ELRUS Customer Reviews



★★★★☆     Allan S | Russell Redi Mix Concrete | Russell, MB | Sep/18

I call James at ELRUS directly after hours. He is 90% of the reason we buy from ELRUS. He goes beyond the call of duty. He has acquired 85% of our parts business, and we buy a lot of parts.

★★★★★     Mike S | Iron Ore Company of Canada | Labrador City, NL | Sep/18

I would say that our production has increased by 75% with the new equipment from ELRUS. What I value the most with ELRUS is their people. The ones I have met so far have always been friendly, supportive and helpful. Getting their help on the phone is important.

★★★★★     Merritt S | Wheatland Aggregates Ltd. | Lafleche, SK | Sep/18

I bought a piece of equipment from ELRUS in the 1990s and we’ve been using ELRUS ever since. I would recommend ELRUS because of the good availability of parts and they have great people who are always helpful.

★★★★★     Jay D | Dufferin Aggregate-Mill Creek | Mill Creek, ON | Sep/18

We have been dealing with ELRUS for a lot of years. I would recommend ELRUS because they get the job done in a timely manner, and safely, which is important to us too.

★★★★☆     Matt C | Macon Industries Inc | Surrey, BC | Sep/18

ELRUS has high quality equipment and the terrific service. When we deal with them for parts, they always get them out quickly to us. ELRUS is a local company, a Canadian company. The people are easy to deal with, easy to reach and to talk to.

★★★★★     Kevin P | JMB Crushing Systems ULC | Bonnyville, AB | Sep/18

I have been around gravel crushers for 18 years so I know ELRUS. It is good to get them to come out because ELRUS has the right tools, they know the equipment and that way, the equipment stays up to spec and keeps running properly.

★★★★★     Chehalis Customer | Orville, CA | Sep/18


★★★★★     Brian L | Lafarge Canada | Lethbridge, AB | Sep/18

I have referred ELRUS to McNally Contractors, and Jason was there yesterday, and now he is delivering parts to him. So that worked out for ELRUS. I recommend them for the quality of the service, the parts, their knowledge, and they deliver the parts too. They have always been good for us.

★★★★★     Slade G | Van-Isle Aggregate | Nanaimo, BC | Sep/18

I value the quality of the parts at ELRUS. ELRUS has higher standards than the parts places around here. ELRUS has the quality and the know how. They cost more money but you get what you pay for.

★★★★★     Bart L | Winston Quarry | Mossyrock, WA | Sep/18

Kevin B with ELRUS knows his stuff, and he is pleasant. He is just a good guy. He has helped me a lot. He has even come here and worked on things on Saturdays with me.

★★★★☆     Mark S | Farrell’s Excavating Ltd | St John’s, NL | Sep/18

Their products perform well. The 24-42 jaw we have is excellent, and we have a 6 x 20 screen deck from ELRUS. They work fantastic.

★★★★★     Darrell M | H & H Enterprises Limited | Wabush, NL | Sep/18

I like the customer service. Marc is great and he has his customer’s best interest in mind. It was a pleasure dealing with him. He responded back to me in a timely manner. He did his best to accommodate our needs. Overall the customer service with this sale was really good.

★★★★★     Don S | Esker Aggregates | Timmins, ON | Sep/18

I would recommend ELRUS because they have good products, and they are focused on the aggregate business, unlike say other manufacturer. They live and breathe the aggregate business. I wish I had more ELRUS equipment.

★★★★★     Albert D | Dukes Industries, LLC | Toledo, OH | Sep/18

I have Colin’s cell and I call him or text him after hours, any time and he calls me right back. I appreciate the personal service that we get and the speedy time of response when we call.


★★★★★    Chris O.  |  Lafarge Canada Inc  |  Edmonton, AB  |  Aug/18

ELRUS knows what keeps me satisfied as a customer – their availability and customer service. Some companies just don’t do what ELRUS does. It benefits me in so many ways.


★★★★★    Jackson F.  |  EDCO Aggregates Ltd  |  Turtleford, SK  |  Aug/18

 When contacting ELRUS after hours, I call Jared’s cell phone and he answers anytime day or night, if he is awake, even 9:00 or 10:00 at night.


★★★★★    Shane G.  |  Buffalo Gravel Corp  |  Grande Prairie, AB  |  Aug/18

Just last week, we were in a bind with our cone liner. The backing that you pour into the cone liners cracked on us and we were unfamiliar with this liner. I reached out to Kevin at ELRUS and he instructed me what to do, we did that and it all worked out. He was able to help us out by guiding me through it on the phone.


