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Since 1994, Affinity Kitchens has designed and remodeled luxury kitchens and bathrooms in Scottsdale, Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. Affinity Kitchens offers a comprehensive inventory of high end cabinetry and full range of services from design, to installation and support.  

Operating since: 1994


Affinity Kitchens

7848 E. Redfield Road #10

Scottsdale Arizona USA


Kitchen Retailer

Residential Construction

Custom Kitchens & Remodels

PHONE: 480-348-0088 


What People Value Most about Affinity Kitchens

After conducting hundreds of detailed client interviews, Client Insight learns a lot about what people like and dislike.

Our role is to conduct detailed interviews with Affinity Kitchen’s clients at every stage of their experience. The primary objective of this research is to help Affinity continuously improve the customer experience.

This review offers an unbiased summary of what people share with us. Use the menu to navigate through the list of experience factors.

Experience Factors

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Affinity Kitchens Overview

Client Insight has conducted hundreds of customer experience interviews with Affinity Kitchens’ clients since 2014. We consistently hear that clients are satisfied with the final result and their experience with Affinity. We have spoken to many repeat customers who appreciate that they deal with the same staff, years after their first project.

We also hear the stories of why clients recommend Affinity to friends and family. Here are some of the reasons why:
• Their integrity, product quality and commitment to do the job right.
• Their reliability and willingness to stand by their timeline.
• The quality of product and level of service.
• Their Designer’s experience, knowledge, and willingness to go the extra mile.
• Their thoroughness, their schedule and the quality of installation.

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens because of their integrity, the quality of products and their commitment to do the job right. I have had my whole house redone by Affinity and I love their work. Nancy L, Paradise Valley, AZ

Affinity Kitchens is reliable. They stand by their timeline and are competent in doing this scope of work. Affinity Kitchens follows through, and it was wonderful to do business with them. Greg W, Tucson, AZ

I would recommend them because I like the quality of product and Affinity’s service. I got my original kitchen cabinets with Affinity back in 2006 and I have had no issues. I walk into my kitchen and fall in love with the cabinets every day. The design and product quality are very good, so I went back to Affinity for my bathrooms. Charmaine D, Scottsdale, AZ

Norman McLash has been in the industry for as long as I have, and he has a ton of experience. He understands design. Whether it is cabinets for a kitchen, a bathroom, or anywhere in the home, Norman is knowledgeable, and he is willing to go the extra mile as far as design. I recommend Affinity Kitchens to Clients and Contractors. I work with Affinity a lot. KT Tamm Inc, Phoenix, AZ

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens for many reasons. It was Affinity’s thoroughness, their schedule and the good job of installation. Affinity did all the service and follow-up to complete any outstanding issues. It was all done in a timely manner. Valerie L, Phoenix, AZ

Design Experience icon

Design Experience

We repeatedly hear stories about Affinity’s Designers being knowledgeable, willing to listen, seeking to understand what clients want and if appropriate, guiding them in decisions. Some have worked with Affinity Designers on multiple occasions because of the rapport and trust built. Clients inform us about Designers having creative ideas, being willing to go the extra mile, cognizant of a project budget and going out of their way to keep clients informed.

Affinity Kitchens is very easy to work with. They offer several different product lines to suit all budgets. They know how to take care of my clients. I have worked with their Designer, Norman McLash, for 5 years now. He gets all my work. He is a very talented Designer, and he has never led me astray.
Mark, Mark Benz Custom Building & Remodeling, Scottsdale, AZ

Tim Huber was one of the best Designers I have encountered. He always had great ideas and listened to our suggestions. He was very good at following up, he has a good appreciation for attention to detail. He returned communication promptly. We loved the creativity and the cutting-edge quality of the design. It was beautiful. Cathy D, Paradise Valley, AZ

I had an idea of what I wanted, and Tam Newell was able to help me think about functionality. The end result is perfect, as is the quality and craftsmanship. Other companies took my direction, but Tam came up with better ideas, and I appreciate that. I got what I paid for. Everything is beautiful. Paola T, Tucson, AZ

Debbie Miller is a delight to work with. Her creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail is why I decided to use Affinity Kitchens. I value their expertise. Since I didn’t know what I didn’t know, I appreciated that they were there to guide me along the way. David S, Paradise Valley, AZ


Customer Care

The feedback we receive is that the original interaction with Affinity’s Designers is all about care and respect. Customers say that as the project moves forward, Affinity works together professionally as a team to get the project completed.

