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The Pinnacle Group is a design-build custom home and renovation contractor serving Calgary and area markets since 1999. Their services include architectural, and interior design, construction management and on-going support services. Changing demographics has resulted in additional services of concierge-handyman for smaller scale projects, and accessibility renovations serving both ‘aging-in-place’ clients and those living with a disability.

Operating since: 1999


Pinnacle Group Renovations

10672 46 St SE Suite 4

Calgary AB Canada

T2C 1G1

Design-Build Home Renovator

Residential Construction

Custom Home Renovations

PHONE: 403-720-8789


What People Value Most about Pinnacle Group

After conducting years of detailed client interviews, Client Insight learns a lot about what people like and dislike about a company.

Our role is to conduct detailed interviews with Pinnacle Group Renovation’s clients at every stage of their experience. The primary objective of this research is to help Pinnacle continuously improve the customer experience.

This review offers an unbiased summary of what people share. Use the menu to navigate through the list of experience factors.

Experience Factors

Pinnacle Group Overview

For more than 15 years, we have interviewed clients of the Pinnacle Group. These clients entrusted Pinnacle to complete large scale home renovations and additions. Clients consistently share how satisfied they are with the overall design-build experience; from amazing designs, quality workmanship, to projects completed on time and on budget.

Clients frequently tell us about the friends and family they have referred to the Pinnacle Group.

The final result of our renovation is just stellar. Our renovated home is beautiful, and it was completed on time and on budget. Glenda L, SE Calgary, AB.

I like Pinnacle Group Renovations’s Design Build model as it allows for collaboration and a dialogue between the Designer and the Site Supervisor, as construction occurs. I would recommend Pinnacle as they have high standards, and they were considerate of our circumstances and requirements. We felt cared for. Linda M, NE Calgary, AB.

We are really happy with our renovation and the final result. We love our new looking home. We trust Pinnacle Group Renovations and I feel confident recommending them, as they deliver a quality result. Jennifer G, SW Calgary, AB.

I would recommend Pinnacle because they are trustworthy. They do their work ‘on schedule’. Al S, SE Calgary, AB.

I have no hesitation using Pinnacle Group Renovations as I like the result and the quality. Phil L, SE Calgary, AB.


We regularly hear about the stress-free renovation experiences with the Pinnacle Group. Clients describe Pinnacle’s construction staff as having expertise, a team approach, a solid work ethic, good results, and professional behavior, while being advocates and personable. Clients are pleased with the peace of mind this provides.

What was so valuable for us was that their Site Supervisor, Brennan, was looking out for us. We knew we were in good hands and we never felt panic or stress. We are very happy with our choice to use Pinnacle Group Renovations. It was a stellar experience because of the care, the professionalism, and the team approach.
Jeff H, SE Calgary, AB

What I valued the most was that Grant gave me a schedule. I just stepped out of the way and let them do their job. That really gave me ‘peace of mind’. I didn’t have to badger them or worry about whether work would get done, they just did it. My experience with Pinnacle Group was very solid, they do good work, and they do it on time. Doug B, NW Calgary, AB.

The Pinnacle Group Renovations delivered what they said they would. Their Site Supervisors demonstrate expertise and knowledge, and their trades are excellent. They were personable and they really listened to what we said. They did not try to oversell us and were conscientious about our budget. We are really happy with the end result and the quality workmanship. Lynn & Greg W, SW Calgary, AB

I feel that the Pinnacle Group inspires confidence. They present themselves as a cohesive and friendly team. They are enjoyable to work with. They have a high standard for their quality of work, and they do not cut corners.
Madan S, NW Calgary, AB.


Clients often comment about the professionalism of the design and construction team. They are personable, friendly, and trustworthy. They also talk about how the professionalism extends through out the organization.

Their service was outstanding, and they have a strong sense of professionalism. They are approachable and can put up with me. They can take a joke and give it back, so it is good. The Pinnacle Group Renovations is open and honest. We got that vibe from Paul right away and we knew we could trust him.
Lee W, SE Calgary, AB.

A renovation can be a stressful process, but when you know that there is a team looking out for you, that diminishes the worry. We valued a combination of a number of things: Pinnacle Group’s care and professionalism, their attention to detail, the pride they take in their work and the family friendly environment. All of these things translate into a stress-free experience. It was a stellar experience because of the care, the professionalism, and the team approach.
Jeff H, SE Calgary, AB

Paul was always enthusiastic and professional when we talked to him. It was clear that he wanted our experience as clients to be a good one. I also cannot say enough good things about Brennan. The Pinnacle Group Renovation’s staff are efficient and friendly. We now have a beautiful home. Taryn P, NW Calgary, AB.

Customer Care

Clients talk about a sense of family. People say, “it seems like the Pinnacle staff and trades care about us as well as our pets.” They also talk about the level of responsiveness, communication, and willingness to explain the options and help make good choices.