★★★★★    Geoff W.  |  Coast Aggregates Ltd  |  Squamish, BC  |  Aug/18

I bought parts from ELRUS because Dawson has come and shown them to us. He has good solutions. I value just being able to show him what we are dealing with and then he can see what we need. What I value the most is the good friendly service. I have dealt with Mike quite a bit too over the years, and there is always service with a smile.


★★★★★    Scott T.  |  Fann Contracting  |  Prescott, AZ  |  Aug/18

The tower leaked water when it rained and it leaked into the control van. Brent with ELRUS came out to do a repair to a seal where the leak was. What I value the most from this experience was working with Curt at ELRUS, who I dealt with for this purchase. He made everything simple.


★★★★★    Ron F.  |  Sigfusson Northern  |  Lundar, MB  |  Aug/18

James usually comes out to see how we’re doing. He’ll bring parts if I have a breakdown, and he was coming anyways. Just being able to keep in contact with him is really good, especially I am in a bind.


★★★★    Carl R.  |  ACE Enterprises Ltd  |  Yellowknife, NT  |  Aug/18

We have been dealing with ELRUS for years to purchase our parts. I finally got to the point of needing a new spread. I went to ELRUS and to some other companies. I talked to people who had both ELRUS and their competitor’s equipment, and they said that ELRUS is the way to go because of the service and because they have staff in Alberta. I decided cheaper is not better. I wanted to spend more money in order to get more productivity and less headaches.


★★★★★    Kenny W.  |  Wood’s Crushing and Hauling Inc  |  Sandpoint, ID  |  Aug/18

The ELRUS equipment is top notch and the people behind it are as well, even after hours. I enjoy their company professionally and personally.


★★★★★    Don B.  |  Glenko Enterprises (1994) Ltd  |  Arborg, MB  |  Aug/18

When I needed a screen, I called Matt and right away he found the unit that would work for us. Then connected me with Mike in BC and he got me the van. They handled that really nicely.


★★★★★    Darren D.  |  William Day Construction Ltd  |  Copper Cliff, ON  |  Aug/18

What I value the most with ELRUS is the personal relationship with Greg. He knows us, our equipment, our needs, our jobs, so he makes sure we get what we need for the work we do. He is very knowledgeable.


★★★★★    Mark H.  |  Skeena Gravel Products  |  Terrace, BC  |  Aug/18

I would recommend ELRUS because of their service and equipment. Their staff are helpful and friendly.


★★★★★    Adolf B.  |  Fast Brothers (1978) Ltd  |  Blumenort, MB  |  Aug/18

I value ELRUS’s knowledge. Often, I learn quite a bit from James about our equipment. It’s very beneficial and I am satisfied with how often he comes.


★★★★    Mission Branch Customer  |  BC  |  Aug/18


★★★★★    Leduc Based Customer  |  Edmonton, AB  |  Aug/18

Everything went well with ELRUS’ service. We had no problems.


★★★★★    Shane B.  |  Wheeler Rock Products  |  Wapato, WA  |  Aug/18

Kevin at ELRUS has been great and very helpful. I have contacted him early in the morning and late at night. He follows up to make sure that we get the part.


★★★★★    Joe P.  |  APS Aggregate Services Inc  |  Kitchener, ON  |  Aug/18

I strongly agree that ELRUS can be called to get us out of a bind! I have tons of examples. We have had breakdowns and issues with our cone crushers. They come to site, lickety split. Same with our telestackers and conveyors, I have had them here for multiple things, also slurry pumps. If I really need ELRUS, they would be on my doorstep.


★★★★★    Rod Z.  |  United Concrete  |  Williams Lake, BC  |  Aug/18

What I value the most about ELRUS is the staff’s ability to answer questions. They are very knowledgeable and they are helpful.


★★★★    Greg B.  |  Vihar Construction Ltd.  |  Smithers, BC  |  Aug/18

My dealings with Kris have been great, he is pretty on the ball. Their staff in general is good. Mike is top notch.


★★★★★    Kevin M.  |  Dawson Construction Ltd.  |  Kamloops, BC  |  Aug/18

Kris comes to site and yes, it’s very beneficial to have him come. A lot of the stuff you can physically look at together and he can help me understand what we can do to fix things or maintain them better.


★★★★★    Kenny W.  |  Wood’s Crushing and Hauling Inc  |  Sandpoint, ID  |  Aug/18

ELRUS is knowledgeable & available to answer my questions and determine the parts I require. That would be a 6 out of 5! Kevin comes out all the time and he is a huge help to me. He’s around and he knows what I need. Colin is also very helpful to me, too. They are all excellent to deal with at ELRUS.