All of their employees are smart, professional, and respectful. Affinity Kitchens is my “go to” place. I would use Affinity again without hesitation. I was so impressed that they took the time, and trouble to find my original plans from 13 years ago. They have an eye for design. They are honest and stand behind their products. Their products are of high quality, and they are well priced.
Marla M, Scottsdale, AZ

I really like Affinity Kitchens’ high quality and overall service. Their Designer, Theresa Franklin, did her utmost to ensure that I would be satisfied. Affinity Kitchens did an overall good job. Don S, Scottsdale, AZ

Tim Huber really took the time to get to know us and understand the functionality and design style we were looking for. He answered all of our questions and made himself available at every stage of the remodel.
Michael T, Scottsdale, AZ

Affinity Kitchens’ Installer, Eric, did a tremendous job. He was always available to answer any comments, or concerns that I had. He was very courteous and took pride in his work. Eric did a great job, and you could see that he really cared. I value the outcome. It looks beautiful. Affinity did what they said they would do, and any issues were resolved very quickly. Jason K, Paradise Valley, AZ

Professionalism icon


Clients say that Affinity’s staff are professional, punctual, pleasant, and good at communicating their ideas. That theme carries across Affinity’s functional groups from Designers, to Installers, to Service Techs and Management. We also hear that Affinity Kitchens delivers on their commitments.

Everyone was very helpful. They were all professional, and made sure things were to my satisfaction. Barbara T, Tucson, AZ

I met with Affinity’s Installer, Mike every day and he explained everything. He showed us how things worked and was very professional. All of Affinity Kitchens’ staff were professional, they listened, and the result was wonderful.
Ed B, Paradise Valley, AZ

Affinity’s Designer, Theresa, was wonderful. She came by our house to show us samples and was extremely helpful in making selections. She went above and beyond, helping me choose flooring, and saved me money on appliances by getting me a deal. She was amazing. The people at Affinity Kitchens are very professional, punctual, and did exactly what they said they would do. We appreciated everyone’s patience, and professionalism. Barbara H, Scottsdale, AZ

Installation icon

Cabinet Installation

Customers consistently share how pleased they are with their installation experience. Here is some of what they appreciate:

  • the care of the Delivery staff
  • the planning and communication of the Coordinator
  • the craftsmanship of the Installers
  • the follow-up of the Service team
  • the communication skills of Affinity’s staff

What we hear is the experience is seamless and exceeded expectations from beginning to end.

Affinity did an excellent job with the installation. We were doing our kitchen in knotty alder wood, and there was a piece that was lighter than the rest. They replaced it so that the shades matched perfectly. My home looks like a showroom. When I have people come over, they are awed. Tony L, Scottsdale, AZ

I am a Designer, and Mark is the best Cabinet Installer I have ever come across. The General Manager of Affinity Kitchens was great too. He always made sure I was happy. Kayla W, Gilbert, AZ

Affinity is the best at what they do. I have done many renovations before, and I can tell when somebody knows what they are doing. Their Installer, Mike, demonstrates attention to detail, and he got it right the first time. He thought things through, and he involved me in the process. I appreciated his honesty. Cindy R, Scottsdale, AZ

Affinity Kitchens Coordinator, Marco, was very thorough, and easy to work with. He had great communication skills. Their Designer, Ray Kant, followed up a lot. Many times, he came out to see how it was progressing. He was even here when they installed the counter tops.  What I valued the most was the end result. We have a gorgeous kitchen. Wayne H, Scottsdale, AZ

Support icon


We often hear stories from clients about how Affinity’s staff stepped up to help or address issues during a project. Here are a few examples:
• Designers who guide clients thorough decisions when they don’t know what they want.
• Installers resolving issues and being available to answer questions.
• Designers intervening with suppliers to resolve issues.
• Affinity Support staff resolving issues after the project is complete.
• Affinity’s staff going the distance and managing stressful situations with grace.

I am the type of person who is slow to make decision. The Affinity staff took the time. I did not know what I wanted, but I knew what I didn’t want. Beth Martinec helped guide me through the process of choosing options and styles, without me feeling embarrassed. I appreciated it and Beth went over and above in guiding me with cabinet and hardware decisions. Julie R, Minneapolis, MN

Affinity’s Installer, Eric, did a tremendous job. He was always available to answer questions and provide guidance. He was very courteous and took pride in his work. Eric did a great job, and you could see that he really cared. I value the outcome. It looks beautiful. Affinity did what they said they would do, and any issues were resolved very quickly. Jason K, Paradise Valley, AZ.