Renovations can be an invasive and upsetting experience for a household, but clients frequently share about a comfort level of having Pinnacle staff in their homes and then missing them when they are gone.

I valued the feeling of caring and the sense of family that comes with Pinnacle Group Renovations. Their trades and staff come to see the project at the Turnover date. Paul’s wife even came to site and it just makes it feel like one big family. I valued that sense the most. Tracey T, NE Calgary, AB.

Working with Pinnacle staff was an extremely positive experience and now that they are gone, we miss them. Brennan & Grant are friendly and considerate people. They did quality work, and they were on time and on budget.
Greg, S, NW Calgary, AB.

As Pinnacle’s project managers, Brennan and Grant were great communicators. When issues came up, we talked about it and then dealt with it. We could talk to them anytime and they were always responsive. They explained the options, the pros and the cons so we had information to make a good decision.
Darren H, NE Calgary, AB.

Brennan takes charge of the project and all the trades. It eliminated my stress. One of our dogs gets stressed when it is rubbed by a person’s legs or feet. Brennan did a good job of informing everyone of it. As a result, our dogs were not stressed, and neither was I. That was a big thing for me.
Stacey K, NW Calgary, AB.

What I valued the most was feeling comfortable about having them in my home. A renovation is a huge intrusion, but I felt comfortable having Pinnacle Group Renovations and their staff/trades in our home. I felt secure. Lynne B, Calgary, AB.


Clients consistently share that Pinnacle is supportive throughout the project but specifically at addressing and resolving issues. We hear that when an issue comes up, it is promptly resolved.

We had a bit of an issue with a leaky tap in the steam shower. Just wanted to say that I was impressed with how quickly Stephanie got it all resolved. I had wondered what “follow up” service might be like, but apparently, I got my answer! Lynne H, SE Calgary, AB

I would recommend the Pinnacle Group Renovations based on their people, their work ethic, and their value to make sure that their clients are happy. If there was anything that wasn’t right, Pinnacle made it right. Joanne R, SW Calgary, AB

At the end of the day, they did everything we asked and everything they committed to. There was no arguing, whining, or complaining. A corner cabinet with glass wasn’t right. Brennan took one look at it and resolved the issue with no complaints. This is part of the reason we would recommend them.
Wes M, SE Calgary, AB.

The warranty work that Pinnacle Group Renovations did on our neighbor’s renovation influenced our decision to use them. The cabinetry work is absolutely superb. Their staff are open and willing to resolve issues. Chris K, NW Calgary, AB.

The finished result of our project is absolutely fantastic. We were confident that they would do a good job and if issues came up, Pinnacle Group Renovations would resolve them. It was foundational to our decision to work with them.
Linda E, SW Calgary, AB.

Design Experience icon

Design Experience

Clients comment on how practical it is to include construction know how in the design process as it keeps the plan realistic and the construction manageable. Clients with accessibility challenges share how pleased they are with Pinnacle’s ability to design functional solutions.

Clients regularly share how satisfied they are with the overall design experience. Starting with the discovery and vision setting all the way to the beautiful end result.

At the beginning of working with Pinnacle Group Renovations, we filled out a project DNA form and we defined what we wanted. We know what we like but we are not always good at describing it. However, Pinnacle’s process gets everything determined in the beginning. Pinnacle does a really good job of the design stage. Craig & Janet M, SE Calgary, AB

We would recommend the Pinnacle Group. The way the project began – the insight, the unique ideas in the design meetings, were all things we would not have thought of. They helped us create a vision for our renovation. The final result is just stellar. Our renovated home is beautiful, and it was completed on time and on budget. Glenda L, SE Calgary, AB.

Everyone was professional, and the Pinnacle Group Renovations finished the project on time. The design aspect at the beginning was good. I needed a fully accessible wheelchair bathroom, so Paul had to take more time to understand our needs. He was good at that and wanted to make sure my needs were met.
Carissa I, NE Calgary, AB.

Working with the Pinnacle Design team was fantastic. Functional accessibility is important to us as we are both in wheelchairs. They were genuinely interested in helping to accomplish our hopes and dreams. Their interest and passion helped us open our basement to be functional to share with friends. They already have a lot of knowledge in that area and so I am sure their knowledge will just continue to increase. Erik F, SE Calgary, AB.

Product Quality icon

Product Quality

We consistently hear about the craftsmanship, workmanship, and the quality of work that Pinnacle staff and trades provide. We also hear about the fantastic results and the beautiful homes that emerge.

Pinnacle Group Renovations has met the start and completion dates every time. Their craftsmanship is so good; their trades and suppliers are so good and when issues come up, they address them and take care of them. That is great. For me, it is easy to refer the Pinnacle Group because I trust them and know that any issues will be taken care of. Barbara R, Airdrie, AB.