★★★★★    Brad M.  |  McDonald Aggregates Inc.  |  Leduc, AB  |  Aug/18

The main reason I would recommend ELRUS is their proximity. They are quite close to us. But aside from that, ELRUS also has great customer service, quality product, pricing, and they are great to deal with.


★★★★★    Ron F.  |  Sigfusson Northern  |  Lundar, MB  |  Aug/18

I can call ELRUS anytime. A few weeks ago I had a motor blow up and I was talking to them at 11:00 pm looking for a motor. We got the motor right away. I always get very good service from their sales and mechanical division. Thor is excellent too.


★★★★★    Claude L.  |  Alamos Gold Inc  |  Toronto, ON  |  Aug/18

ELRUS’ service has been excellent. I have made emergency calls to get parts and they pulled through for me. One time, I called at 2:00 am and they had the parts to me the next morning to me. That was great service!


★★★★★    Cambridge Branch Customer  |  ON  |  Aug/18

What I value the most about ELRUS is that they respond to us quickly. They do provide good service.


★★★★★    Jim S.  |  Waterford Sand & Gravel  |  Waterford, ON  |  Aug/18

I would recommend ELRUS because the equipment works well. I love the equipment. It is doing a phenomenal job for us. At this location, it has been a great investment for the company.


★★★★★    Kenny W.  |  Wood’s Crushing and Hauling Inc  |  Sandpoint, ID  |  Aug/18

Kevin comes out all the time and he is a huge help to me. He’s around and he knows what I need. Colin is also very helpful to me too. They are all excellent to deal with. I value Kevin’s knowledge and his willingness to help. He helps with other issues not just ELRUS ones.


★★★★★    Cambridge Branch Customer  |  Cambridge, ON  |  Aug/18

We didn’t have any issues with the purchase.


★★★★★    Vince F.  |  Lafarge Canada  |  Fonthill, ON  |  Aug/18

I would recommend ELRUS because of their knowledge and expertise in the industry. They will do their best to provide good customer service and help a guy out. And I trust them and I have good relationships. If they give me an estimate for a worst case scenario and if it comes in less, then they only bill for what they did. That’s huge for me.


★★★★★    Lloyd G.  |  Butler Bros Supplies Ltd  |  Duncan, BC  |  Aug/18

When I do call ELRUS after hours, Mike calls me right back. We had some issues with the new plant and they acted on those pretty quickly. I have always been a fan of ELRUS, I have dealt with them for many years and I think they have great equipment.


★★★★★    Chris O.  |  Lafarge Canada Inc  |  Edmonton, AB  |  Aug/18

With any issue I’ve had, ELRUS has shown up and got us out of the bind. I am satisfied with the quality of ELRUS Site Service. If I got the wrong part, ELRUS will have a guy come to pick it up or deliver the correct one. They will do whatever it takes to get me going.


★★★★★    Colorado Springs Branch Customer  |  CO  |  Aug/18


★★★★★    Geoff W.  |  Coast Aggregates Ltd  |  Squamish, BC  |  Aug/18

It’s valuable to have Dawson come to site as he has shown us some good solutions. I value just being able to show him what we are dealing with and then he can see what we need.


★★★★★    Calgary Branch Customer  |  AB  |  Aug/18


★★★★★    Cam C.  |  Cook Brothers Cartage  |  Swan River, MB  |  Aug/18

I’d like to thank ELRUS Winnipeg for sending me a gearbox immediately yesterday when we asked for it.


★★★★★    Adolf B.  |  Fast Brothers (1978) Ltd  |  Blumenort, MB  |  Aug/18

I would recommend ELRUS because of the good service, and they have good people to work with. James is knowledgeable. And it is local. Last year, they did a fantastic job when I broke a shaft on a motor. Jeff ordered the part even though my boss had not approved it. My boss gave me the go ahead the next day, and it was already there. That was fantastic!


★★★★★    John S.  |  Canada Building Materials  |  Aberfoyle, ON  |  Aug/18

If we do need a part after hours, we can reach ELRUS and they deal with it. I call Rick D’s cell. He gets the part for us or he goes through Kyle or Kurt.


★★★★★    Jackson F.  |  EDCO Aggregates Ltd  |  Turtleford, SK  |  Aug/18

A jaw plate fell off on Saturday evening. I called Jared with ELRUS at 8:00 pm Saturday and he had a guy out to fix it on Sunday morning, and we were up and running by Sunday evening.


