Nov/15

“Our biggest fear in doing a renovation was that it would end up costing way more and it would take much longer to complete. It was important for us that the quote and timing be accurate. That was a big reason we went with Pinnacle Group.”

N Tremblay, SW Calgary, May/15

“Everyone at the Pinnacle Group was really good to work with. They were very professional and their workmanship is phenomenal.”

K Kartushyn-Keele, SW Calgary, AB Apr/15

“We had done 2 smaller projects with the Pinnacle Group about 10 – 12 years ago and it was that experience that brought us back to the Pinnacle Group.”

Byers, SW, Calgary, Feb/15

“We are very happy with the way everything turned out with our new home build. The Pinnacle Group was very diligent at dealing with any issues that came up.”

D Drall, NW Calgary, Jan/15

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“When we interviewed different suppliers, it was clear that others would not make any timeline or budget guarantees. We wanted a General Contractor who would work with us and keep us focused on our budget. That was a big factor and Pinnacle Group delivered.”

L McFarland, Calgary, AB Apr/14

“We needed to know that our house would be complete before winter set in and it started to snow. It gave us confidence that they would have it finished. We had done renovations before with other suppliers that had not turned out so well. Pinnacle Group came through for us.”

B Robson, Airdrie, AB Mar/14

“We have had a lot of people in our home to see the renovation and they are amazed with the project and quite frankly, so are we.”

B McGillivray SE, Calgary, AB Jan/14

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“The Pinnacle Group’s responsiveness to issues was unbelievable. There was never an argument about whose responsibility it was. They just took care of it.”

Kelvin Grove, Calgary, AB Sep/13

“It was our pleasure to have the Pinnacle Group showcase our home. Our willingness to do so reflects the comfortable, beautiful and zen-like living solutions they helped us create.”

Springbank, AB May/13

“The Pinnacle Group is a phenomenal company. I think part of that is that they all know each other. You get the feeling of one big caring family and it helps that the staff know the trades and suppliers.”

Brentwood NW, Calgary, AB Apr/13

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“We are exceptionally pleased with the Design and the end result. We like things that are well designed, well done and well executed. It is craftsmanship with a functional elegance that is not ostentatious. That is what the Pinnacle Group did for us.”

Lake Bonavista SE, Calgary, AB Aug/12

“The concept of “Aging in Place” was very important for us. In fact, that seemed to energize Pinnacle Group. With Pinnacle, I could be ‘open and honest’ and they always responded in a positive manner.”

Willow Park, Calgary, AB Jan/12