We had a bit of a complicated project and Pinnacle Group Renovations did a good job. It came within budget and when there were challenges, Pinnacle responded well. We are really happy with the great design and workmanship; we loved the people who were on site. The quality of work is what we value the most. We are the ones living with the product and we are pleased with their work. It is a good quality job. Dave & Kathryn H, SW Calgary, AB

We would recommend Pinnacle Group Renovations because of their quality of work and the trades they brought to our site. They are polite, careful, tidy, and lovely people to work with. They were also timely in starting and completing the work. I value our finished product. We now have a beautiful home, and it is exactly what we wanted. Robin B, NW Calgary, AB

The final result of our project is absolutely fantastic. We were confident that they would do a good job and if issues came up, Pinnacle would resolve them. It was foundational to our decision to work with them. Linda E, SW Calgary, AB


Clients frequently share how impressed they are with the value that Pinnacle Group renovations provides. The projects are completed on time, on budget and quality is key. Clients appreciate the high level of service, the prompt resolution of issues and Pinnacle’s pleasant staff.

The fact that they were on budget and on time, is really huge for me. The Pinnacle Group Renovations does what they say they are going to do, and the quality of their work is really fantastic. We have another phase to do in the future.
Krista L, SW Calgary, AB.

They were so great to deal with. Pinnacle may not be the cheapest company, but I would rather pay a bit more to get the kind of service they provide. They were timely and everyone in their organization was pleasant. Even when there was an issue, it was pleasant, they listened to our concerns and took care of things.
Tina S, SW Calgary, AB.

We would recommend Pinnacle Group Renovations because they have a great team. I like the fixed price and fixed date concept. Pinnacle Group does good work, they use good products, and they have good trades.
Craig & Janet M, SE Calgary, AB.

The overall look of our house is amazing and the resulting pride we have in it, is great. We also appreciated the way that Paul broke down the costs and quote for the renovation. It was detailed and that helped. Mitch C, SW Calgary, AB.


We all hear about renovation horror stories – started projects that carry on and on with costs that go up and up. We consistently hear a different story from Pinnacle’s clients. They say they are given a start date, a completion date, and a fixed budget.

We also hear that clients are given options without pressure. When a client decides to upgrade or change, a change order is completed so that the total costs will be transparent.

They really stood behind the philosophy and commitment to their SCC guarantee. The Pinnacle Group Renovations are also concerned about the quality standard of the product. I never had the feeling they were selling something that I didn’t need. For example, they refinished our wood flooring and fireplace instead of replacing it. They really seemed to care about finishing a high-quality project on time and on budget. Mary B, NW Calgary, AB.

Paul is true to his word. He came in with a budget that we didn’t initially like, but he followed through and delivered it. They knew how much it would cost. They gave us a core set of options (our needs) and also gave us a good number of other options so we could also choose our wants. And we did choose a lot of them. Our house now looks great! Dave H, Okotoks, AB.

This is the second reno we have done with the Pinnacle Group Renovations. We did an exterior project 4 or 5 years ago. The fact that the schedule and budget is already part of Pinnacle Group’s process was important to us. Some companies just wing it and see what happens, but the risk is you don’t know the total cost or the completion date. We had confidence based on our first experience with Pinnacle. Darren H, NE Calgary, AB

I was looking for renovators who would guarantee a ‘move in’ date, a solid budget and had a penalty if they didn’t finish on time. I decided to go forward with Pinnacle Group Renovations as they had a warranty, and I could see some of their projects in progress. I would recommend Pinnacle Group to anyone. They finished on time, they had a budget guarantee, and they will come back and fix things if there are issues in the future. Annette V, Okotoks, AB.

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NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 100%

Grace G, Calgary, AB - Feb 2, 2023

We totally enjoyed working with Paul, the owner of Pinnacle Group, Jami, their designer as well as their site supervisors, Brennan and Grant. We recommend Pinnacle for their professionalism, quality of workmanship, their timelines, good communication, and for the warmth and friendliness of their staff. When I recommend them to my friends and neighbours, I tell them you have to pay for quality. We got our money’s worth.

NPS Rating:

Insight Score: 90%

Randy & Barb W, Calgary, AB - Jan 26, 2023

I interviewed 3 companies and it was the interaction with Pinnacle Group’s owner, Paul Klassen, that sold the project. He was genuine and trustworthy. Pinnacle group delivered what they said they would. The project was on time and on budget and their staff are fantastic. Clean up by some of their trades could have improved.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 97%

Paul & Cheryl S, Calgary, AB - Dec 31, 2022

I recommend Pinnacle Group because they are easy to work with, they are trustworthy and their quality is good. They got the project done in the expected timeline. We felt secure with them and didn’t worry about leaving the house with their staff still on site. If the work didn’t meet their expectations they apologized and did it again. Often, the original work looked fine to us.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 85%