★★★★    Carl R.  |  ACE Enterprises Ltd  |  Yellowknife, NT  |  Aug/18

I would recommend ELRUS because I like the way they have all American parts for the most part and it is easy to find parts. Everything seems solid. I really enjoyed working with Brent. He is a very knowledgeable guy. He is old school and that is how we operate. He knew exactly what we had, and what we needed to work with when he came here to get us going.


★★★★★    Shane G.  |  Buffalo Gravel Corp  |  Grande Prairie, AB  |  Aug/18

By having Mark come out, I can put a face to a name and I value that. I also learn about new products. I like being treated as a person and it’s nice to see them on site. It’s just good to feel that we are being taken care of.



★★★★★    Lyle W.  |  Venture Construction Inc  |  Martensville, SK  |  Jun/18

I would recommend ELRUS because with everything we use from them, we have had very little trouble. We haven’t had problems in our system. We have almost all ELRUS equipment and it is very reliable. We get good service and we can get parts quickly. Most of it is stocked in Calgary so we can get it overnight. There is very little down time for us.

★★★★★    Kirk M.  |  Knife River Corp.  |  Portland, OR  |  Jun/18

ELRUS jumped to help us when we were in a bind. We got in a pinch with drive belts one time. We went through 2 sets in one day, and I called Colin at ELRUS. He had drive belts to us by 5:30 am the next morning. He has gone above and beyond to get us parts. If they have the parts, we will get them very quickly.

★★★★★    Joe A.  |  Moncrief Construction Limited  |  Kenora, ON  |  Jun/18

When I call ELRUS after hours, I phone James on his cell. He always answers and helps me out with what I need.


★★★★★    Gary G.  |  Aecon Transportation West Ltd  |  Calgary, AB  |  Jun/18

What I value is that ELRUS gets a good job done for a fair price. If the work varies from their original quote, they call and ask us about it. And if something isn’t right, they will come back and make it right. I have been dealing with ELRUS for 10 years in Alberta, and in Ontario since the late eighties, so I know how consistent they are. We just bought a jaw screen and a tower van from ELRUS.


★★★★    Wes O.  |  Williamson Trucking  |  Reston, MB  |  Jun/18

I value providing feedback because I know that somebody’s actually listening and asking me questions. It’s good to know I am being heard. I want to be a proud ELRUS customer and I don’t really like to complain. But I want a better experience. I need parts that are coming from Calgary, dropped in Brandon as opposed to going all the way to Winnipeg.


★★★★★    John T.  |  T & T Sand & Gravel  |  Devon, AB  |  Jun/18

ELRUS has been good to us. They are knowledgeable about our equipment and they will share information and troubleshoot on the phone. We have other equipment as well. We use some service places in Edmonton for those.


★★★★★    Phil H.  |  Granite Construction  |  Salt Lake City, UT  |  Jun/18

Brent at ELRUS has a lot of knowledge. He understands everything about the equipment and the industry. Also, we are really satisfied with the Vendor Managed Inventory system they are using to keep us in stock with parts that we need. That is really helpful for us. Rod is doing a great job for us with that.


★★★★★    Glen B.  |  Oliver Redi-Mix LLP  |  Oliver, BC  |  Jun/18

I usually call Brent at ELRUS even after hours, and he always answers. He says to call any time so I do!


★★★★★    Zac E.  |  R. G. Crushing Inc  |  Chehalis, WA  |  Jun/18

We have been in a bind and ELRUS helped out. Just last Friday, we had a belt rip in half and I couldn’t find one, so I called Colin. ELRUS doesn’t stock those belts, and yet he was able to come up with the belt I needed within 3 hours!


★★★★★    Stan W.  |  Deschutes Aggregate & Recycle  |  Olympia, WA  |  Jun/18

What I value the most about ELRUS is Colin, their Outside Sales Rep. I’ve only been in rock crushing for a year and he has been helping me understand the industry.


★★★★★    Wes B.  |  Smook Contractors Ltd  |  Thompson, MB  |  Jun/18

ELRUS has good people and they provide good service. Their pricing is good, and so is their delivery. When I started here, they were shopping at ELRUS, so they have a history with the company. As time went on, I have had good experiences with them and they are a good company to work with. I value getting parts from them quickly.


★★★★★    Winnipeg Branch Customer  |  Winnipeg, MB  |  Jun/18

Everything went well, we had problems with ELRUS Site Service.


★★★★★    Leduc Branch Customer  |  AB  |  Jun/18

I have a long relationship with the ELRUS guys and I know that whatever I need, whether that is help or parts, I can get it. I just pick up the phone and they are there. I can count on them.


