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ELRUS Aggregate System Performance from a Customer’s Perspective

ELRUS Aggregates Systems is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of aggregate equipment that is serious about customer satisfaction. For a business in the aggregate crushing industry to be profitable, it must maximize uptime, as downtime kills profitability. ELRUS builds dependable equipment, stocks a wide array of critical spares, parts and consumables and has Service Technicians available 24 x 7 who know how to repair the equipment they sell and service.

To measure their customer satisfaction results and improve their profitability, ELRUS hired Client Insight Inc. to interview their customers and inquire about the customer experience. Client Insight’s customer feedback process measures ELRUS’ customer loyalty and elicits the factors that influence their purchase decisions and identifies what customers value. The customer feedback and results below are compiled from more than 600 customer interviews completed since Mar, 2012. ELRUS understands the importance of customer feedback and uses the business insight to improve operational productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • Satisfied with the overall purchase experience with ELRUS
  • If I were to repurchase, I will purchase from ELRUS
  • Will recommend ELRUS to industry associates & partners
  • Satisfied with the quality of ELRUS’ service offering
  • Impressed with ELRUS’ staff attitude & level of professionalism

Here are some of the customer feedback metrics, ELRUS uses in improving their business.

Continue reading and use Equipment, Parts and Service links to review the customer feedback results and customer reviews and testimonials. ELRUS Aggregate Systems could be a good supplier for your aggregate business.

Read What Customers Are Saying About ELRUS

What Customers Value (WCV) About The ELRUS Aggregates Experience?


Here are the top 6 reasons that customers value about the purchase experience with ELRUS Aggregate Systems.

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“ELRUS has been around a long time. I value their knowledge of the crushing industry. They have good products and they are hooked up with all top notch equipment brands.”

Albert L, Ruel Concrete, Peace River, AB Nov/17

“The people at ELRUS and their service is what I value. Even if their pricing is a little out, and I mention it, they will straighten it out. They get stuff for me in a timely manner. Even on short notice, they usually deal with it – all hands on deck and they get it for me. I am very impressed with the team in Winnipeg.”

Ron F, Sigfusson Northern, Lundar, MB Nov/17

“I value the training by ELRUS. When we bought the crusher, they brought me and my lead hand to Cambridge and gave us a course on the crusher which was great.”

Jeff C, R.W. Tomlinson Limited, Ottawa, ON Oct/17

Why Recommend ELRUS (WRE) Aggregate Systems To Industry Associates and Partners?


Here are the top 5 reasons why customers recommend industry associates and partners to ELRUS Aggregate Systems.

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“ELRUS has been around the longest so they have experience. In years past, they were too busy to give really good service, but we are seeing a turnaround. They are really taking customer service seriously now.”

Mark O, Mill Creek Sand & Gravel, Redwater, AB Nov/17

“I recommend ELRUS all the time. The overall service and the products are pretty good. I’ve always been treated well by them. Anytime I call ELRUS, they go out of their way to make sure I get looked after.”

Ron F, Sigfusson Northern, Lundar, MB Nov/17

“I would recommend ELRUS because of their knowledge and experience in crushing. Also their equipment is good for resale at auction sales. Their brand is a name brand and that helps. It retains its value. I am pretty happy with their people too. I bought some equipment in Edmonton and rented equipment in Calgary. I went to Calgary this summer and I got a tour and they took good care of us. They treat me well.”

Albert L, Ruel Concrete, Peace River, AB Nov/17

What Factors Influenced (WFI) The Purchase Decision From ELRUS Aggregates


Here are the top 6 factors that influence customers to purchase from ELRUS Aggregate Systems

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“I can’t speak for every ELRUS branch but in Winnipeg, you have a pretty solid team there. Every once in awhile I also deal with the guys in Calgary, Marshall and George. There is a comfort factor in buying from ELRUS that you are not buying a lemon, and if there are issues, ELRUS will deal with it well. That means a lot in this business because you are often far away, in a remote place, and you need that kind of support after you have bought the equipment.”

Ron F, Sigfusson Northern, Lundar, MB Nov/17

“Trust me, I have bought a lot of equipment from ELRUS with no financing. When I pick up the phone, I expect good service, and I get it. If I didn’t get good service, I would be long gone.”

Albert L, Ruel Concrete, Peace River, AB Nov/17

“We demoed this ELRUS feeder screen plant once, and Kevin talked to my boss. We liked the demo, and so we went on ahead with the purchase.”

Kenny W, Wood’s Crushing and Hauling Inc, Sandpoint, ID Oct/17

ELRUS ‘After Hours’ Parts And Repair Service

Many of ELRUS’ customers operate their aggregate production spreads 24 x 7. They depend on ELRUS Branches to supply them with the parts and consumables they need. 95% of customers say they are satisfied with ELRUS ‘after hours’ service.