Affinity staff went ‘over and above’ the call of duty. They responded promptly. Norman McLash was the was the bright spot of our project. We had a misunderstanding with an appliance store and I could get nowhere with them. We called Norman and he intervened and made everything right. He just smoothed things out for us. Norman wanted to make sure we were completely happy with the result.
Rita V, Carefree, AZ

Our project was done early but a week later, I noticed 4 things that needed to be repaired. I thought they would give me some grief, but they didn’t. They just came and did the work. At the end of the day, it was all good. Affinity’s staff were excellent. They are nice people with great attitudes. Veronica M, Scottsdale, AZ

I have already recommended Affinity to friends. They had wonderful customer service and did everything they could to get the project done right and keep me happy. Even when stressful situations occurred, they dealt with ease and grace. Every inch of the kitchen looks wonderful – it’s rare to find a company that will go the distance they did to complete the work. Alana M, Scottsdale, AZ

Product Quality icon

Product Quality

We consistently hear from clients who value the wide selection of styles and finishes available at Affinity Kitchens. Clients say the cabinet installation is excellent and matches the quality level of cabinets. A frequent comment is the quality of the cabinets are a cut above what is available from competitors.

Affinity Kitchens is a level above their competition in their professionalism. The quality of the cabinets and the service is commendable.
Marie-Paule S, Phoenix, AZ

Affinity had a host of options available and features we hadn’t thought of. I was absolutely thrilled with the product quality. Their Cabinet Installer, Mike was an experienced craftsman who is detail oriented and he cleaned up. The workmanship was excellent. Barbara S, Phoenix, AZ

Affinity had the cabinet door style that I was specifically looking for. They are very good at scheduling their time and they are very efficient. Affinity Kitchens is definitely on the higher end for quality in comparison to other companies.
Steve G, Contractor, Scottsdale, AZ

Affinity Kitchens was professional from start to finish. It is a combination of Affinity’s professionalism, honesty, and the quality of their products that I valued the most. John B, Bercel Builders, Fountain Hills, AZ 

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens because of the quality of the product. Norman knows what he is doing. It was a pleasure working with him. We have used Affinity before, and I now have a beautiful kitchen. Diana P, Phoenix, AZ

Value icon


Clients say that Affinity Kitchens provides high quality cabinetry and install it with a similar standard, so the result is a beautiful kitchen, bathroom or ensuite. Affinity is not the lowest price provider, but they focus on quality and completing kitchen remodels on time and on budget. People say that with Affinity Kitchens they do not oversell, that the project is easy, and you get what you pay for.” Customers often mention that they have a budget, and that Affinity is respectful of it and work to stay within it.

Debbie Miller was creative and helped us fit what we wanted into the space we had. She was available and worked hard to keep the costs down to fit our budget while giving us what we wanted. Tom F, Scottsdale, AZ

It was a smooth process. The project was on time and on budget and we ended up with good looking product. We are pleased. Mike P, Peoria, AZ

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens because they make the process easy, and they take away a lot of the headaches. It seems that in the construction industry, nothing is on time or on budget but with Affinity Kitchens the project was ‘on time’ and ‘on budget’. Alisha N, Gilbert, AZ

Theresa Franklin was definitely easy to work with. She was kind, patient and went above and beyond. I already have recommended Affinity Kitchens. The cabinets are well made for their price. I love their product and I love my kitchen.
Gail Y, Scottsdale, AZ

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NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 0%

Rusty E, Scottsdale, AZ - Apr 29, 2021

We have used Affinity Kitchens before. We love working with Norman McLash. He is our guy. We can’t say enough nice things about him. Everything went off without a hitch.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 75%

Ken D, Phoenix, AZ - Apr 27, 2021

Although Affinity Kitchens is extremely expensive, the quality of the product is good, and everything fits together nicely. Tim Huber remeasured several times and made the sure the layout was right. I appreciate that kind of detail. I am having a problem with the forward lifting doors. Affinity has been here 4 times already to try and fix the problem.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 100%

Bridget R, Ft. Hills, AZ - Apr 8, 2021

Affinity Kitchens excel in good quality product and delivered a custom design. Beth Martinec saved me from a huge design mistake I made with the tiles. I chose them based on a sample, but they were a disaster when I saw them installed. Beth found a solution. The new tiles worked out perfecty and are gorgeous.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 88%