★★★★    Winnipeg Branch Customer  |  Kenora, ON  |  Jun/18

Yeah for sure. I needed an obsolete part and I couldn’t find it, and I talked to ELRUS and they found it somewhere. It might have been from another customer actually who had a connection, and ELRUS got it for me.


★★★★★    Harold W.  |  Westside Asphalt & Concrete Inc  |  Corner Brook, NL  |  Jun/18

ELRUS really specializes in this industry and we have had some good past experiences with them. Based on that, we decided it was easy to have them do this one for us too. We like the control tower.


★★★★★    Dave G.  |  Hawaiian Cement  |  Aiea, HI  |  Jun/18

I would recommend ELRUS because Kevin is a solution driven type person versus a salesman peddling equipment. He is very knowledgeable too. Some salesmen are not knowledgeable, and they are just trying to make a sale. Kevin isn’t like that at all.


★★★★    John P.  |  Borland Construction Inc.  |  Winnipeg, MB  |  Jun/18

It’s nice that ELRUS is following up and asking what we thinking. There is always room for improvements. It’s good to know that they want to improve, so hats off to ELRUS. Service can improve on parts.


★★★★★    Rick M.  |  McIntosh Redi Mix Ltd.  |  Montmartre, SK  |  Jun/18

Yes in the past I have. They were good at resolving the issue right away. I was more than pleased and that is why I keep going back to ELRUS.


★★★★★    Noel B.  |  Kode Contracting Ltd  |  Prince George, BC  |  Jun/18

I would recommend ELRUS because they are knowledgeable and 95% of the time they have what I need. It is up time, the quicker you get parts, the quicker you are making product. About 75% of our equipment is from ELRUS and they know the equipment and that is good for us. I appreciate their knowledge. They understand the industry and the equipment really well.


★★★★★    Reggie K.  |  Miles Sand & Gravel Company  |  Lacey, WA  |  Jun/18

I would recommend ELRUS because I have had a good experience with them, and they have quality equipment, parts and service.


★★★★★    Andrew D.  |  Painted Rock Aggregates  |  Savona, BC  |  Jun/18

Mike and Kris after hours a few times. They always respond and help.


★★★★★    Cambridge Branch Customer  |  QC  |  Jun/18


★★★★★    Joe A.  |  Moncrief Construction Limited  |  Kenora, ON  |  Jun/18

On a long weekend, we had a problem. I called James at ELRUS, and he went to work and got the part we needed and met us halfway between his office and the job site to get me the part.


★★★★    Justin B.  |  A.L. Blair Construction Ltd  |  Moose Creek, ON  |  Jun/18

The ELRUS Feeder Screen Plant is well made. There are a few issues that we have with it but the welding and construction is quality. Lots of dealer support too. I would never feel like I was left high and dry with ELRUS equipment.




★★★★★    Kent P.  |  Greenwood Asphalt Products  |  Pembroke, ON  |  May/18

I recommend ELRUS because they look after you, they are good to talk to, they do a good job, and they have the parts.


★★★★★    Ken F.  |  Hopkins Constr. (Lacombe) Ltd  |  Lacombe, AB  |  May/18

Whenever I call ELRUS, I’m in a bind. They respond quickly, they know everything about the parts. They can always help me out or they know who can.


★★★★★    Chris N.  |  Mixcor Aggregates Inc.  |  Leduc, AB  |  May/18

There have been after hours calls to ELRUS for some gear boxes, those pieces that go down late on a Friday afternoon. Last year, our operators changed settings and pushed a piece of equipment harder. We lost the gearbox and ELRUS was the only one who had a gear reducer box. Some of the parts we needed after hours, they have delivered right to the site. I have lots of stories of ELRUS helping us out.


★★★★★    Rob F.  |  Farrish Crushing Inc  |  Listowel, ON  |  May/18

Kurt at ELRUS lives in Listowel and brings me parts all the time. ELRUS shipping is a 6 out of 5!


★★★★    Graham L.  |  Inland Aggregates  |  Winnipeg, MB  |  May/18

Their proximity to us is good. They are 20 minutes up the road if I need something quickly off the shelf.


★★★★★    Clare C.  |  C. R. Chittick Construction Ltd  |  Cambridge, ON  |  May/18

I would recommend ELRUS because they send you what you want in a timely manner. They have good service and a good attitude.