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“I have definitely called ELRUS after hours. I have actually phoned Dawson on a Sunday on his day off, and had him show up on site with our parts to get us going. He has gone above and beyond to help us out. I like dealing with Dawson. He has gone out of his way to get us what we need.”

Josh K, Mainland Sand & Gravel ULC, Surrey, BC Nov/17

“I call Kevin at ELRUS a lot. He emails me and gets the ball rolling. As soon as I am awake the next day, he has answers for me on getting me what I need. We have such a short construction season up here, so when we are going, we are going around the clock. And beyond Kevin, I have talked to Brent a lot for service advice and he has also been very helpful.”

Aaron S, Heritage Rock & Services, Delta Junction, AK Nov/17

“James at ELRUS will answer his phone anytime of day or night, weekends. We work 350 days a year here on a remote site. There is no such thing as a weekend for us. I am calling him at 6:00 am on a Sunday and he will make things happen. He has taken parts to the airport and gotten them onto air transport for us to get it the same day. We are high maintenance and very demanding. He has done that more than once for us.”

Joe D, BBE Hydro Constructors LP, MB Nov/17

ELRUS Aggregate Systems Can Be Called To “Show Up And Get Us Out Of A Bind”

elrus_main_out_of_bindELRUS has a workforce of Service Technicians and Parts staff to get your equipment back up and running. 97% of customers said that “ELRUS will show up and get them out of a bind.”

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“Several times ELRUS has helped get us out of a bind. One time, we shattered a cone and they had parts and service people up here within days and had us back up and running. ELRUS bent over backwards to get us back on track. They have rushed things to us. They have been great.”

Joe D, BBE Hydro Constructors LP, MB Nov/17

“We bought a feeder one time, a few years ago, and there was a factory defect. I called ELRUS on a Friday night, I talked to Thor, and he called the guys in Calgary, and overnight they had addressed my problem. Everyone there Darren, the guys at the desk, Thor, they are really great.”

Ron F, Sigfusson Northern, Lundar, MB Nov/17

“We have been in a bind with some cone parts and Kurt or Kyle with ELRUS are right on it. There is another guy, Greg S, who took parts off another machine for us so we could get them right away and get back up running.”

Mario T, Alvin Caldwell Sand and Gravel, New Liskeard, ON Oct/17

ELRUS Equipment Has Increased Our Operational Productivity

elrus_main_operational_productivityELRUS customers maintain or increase their operational productivity by using ELRUS aggregate equipment. In fact, 83% of customers say that their operational productivity has increased as a result of using ELRUS manufactured and supplied equipment.

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“We’ve experienced 30% more productivity since purchasing the ELRUS equipment.”

Kenny W, Wood’s Crushing and Hauling Inc, Sandpoint, ID Oct/17

“We went from a totally different type of system and we did our homework before buying the ELRUS equipment. From what we were doing before, we have doubled our production. We had a smaller tracked plant before and now we have a much larger portable one.”

Wayne A, LTL Contracting Ltd, Shuniah, ON Sep/17

“With the new ELRUS equipment, we have increased our production by 25% and our downtime has really been almost nothing. We are doing a lot of work with that cone – it is doing the work of two cones.”

Brian W, Wood’s Crushing and Hauling Inc, Sandpoint, ID Sep/17

I Purchased The Best Equipment Available On The Market

elrus_main_purchased_best_equipmentELRUS listens to their customers to determine how to better design and manufacture their equipment (OEM). In fact, 89% of customers who purchased ELRUS equipment say that “they purchased the best equipment available on the market”.

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“ELRUS equipment works the way it is supposed to. It is dependable, lasts a long time, is user friendly and maintenance friendly. We have less down time which is very important. Their staff are definitely very helpful. I was on the phone with Kurt today in fact. They give us excellent support.”

Brent M, Canada Building Materials, St. Mary’s, ON Apr/17

“We bought a new cone from them 6 years ago, and that is a bearing cone or a bushing cone which I prefer. ELRUS is the best, so that’s why we order everything now from ELRUS.”

Derrick G, Zenith Paving Ltd. Brandon, MB Apr/17

“ELRUS equipment is built for the province of Saskatchewan for the type of equipment we run and the type of material we crush. We crush river rock, and the different applications we have, ELRUS understands. Their service is good and they understand Saskatchewan contractors. The other outfits don’t. That’s the reason ELRUS has got the market in this province.”

Shawn W, G.W. Construction Ltd, Buchanan, SK Mar/17