Kevin A, Alexander Enterprises, Phoenix, AZ - Apr 2, 2021

Affinity Kitchens has a good selection of product and many different styles to choose from. Affinity seem to be on par with other Suppliers that I work with. Overall it was good, but there were a lot of delays due to reordering.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 100%

Marilyn M, Cave Creek, AZ - Mar 25, 2021

From the time we met Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Tim Huber, we decided that we would work with him. He was personable, he answered all of our questions, he was professional, and demonstrated integrity. We were very comfortable with him for the start. The Installer was meticulous. My husband and I were both impressed. We already have recommended Affinity Kitchens. We liked the professionalism demonstrated by everyone involved, the high end product, and the finished look.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 100%

Andie C, Contractor, Scottsdale, AZ - Mar 11, 2021

I always use Affinity Kitchens. I value the ease of doing business with them. Affinity’s Designer, Debbie Miller, is very creative. She has been designing for a long time, and she knows what she is doing. I always feel confident that by the end of the design process, we are getting the very best. She goes the extra mile. I like that Affinity Kitchens is a one-stop shop. You don’t need to go around, they have everything you need. They also provide the Installers. They make it easy. I trust Affinity Kitchens.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 90%

Jean B, Tucson, AZ - Mar 10, 2021

I had a wonderful experience with every member of the staff at Affinity Kitchens. They have quality personnel who are very skilled, professional, knowledgeable and are meticulous in their work. Affinity has great cabinet options. Tam Newell, Affinity’s Designer, is a fantastic listener and easy to talk to. She has an easy personality and we made an immediate connection. I am a Designer too, we went to the same design school. She is precise with her measurements of the space, which is crucial to a good design. I have a functional and beautiful space.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 94%

Diane D, Moon Valley Interiors, Phoenix, AZ - Mar 10, 2021

I have been working with Affinity Kitchens for 20 years. They have a beautiful product. Affinity’s staff are a good team. They are cooperative and collaborative. They have a lifetime guarantee, and the Designers have a good eye to make the best use of the space. Debbie Miller was great and is a good listener. She takes into account design choices and concepts that I am looking for. Affinity Kitchens is very good compared to other Suppliers. My clients get the best service. They are more expensive but they have a better quality product, and that goes hand in hand.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 91%

Marie Paule, Phoenix, AZ - Feb 26, 2021

Affinity Kitchens is a level above their competition in their professionalism. The quality of the cabinets and the service is commendable. Their Designer, Debbie Miller, never tried to oversell. She has great problem solving skills, and she is very responsive to the Client’s needs. She is very patient. I really liked working with her. The chances of getting it a 100% percent right in a renovation is zero, but Affinity will work until they get it right. They cost more, but their service is significantly better.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 83%

Affinity Customer, Paradise Valley, AZ - Feb 18, 2021

Norman was as helpful and as professional as he could be. I had an issue with my Contractor which made the whole remodel a nightmare.

NPS Rating: Passive

Insight Score: 72%

Affinity Customer, Scottsdale, AZ - Feb 16, 2021

Client preferred not to have their comments shared online.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 100%

Will D, Tucson, AZ - Feb 8, 2021

Everyone at Affinity Kitchens was professional and it was all done in a timely manner. Tam Newell, Affinity’s Designer, was very easy to work with. She handled everything for us, and always got back to me immediately if I had any questions. The cabinets from Affinity Kitchens are great. I was impressed by the speed of the installation. Definitely, I valued the timeliness of the project. It allowed us to stay on time which is important. I would position Affinity at the top for quality and value. They are definitely nice to work with.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 96%

Carol M, Flagstaff, AZ - Jan 27, 2021

I like that Affinity Kitchens have custom made cabinets made to suit me and they are not from a big box store off the rack. The uniqueness of my kitchen is what I value the most. Both Affinity’s Coordinator, Marco, and their Designer, Norman, were prompt in their follow ups and they were always courteous. I have known Norman McLash for a long time. He is always good and kind. He is responsive to my needs and great to work with.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 88%

Affinity Customer, Tucson, AZ - Jan 13, 2021

Client preferred not to have their comments shared online.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 100%

Mark, Scottsdale, AZ - Jan 6, 2021

Affinity Kitchens is very easy to work with. They offer several different product lines to suit all budgets. They know how to take care of my clients. I have worked with their Designer, Norman McLash, for 5 years now. He gets all my work. He is a very talented Designer and he has never led me astray.


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