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ELRUS Performance from a Customer’s Perspective


Customer Reviews

1809 ELRUS Ratings by Client Insight Inc

ELRUS Inc. has retained Client Insight Inc. to interview their customers and inquire about the customer experience. Listed to the left, are results from 146 interviews done so far in 2018. Click the 2018 Customer Reviews link, below to find out more.Continue browsing down this page to see the Results from interviews back to Mar, 2012. Read more stories about:

     •     What Customers Value the Most

     •     Overall Impression of ELRUS

     •     Why Customers Recommend ELRUS

     •     ELRUS’ After Hours Parts and Service

     •     How ELRUS will “Show up and get you out of Bind”

The information below is compiled from more than 1,200 customer interviews conducted since March, 2012 by third party, Client Insight Inc.


What Customers Value About The ELRUS Experience


The top 5 reasons customers value the most about ELRUS


“ELRUS has treated me well over the years. I value their reliable equipment. And in terms of pricing, we used to buy belts from other sources, but then we checked out ELRUS and they are actually cheaper with ELRUS.”

Lyle W
Venture Construction Inc
Martensville, SK Jun/18

“I value the ELRUS product quality, also the quality of the parts. The equipment does what they say it does.”

Ken Fairbrother
Hopkins Construction Ltd
Lacombe, AB May/18

“With the new ELRUS equipment, we have increased our production by 25% and our downtime has really been almost nothing. We are doing a lot of work with that cone – it is doing the work of two cones.”

Brian W
Wood’s Crushing and Hauling Inc
Sandpoint, ID Sep/17

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Overall Impression of ELRUS


Feedback results of Overall Impression questions asked of ELRUS’ customers are shown above.


“I would recommend ELRUS because they are knowledgeable and 95% of the time they have what I need. It is up time, the quicker you get parts, the quicker you are making product. They understand the industry and the equipment really well.”

Noel B
Kode Contracting Ltd
Prince George, BC Jun/18

“Absolutely, I am satisfied with the quality of ELRUS equipment. I would say our efficiency and production increased by 25%. It increased our liner life on our cone, increased our production, less down time, it’s all related.”

Daryl W
Blue Star Construction Ltd
Brandon, MB Apr/18

“ELRUS equipment has increased our operational productivity. We were using two smaller machines before to do the job of this one, but they were so much slower that we are doing 4 times more production now, so 800% more than one of the old machines.”

Andrew K
Aim Recycling Hamilton
Hamilton, ON Mar/18

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Why Recommend ELRUS To Industry Associates and Partners


The top 5 reasons why customers recommend ELRUS


“I would recommend ELRUS because the service is awesome and they carry everything I need for the rock crushing industry. Colin is great to deal with and will turn himself inside out to help me in a hurry.”

Zac E
R. G. Crushing Inc
Chehalis, WA Jun/18

“I would recommend ELRUS because they have good equipment with the best resale value, and they have great phone service.”

Brandon F
Folden Construction
Melfort, SK May/18

“For the simple fact that ELRUS equipment is some of the best, the service is THE best, and the parts and prices are reasonable for what you get, I recommend ELRUS. The people are great – they know a lot.”

Grant M
K. McIntosh And Sons
Outlook, SK Mar/18

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ELRUS ‘After Hours’ Parts And Repair Service


Many of ELRUS’ customers operate their aggregate production spreads 24 x 7. 96% of customers are satisfied with the service provided by ELRUS after hours.


“I get a hold of Colin at ELRUS when I call after hours. He is very proactive if we need a mechanic or we need parts, he will even meet us half way. One time he had a mechanic out to us by 6:00 am the next day.”

Kirk M
Knife River Corp.
Portland, OR Jun/18

“ELRUS will get me what I need, they will come here to my shop, or they will meet me halfway with a part when I call after hours.”

Morley L
Swayze Concrete Ltd
Weyburn, SK Apr/18

“When I call after hours, ELRUS answers right away, and usually I am getting a price or placing an order. Sometimes I just text because I am in a poor cell phone area.”

Dennis C
Gravier Collet Gravel Inc
Notre Dame De Lourdes, MB Mar/18

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ELRUS Will “Show Up and Get Us Out of a Bind”

elrus_main_out_of_bindELRUS has a workforce of Service Technicians and Parts staff to get your equipment back up and running. 96% of customers said when they call, ELRUS will get them out of a bind.


“On a long weekend, we had a problem. I called James at ELRUS, and he went to work and got the part we needed and met us halfway between his office and the job site to get me the part.”

Joe A
Moncrief Construction Limited
Kenora, ON Jun/18

“Whenever I call ELRUS, I’m in a bind. They respond quickly, they know everything about the parts. They can always help me out or they know who can.”

Ken Fairbrother
Hopkins Construction Ltd
Lacombe, AB May/18

“I had a gearbox go just lately, and ELRUS said it would be the next day to get me a new one, and it actually came that afternoon. I was very happy with that. They are very good to work with.”

Beverly T
Fraser Pacific Enterprises Inc
Abbotsford, BC Apr/18

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