Norm T, Calgary, AB - Aug 9, 2022

Pinnacle Group’s reputation is really good. Brandon, the Site Supervisor, is a nice guy, easy to talk to, and remains cheerful in all circumstances. He is meticulous on the tools and anything he did was outstanding. Some of the trades could have done a better job cleaning up. Brandon noticed a few things that needed to be improved and he fixed them. I think he was as efficient as he could be.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 95%

Geoff M, Airdrie, AB - Jul 26, 2022

I felt that Pinnacle Group’s carpentry skills was a level above any other supplier we have worked with in the past. The overall project is great. They were easy to talk to. They were not arrogant and were open to input and feedback. They took our calls and concerns seriously. Other than a hole in a floor board, everything was excellent.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 83%

Wendy K, Calgary, AB - Jul 7, 2022

Pinnacle Group did a good job of resolving issues that came up. Overall, their trades were very good. Getting post project completion items finished was an issue. When I had a concern, Pinnacle made things right. Jami is a really good designer and does great work. Every time I walk into my bedroom and ensuite, I love it. Overall, it was good experience.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 99%

Don G, Calgary, AB - Jun 30, 2022

Pinnacle Group’s SCC Guarantee gave us certainty as to the project start and wrap up date. Other competitors wouldn’t provide that certainty. We value the overall quality of the work and craftsmanship by Pinnacle the most. Their designer, Jami, made the whole process a lot easier. Our kitchen cabinets are gorgeous. Pinnacle delivered what they committed to.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 100%

Margaret T, Calgary, AB - Jun 24, 2022

The total project by Pinnacle Group has been so well done. The craftsmanship is excellent and I cannot fault them on anything. I like their approach, and the quality they provide. They are very open, they don’t hide anything, and they delivered what they committed to. Pinnacle finished in a timely manner and their price came within budget.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 91%

Tricia, Calgary, AB - May 25, 2022

I am so thankful we found a company like Pinnacle Group. We value the quality, the workmanship and I am really pleased with everything. I really trust them. The owner, Paul, listened and worked with us to accomplish what we wanted within our budget. I recommend them as they gave us the design we wanted, a larger kitchen with more light. We now have an open concept that is really good. Jami was open minded and really aimed to give us what we wanted. Instead of being traditional, she had some ‘out of the box’ design ideas which we found to be very good. There could have been more effective communication by one of the Site Supervisors.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 95%

John D, Calgary, AB - Mar 28, 2022

My wife has been following Pinnacle Group and going to their open houses for years. We knew the good work they do. Once we met Paul, we realized we could talk to him and trust him. Pinnacle’s staff want the best job for the customer and will bend over backwards to deliver. They are personal, polite and down to earth. In the end, they felt like part of our family. We could go to them with any concerns. I will absolutely recommend Pinnacle. We are really happy with the end result and what we came up with. Their designer, Jami, is the best.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 90%

Megan L, Calgary, AB - Dec 13, 2021

It was such a relaxing easy process with Pinnacle Group’s owner, Paul. He went out of the way to answer questions, get to know us and come up with some really good ideas. Their designer, Jami, was fabulous. I appreciated that she never made a suggestion that was outside of our budget and we are more than thrilled with her cabinet design. Pinnacle met our timelines. Any time we had issues, the site supervisors promptly resolved them. The SCC Guarantee is the main reason we went with Pinnacle Group.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 95%

Ellen B, Calgary, AB - Nov 3, 2021

Pinnacle Group’s trades were outstanding. We have had renovation work done before and we have never had it this clean. Until the end, Pinnacle was knocking this project out of the ball park. It was a fantastic experience. Once Paul, the owner, became aware of the situation, the issues were resolved. I would recommend Pinnacle Group but I would say that you have to persist to get the project finished.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 85%

Marcus, Calgary, AB - Jun 28, 2021

It was very efficient and we are very happy with the result of the design work we did with Jami. Our house is now more livable and a lot more functional. We were able to get most of our objectives accomplished within the budget. The end result is good but I was hoping for a slightly better journey. The two big things were the mess and the lack of a schedule.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 95%

Barb, Calgary, AB - Jun 23, 2021

Pinnacle Group’s staff were great to work with so I would definitely recommend them. For a project our size, we had few complaints. Their designer, Jami, was quick and efficient and helped to make selection choices seem very easy. In the end, our design turned out to be beautiful. Everyone of the trades was great. It was very clean. Our house is now beautiful – actually, fabulous.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 95%

Pinnacle Customer, Calgary, AB - Jun 21, 2021

I appreciate the quality their work and the fact that they stayed on schedule. In life, your options are time, quality and money and we picked the first two. Not everyone could necessarily afford Pinnacle Group so we may not feel free to recommend them to everyone. I value the quality of workmanship, their communication and the fact that they have good trades.


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