What Clients Value about the Pinnacle Group Experience


What are the aspects that clients value the most about their experience with the Pinnacle Group? That’s a question that the Pinnacle Group management team have been curious about, so they hired Client Insight Inc. to have a conversation with their clients to get their perspective. The graph below shows the top 5 aspects of what customers value the most. The reviews below capture the ‘voice of the customer’.

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Here are Reviews of The Pinnacle Group’s clients:

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“We didn’t even look around, we just went to Pinnacle because our last experience was great. The end product is just absolutely fantastic. We went to Pinnacle because we had confidence that it would all be done well. That confidence and understanding that things will be taken care of was foundational to our decision. We knew that if any issues came up, they would be taken care of.”

Linda E, SW Calgary, Dec/18

“Brennan provided a lot of value during the project. The overall design by Velvet was good. My wife was quite involved in that. Pinnacle delivered most of what they said they would. In the end, we are very happy with our house.”

Willow Park Homeowner, SE Calgary, Dec/18

“It felt like Brennan, the Site Supervisor always had my back. The communication between Brennan and Grant was really good. When Brennan was gone, Grant was there and knew what was happening. Both are very friendly and really good guys! The Site Assistant, Denis, is the sweetest man ever. He really wants to make sure you are taken care of. With him, nothing is overlooked. He wants to do a really good job.”

Krista L, SW Calgary, Nov/18

“Kira, the Service and Warranty Coordinator, has been really good about chasing down the little things that need to be taken care of. I give her full marks for the follow-up since the Turnover. Pinnacle is getting things done. We love our place.”

Evan B, SW Calgary, Oct/18

“I valued that Pinnacle Group staff clearly wanted to make us happy. If there were issues during the project, they got resolved.”

Joanne R, SW Calgary, Sep/18

“I feel like Pinnacle Group inspires confidence. They presents themselves as a cohesive and friendly team. They are friendly and enjoyable to work with.”

Suparna M, NW Calgary, Sep/18

“We appreciate the functionality they provided to our basement. Now we have a basement that is functional and open to share with friends and family. It is beautiful as well, so we want to spend time there. Pinnacle Group opened that space for us and we are really pleased.”

Erik F, SE Calgary, Jul/18

“I value that we have a beautiful home and that Pinnacle Group finished on schedule. We found the whole experience to be enjoyable. It was a joy to be connected with everyone at Pinnacle and we will miss them as life gets back to normal.”

Glenda L, SE Calgary, Jul/18

“We are very pleased with our beautiful home. There was no moment in the whole project where we felt we had made a mistake. Pinnacle Group’s trades people were amazing.”

Taryn P, NW Calgary, Jun/18

“I liked working with Pinnacle Group’s staff. They are all excellent people. It was a very good experience – we had lots of good laughs, it was fun. Things came up along the way but it all got worked out. I am happy with the result.”

Reg K, NW Calgary, May/18

“I was really surprised at how thoughtful Pinnacle Group was. It really seemed they cared. I just wasn’t expecting that degree of commitment. When they came to check our place at the end of the project, they were concerned that we were happy with everything but they were also concerned that they were happy with the result. Pinnacle had a higher standard of quality to live up to than we did. I was really impressed with that.”

Mary, NW Calgary, Mar/18

“It was giving that control over to Brennan, the Site Supervisor at Pinnacle Group, that I valued so I didn’t have to deal with the stress. That was a big thing for me.”

Stacey K, NW Calgary, Mar/18

“I feel like Pinnacle Group actually care about their customers. They have real people involved who care about the outcome.”

Carissa I, NE Calgary, Mar/18

“One of the biggest pluses was the way Pinnacle Group kept us involved in the whole process. They gave us the information we needed all along. Their Site Supervisor, Brennan, prefers to be up front and communicate what has happened. The sprinkler leak is an example: Pinnacle just took ownership of the water damage and they passed the communication test, with flying colors. 4 Star Electric had already handled a lot of issue by the time that Brennan found out. But Brennan still chose to tell us about the problem (we were away at the time) and we are glad he did. It really built credits for Pinnacle Group and Brennan.”