★★★★★    Mike K.  |  Burnco Rock Products Ltd.  |  Edmonton, AB  |  May/18  |  ELRUS’s 24×7 After Hours Parts & Service

Usually I get someone right away, or if not, someone calls back within 10 minutes for the most part. Usually it is an emergency, so it is great that the ELRUS guys can check their stock on their phones no matter where they are. That is really helpful!


★★★★    Brandon F.  |  Folden Construction  |  Melfort, SK  |  May/18

ELRUS always responds when we have a problem, and they are quick about it.


★★★★★    Saskatoon Branch Customer  |  SK  |  May/18


★★★★★    Kari M.  |  Western Explosives Ltd.  |  Surrey, MB  |  May/18

I am satisfied with ELRUS. I only got the wrong part once. Otherwise, they have tried their best to help me out. The guys at ELRUS are very helpful.


★★★★★    Saskatoon Branch Customer  |  SK  |  May/18


★★★★★    Charlie H.  |  RD Mac Inc  |  La Grande, OR  |  May/18

We were in a bind on some blow bars a few months ago. ELRUS got them out pretty quick to us. ELRUS has always done a good job getting me the right parts on time.




★★★★★    Les B.  |  Burns Construction Inc  |  Cathlamet, WA  |  Apr/18

I would recommend ELRUS for many reasons. Their people are knowledgeable, they have quality parts that are readily available. My experience has been great so far. I am also very happy they have moved into our area. There is a need for them in this area of Washington.


★★★★★    Morley L.  |  Swayze Concrete Ltd  |  Weyburn, SK  |  Apr/18

ELRUS will get me what I need, they will come here to my shop, or they will meet me halfway with a part when I call after hours.


★★★★★    Beverly T.  |  Fraser Pacific Enterprises Inc  |  Abbotsford, BC  |  Apr/18

I had a gearbox go just lately, and ELRUS said it would be the next day to get me a new one, and it actually came that afternoon. I was very happy with that. They are very good to work with.


★★★★★    Levi W.  |  Elite Crushing  |  Morden, MB  |  Apr/18

What I value the most is the quick service from ELRUS and their people. They can be depended upon. I get along really well with Thor and James.


★★★★★    Mack M.  |  Penny Lee Trucking Inc  |  Renten, WA  |  Apr/18

ELRUS is easy to talk to. They go the extra mile to figure out what you need, and they are just helpful. The prices are comparable, and they are fairly close to us.


★★★★★    Travis A.  |  Nuway Crushing Ltd  |  Whitehorse, YT  |  Apr/18

I would recommend ELRUS because they do build good products. I have positive things to say about ELRUS equipment. Ron is the only contact I have at ELRUS and he is great, very knowledgeable.


★★★★★    Kent N.  |  Valley Rock Construction  |  Birtle, MB  |  Apr/18

I only call ELRUS after hours once in a while. I have the cell numbers of the mechanic and he always gets back to me. Thor, and the parts guys, James, always call me back quickly.


★★★★★    Rex P.  |  Peterson Rock Inc  |  Chehalis, WA  |  Apr/18

The mechanic Robert at ELRUS helped get us out a bind a couple of times. If we needed parts in a hurry, then Kevin is fantastic at getting things done as fast as he can for us. He is one of the best sales guys around.


★★★★★    Cambridge Branch Customer  |  Cambridge, ON  |  Apr/18


★★★★★    Sylvain H.  |  Les Pavages Chenail Inc.  |  Montreal, QC  |  Apr/18

With ELRUS, I have never had any difficulty placing orders for parts. I would mention that their prices are a bit high, but their people are fantastic and I value the fact that they are accurate on parts orders.


★★★★★    Daryl W.  |  Blue Star Construction Ltd  |  Brandon, MB  |  Apr/18

I would recommend ELRUS because of the level of service they support, and the quality of the equipment overall. We did a lot of research before buying this equipment. First and foremost, ELRUS is a Canadian company, and the quality of the equipment is very high.


 ★★★★★    Leon J.  |  SSR Mining Inc  |  Regina, SK  |  Apr/18

Yes, we have called ELRUS after hours a few times this year so far. Usually we talk to Jared and he is very helpful. I don’t think we have ever called and not gotten someone on the phone right away. They supply everything for us.


★★★★★    Darren H.  |  Kerridge Concrete Ltd  |  Calgary, AB  |  Apr/18

When we first started the new concrete plant last summer, we had problems with the belts blowing up. ELRUS came out twice to help fix those for us. I would recommend ELRUS because they come out straight away, they get parts quickly, they are prompt and thorough. They are just really great people to work with.


★★★★★    Mike S.  |  Cadman Inc.  |  Battleground, WA  |  Apr/18

What I value the most about ELRUS is their staff’s knowledge. They do their best and they are getting better at stocking parts locally.


★★★★★    Leduc Branch Customer  |  Edmonton Area, AB  |  Apr/18


★★★★★    Jacob W.  |  DTG Enterprises Inc  |  Mill Creek, WA  |  Apr/18

They are the only who deals with ExTec equipment and they are pretty good. They get me what I need.


★★★★★    Aaron S.  |  Selkirk Paving Ltd.  |  Crescent Valley, BC  |  Apr/18

I would recommend ELRUS because they have very good service. They are knowledgeable and they have a good support system. The gears seem to work efficiently.




★★★★☆    Ted S.  |  Farwest Portable Crushing Inc  |  Gresham, OR  |  Mar/18

I was satisfied with the after-hours service with ELRUS, especially with Colin. I text him 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. He gets right back to me and gets me the parts I need.


★★★★★    Travis P.  |  KLS Earthworks Inc  |  Rocky View AB  |  Mar/18

I can say ELRUS has a good parts inventory. They have parts readily available, so when we have a breakdown, it is usually a part that we need in a hurry, and they do have a good stock of parts.


★★★★★    Lorne S.  |  L & G Crushing  |  Raymore, SK  |  Mar/18

What I value the most from ELRUS is the friendships. I have become friends with the people at ELRUS. I also value how they are helping us keep our business going.


★★★★★    Dean B.  |  Associated Aggregates Inc  |  Falun, AB  |  Mar/18

I have been treated very fairly over the years by ELRUS. On this job, we didn’t give them a lot of time to do this work. They had this piece of equipment in stock and they were able to pull it off the line to get it to us quickly. We appreciated not having to wait long for it. ELRUS gives great service to their customers.


★★★★★    Cam C.  |  Dale Croswell Construction Co  |  Thorhild, AB  |  Mar/18

I recommend ELRUS because of their good service and good availability of parts. We have ELRUS equipment, so far it has been working really well for us.


★★★★    Dennis C.  |  Gravier Collet Gravel Inc  |  Notre Dame De Lourdes, MB  |  Mar/18

When I call after hours, ELRUS answers right away, and usually I am getting a price, or placing an order. Sometimes I just text because I am in a poor cell phone area, but it works.


★★★★★    Grant M.  |  K. McIntosh And Sons  |  Outlook, SK  |  Mar/18

ELRUS got me up and running quickly when I was in a bind. I had a set of bearings go last fall and I was only down for 2 days. ELRUS had the bearings in stock in Saskatoon, and they brought them out and helped put them in for us.


★★★★★    Levie D.  |  Glacier Northwest DBA  |  Seattle, WA  |  Mar/18

Kevin and other staff at ELRUS always are quick to answer and get me any information I need. The customer service that Kevin gives me is what I value the most. He is just really helpful all round.


★★☆☆☆    Winnipeg Branch Customer  |  Winnipeg, MB  |  Mar/18


★★★★★    Dave D.  |  McPhee Construction  |  Edson, AB  |  Mar/18

Their equipment is good quality and they have good people to work with.


★★★★★    Andrew K.  |  Aim Recycling Hamilton  |  Hamilton, ON  |  Mar/18

Anytime I call Greg or Marc with ELRUS after hours, they have always picked up the phone, or else they get back to me right away.


★★★★★    Frank M.  |  Mortimer Brothers Construction  |  Regina, SK  |  Mar/18

I have been in a bind several times, I’ve needed parts in a hurry and Jared at ELRUS drove it out to me right away. I’m in Regina and he’s in Saskatoon, and he’ll drive it down here for me.


★★★★    Ron H.  |  Holdeman & Sons Inc  |  Buhl, ID  |  Mar/18

What I value the most about ELRUS is their service. I can get prompt help and good deals.


★★★★★    Jim P.  |  Vale Canada Limited  |  Winnipeg, MB  |  Mar/18

Thor was really helpful for us. He has a lot of experience.


★★★★★    Gary F.  |  Texada Quarry Ltd  |  Surrey, BC  |  Mar/18

I would recommend ELRUS to others because it makes good business sense, and we appreciate the quality of the parts and the availability of parts.


★★★★    Mission Branch Customer  |  Mission, BC  |  Mar/18




★★★★★    Lloyd G.  |  Butler Bros Supplies Ltd  |  Duncan, BC  |  Feb/18

I would recommend ELRUS based on my 30-40 years of dealing with ELRUS, I have always been satisfied with their service. They have really good equipment and their people are very helpful.