Ella & Lee W, SE Calgary Feb/18

“What I valued the most from our experience with Pinnacle Group is the finished product. I love my new home. Way back, we built this house but we never loved it. Now that we have renovated it, we really love it.”

Jennifer , SW Calgary Feb/18

“The final product is what I valued the most. Our project ended up the way we wanted it. I am an accountant and so the end result is important. The aspects of the interaction by Pinnacle Group’s Interior Designer, Velvet, was very helpful. She met with us and listened to me, and brought the whole thing together.”

Kelly M, NW Calgary Feb/18

“We are really happy with the work by Pinnacle Group. I had a friend come over and she said, “you kept the frame of your house but changed everything else”. We are really happy about it.”

Margarita G, SW Calgary Feb/18

“We value how great the house looks. We got every single thing that we wanted. The project by The Pinnacle Group overall went really well.”

Robin B & Dave H, Okotoks Jan/18

“Working with Paul’s team at The Pinnacle Group and getting a fantastic finished product is what I valued the most.”

Rik G, NW Calgary Jan/18

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“The people that work for Paul are good. Pinnacle Group has a very strong team. They are all very personable and easy to get along with. They were all trying to get us what we wanted.”

Helen S, SW Calgary, Jul/17

“There were no questions about Stephanie W at Pinnacle Group. She was sending the invoices but she was easy to get along with and very pleasant. Stephanie was a delight to work with. Elaine K, one of Pinnacle Group’s Owner’s, was also nice. We didn’t have a lot of interaction with Elaine but she was pleasant and she was part of the project. Pinnacle Group is a nice family business.”

Geoff S, SW Calgary, Jul/17

“I valued Pinnacle Group’s promptness. I am also a clean freak and they kept everything really clean. The were very good at that. I was home most days, and the staff and trades were good to have on site. I would say that overall, it was a pleasant experience.”

Angela W, SE Calgary, May/17

“I value that the Pinnacle Group is reliable.”

Al S, SE Calgary, May/17

“The first thing that comes to mind is Pinnacle Group has such good people. If they had only been good people though, it would not be enough. The real value is the transformation that occurred to our house. It is now absolutely beautiful. Our Pinnacle renovation was done well and we love the end result. They really gave us what we were after.”

Greig S, NW Calgary, May/17

“It was really the relationship we had with every one of the Pinnacle Group’s staff that we valued. Everyone was very personable and it was clear they were on our side. Pinnacle Group’s Site Assistant, Tecum definitely added value to our project.”

Joe L, SW Calgary, Jan/17

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“I have to say it is the people at Pinnacle Group. Their Site Supervisor, Todd is busy but he is a real standup guy. I am also impressed with Brennan. He will help a person out, he is professional and does good work. Paul is really great as well.”

Phil L, SE Calgary, Aug/16

“I work fine with Paul, the owner of Pinnacle Group, because he responds very quickly. I knew him well enough that I sent the Site Supervisor an email and copied Paul. I knew that he was close by and was looking after things.”

Homeowner, SE Calgary, Aug/16

“It is the idea that if we have a problem we will get an answer from Pinnacle Group’s owner, Paul. Our feeling is that Paul will always be around to solve our problems. Paul does do what he says he will do. In the end, he comes through and things get resolved.”

Wendy & Andy G, SW Calgary, Jul/16

“I valued the feeling of caring and the sense of family that comes with Pinnacle Group. Pinnacle Group trades and staff come to see the project at the Turnover date. Paul’s wife even came to site and it just makes it feel like one big family. I valued that sense the most.”

Tracy T, NE Calgary, Jul/16

“Paul, the owner of Pinnacle Group is excellent. He is definitely friendly and professional. He listened to what we wanted and understood what we felt was important.”

Homeowner, SW Calgary, Jun/16

“I think I valued Paul’s commitment to customer service the most. I felt that he came through for us and fixed the problems. I felt that Pinnacle Group is a company that really cares.”

Stacey Z, SW Calgary, Jun/16

“It is the personal connection, the relationship and the trust that I value most. That is what is important to me working with Pinnacle Group. The trust is a big thing for me and you cannot expect to get gold at silver prices.”

Homeowner, SW Calgary, May/16

“They were so great to deal with. Pinnacle Group may not be the cheapest company but I would rather pay a bit more to get the kind of service that they provide. They were timely and everyone in their organization was pleasant. Even when there was an issue, it was pleasant and Pinnacle Group would take care of things. They listened to our concerns.”

Tina S, SW Calgary, May/16

“I am pleased with the Pinnacle Group’s quality of workmanship. I certainly would use Pinnacle again. Pinnacle would be the first company that we would call. We need to do another exterior phase as well.”

Linda M, NE Calgary, Mar/16

“Anybody can do a job, but to me, business is about seeking out the individual relationships. We wanted to work with a smaller niche group. That has worked better for both of us. Pinnacle Group did a good job of representing themselves that way.”

Satisfied Client, NW Calgary, Mar/16

“I value that I can completely trust Pinnacle Group. It feels like I could trust them with anything. I have no concerns about them sending people (any suppliers or trades) into our home.”

Satisfied Homeowner, Rural AB, Jan/16

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“I liked their overall attitude that everyone has the same commitment. They were not there to do the project as quick and cheap as possible. We wanted to make sure the work was done right. We knew we were staying here for quite a while, so we wanted it done well. Pinnacle Group understood that and had a commitment to quality and wanted to make sure we would be happy.”

Kristina H, NE Calgary, Nov/15

“There are two things we valued: Pinnacle Group’s quality and their integrity, not just Paul (owner), but the integrity of the company.”

Jonathan H, SW Calgary, Sep/15

“The Pinnacle Group was very neat, very respectful and very knowledgeable. That really helped.”

Satisfied Client, NW Calgary, June/15

“I think what I value the most about the Pinnacle Group is that they were always listening and for me that is a huge thing.”

Homeowner, NW Calgary, June/15

“I valued the fact that the Pinnacle Group was taking care of the General Contracting. They also had a lot of knowledge that I didn’t have.”

N Tremblay, SW Calgary, May/15

“I really felt that we didn’t need to be here for the project to happen and I really value that. I liked their site supervision and that made the project relatively easy to happen.”

SW Calgary Homeowners, Apr/15

“I have done a lot of renovations and projects in the past. It maybe wasn’t perfect but it was as perfect as possible. Any time that I had concerns, the Pinnacle Group responded to them quickly and without additional charge.”

K Kartushyn-Keele, SW Calgary, AB Apr/15

“It was about their people. The Pinnacle Group’s staff are committed ethical professionals. They were fun to work with and were great to have around. From the Receptionist to their Renovation Consultant, they all added value. Not one of them was off their game.”

Priddis Homeowners, Mar/15

“Everything that we expected to be done was done amazingly well and by fantastic people. Our renovation was a really good positive experience with the Pinnacle Group.”

Byers, SW, Calgary, Feb/15

“We valued the Pinnacle Group’s attention to detail. From my perspective, they are the ‘Mike Holmes of Calgary’. The Pinnacle Group doesn’t just do it, they do it right.”

D Drall, NW Calgary, Jan/15

“The Pinnacle Group’s site staff were easily accessible and were responsive.”

South Calgary, Calgary, AB Dec/14

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“I think the Pinnacle Group’s workmanship is top quality. We are pretty satisfied with the end result.”

D Dane, NW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“That we have a beautiful home. There was quite a transformation to the main level of our home and that Pinnacle Group took a house and made it into our home. It is now our home and we like it.”

M Brown, De Winton, AB Nov/14

“It was that Pinnacle Group delivered a great outcome. I wanted my home renovated with good quality product. It was the outcome that was most important to me. Pinnacle was flexible and delivered a good quality result.”

C Hughes, NW Calgary, Aug/14

“I value the quality of work and the relationship we built with the Pinnacle Group staff. The main people that we dealt were all good.”

P Budy, Calgary, AB Aug/14

“Overall, we are pleased with the Pinnacle Group’s process and our interactions with their team. The vision was delivered. We are very pleased.”

L McFarland, Calgary, AB Apr/14

“The staff at Pinnacle Group’s are all very professional and nice people. We never ran into anyone who was difficult to deal with. They are very honest and we never felt like they were trying to nickle and dime us. They understood our vision and delivered it.”

Hamptons NW Calgary, AB Apr/14

“It was the friendliness and professionalism of the Pinnacle Group. There were issues along the way but Pinnacle just took care of them.”

B Schmidt NW, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“The finished product and finding out about how great the people at Pinnacle Group are to work with. I know that I can refer them now without any worry.”

B Robson, Airdrie, AB Mar/14

“I would have to say the integrity of the Pinnacle Group and their staff. The quality of workmanship was great. Pinnacle Group is absolutely a first rate company.”

Lake Bonavista, Calgary, AB Jan/14

“I trusted Pinnacle Group and was confident that they were doing a quality job. That trust removed a lot of stress for us.”

B McGillivray SE, Calgary, AB Jan/14

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“That Pinnacle Group got the project done on time.”

Heritage Lake, Dewinton, AB Nov/13

“Because I know the Pinnacle Group will do everything in their power to finish the project on time and on budget. The quality of their work is outstanding.”

Willow Park, Calgary, AB Oct/13

“We valued the people at the Pinnacle Group From the beginning to the end of the project Pinnacle’s staff, suppliers and trades were all outstanding.”

Kelvin Grove, Calgary, AB Sep/13

“Pinnacle Group’s staff are all pleasant people. They are down to earth and concerned about quality. Their Interior Designer was very helpful, I dreaded selections but she made it easy.”

Glendale SW, Calgary, AB Jul/13

“The integrity of the follow through. I didn’t ever feel that Pinnacle Group would take off on us without completing our project.”

Bearspaw, Calgary, AB Jul/13

“We value the integrity, honesty and just plain simple kindness of the Pinnacle Group and its partners.”

Springbank, AB May/13

“We valued that everything was done in a timely and professional manner.”

Lake Bonavista Estates SE, Calgary, AB May/13

“At the end we got what we wanted, for a fair price and we valued the relationship we developed with the whole Pinnacle Group Team.”

Varsity Estates NW, Calgary, AB Apr/13

“I valued the caring environment that I experienced from the Pinnacle Group. They caught the details and showed care – it gave us a real family feeling.”

Brentwood NW, Calgary, AB Apr/13

“I would say that what we valued was the interaction with Pinnacle Group’s staff, they are so customer focused. As frustrating as I was to deal with, they always delivered great customer service and were professional and friendly.”

Springbank, AB Apr/13

“I valued working with Pinnacle Group’s Site Supervisor, he was terrific, he went ‘above and beyond’ what I expected. When we wanted something, he would say ‘yes’ and worry about how to deliver it later – but he did deliver. It was a refreshing attitude.”

Riverbend SE, AB Feb/13

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“What we valued the most about dealing with the Pinnacle Group was their level of professionalism.”

Edgemont NW, Calgary, AB Dec/12

“I valued that I could deal with Pinnacle Group directly and they would take care of all the other issues. Pinnacle did exactly what they said they would do.”

Lake Bonavista SE, Calgary, AB Aug/12

“I value the quality of the trades and suppliers that the Group Pinnacle Group hires, we knew we would get a great result.”

Varsity Estates NW, Calgary, AB Jul/12

“I was impressed with the ownership of the Pinnacle Group They are classy and demonstrate a lot of integrity.”

Lake Bonavista, Calgary, AB Mar/12

“I value that a beautiful living space has been created, exactly as I was looking for. At the same time, maintaining a good working relationship with the Pinnacle Group’s staff. I knew from past projects (with other renovators) that it is not always possible. But with the Pinnacle Group I believe a good working relationship would always been maintained.”

Willow Park, Calgary, AB Jan/12

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