★★★★★    Leduc Branch Customer  |  BC  |  Feb/18

I call Darren at ELRUS if its after hours, or else Terry or Ramsey. We run 24/7 here and we talk to Brent a lot, and 50% of the time it is after hours. That’s because we do a lot of our own work here.


★★★★★    Tom S.  |  Eagle Rock Construction Ltd.  |  Kamloops, BC  |  Feb/18

In this business, we get in binds. We only have a few ELRUS pieces and they have gone above and beyond to get us parts we couldn’t get otherwise. ELRUS has helped us immensely.


★★★★★    Mike R.  |  Formation Capital Corporation  |  Salmon, ID  |  Feb/18

I value the knowledge and helpful attitude of the ELRUS staff. We have ELRUS equipment and they are brand new crushers purchased in 2011 and 2012. We wanted to get them checked out before we set them up for this mine.


★★★★    Mission Branch Customer  |  Vancouver Island, BC  |  Feb /18


★★★★    Warren D.  |  Steep Rock Ltd  |  Medicine Hat, AB  |  Feb/18

I would recommend ELRUS because they are good guys, the price is fair, they are professional. Lots of the other aggregate dealers are not professional. ELRUS is very detailed with their quotes, you know exactly what you are getting. We love the jaw plant. It’s been working great for us.


★★★★★    Jordan F.  |  McLeod Valley Sand & Gravel  |  Edson, AB  |  Feb/18

ELRUS usually calls us back really quickly when we call them after hours.


★★★★★    Jody B.  |  Lafarge-Central Agg  |  Abbotsford, BC  |  Feb/18

ELRUS has helped us get out of a bind many times before. We needed some parts and they got them to us really quickly. That has happened a number of times when we were down.


★★★★★    Doug L.  |  Granite Construction  |  Salt Lake City, UT  |  Feb/18

The equipment. The Sandvik is a really good reliable cone and it is easy to work on.


★★★★★    Rick B.  |  West Carleton Sand & Gravel Inc.  |  Carp, ON  |  Feb/18

ELRUS service is fine, but I wouldn’t recommend this piece of equipment. It hasn’t been a fit for us. I would say the ELRUS staff are friendly and they tried their best for us.


★★★★★    Bob P.  |  Ptolemy Bros. Trucking Ltd  |  Rosetown, SK  |  Feb/18

I would recommend ELRUS equipment because is better than other manufacturers. It is simple to work on and easy to maintain.


★★★★★    Chris T.  |  Terrane Metals-Mount Milligan  |  McKenzie, BC  |  Feb/18

When we call ELRUS after hours, they are prompt to do what we need. George is quick to respond and even some of my employees call to get him to troubleshoot something for them on the phone.


★★★★★    Ed S.  |  Diamond Ready Mix Concrete Ltd  |  Steinbach, MB  |  Feb/18

 There was one time when we first bought the ELRUS spread, we had electrical issues, and we talked to Brent on the phone. He was able to talk us through the problem on the phone.


★★★★★    Lou T.  |  Tezak Heavy Equipment  |  Canon City, CO  |  Feb /18

I value getting good quality parts. Curt has been real good, he takes care of us.


★★★★★    Chehalis Branch Customer  |  McMinnville, OR  |  Feb/18


★★★★★    Doug L.  |  Tanas Concrete Industries  |  Airdrie, AB  |  Feb/18

They gave us good service, they had good response, and immediate action.


★★★★★    Cambridge Branch Customer  |  Cambridge, ON  |  Feb/18




★★★★★    Page C.  |  Martin Marietta  |  Colorado Springs, CO  |  Jan/18

I would recommend ELRUS because their customer service is beyond compare. They are readily available, and they do everything they possibly can to get us what we need.


★★★★★    Scott R.  |  Concrete Recyclers  |  Tumwater, WA  |  Jan/18

 When I call ELRUS, I talk to Colin, and a few times he has worked with me after hours on his cell to troubleshoot problems. They custom made some parts for us. They were awesome.


★★★★★    Dale S.  |  Nemadar Ranch Ltd  |  High Prairie, AB  |  Jan/18

We were in a bind when our jawcrusher was down last summer in the busiest part of our season. The ELRUS guys got out here and took the jaw apart and got the bearings from halfway around the world. They are right on the ball to help us as quickly as possible.


★★★★★    Joe P.  |  Aggregate Processing Services  |  Kitchener, ON  |  Jan/18

What I value the most about ELRUS is the relationships with their staff. And when I ask for a quote, it is as honest as it can be. They put forth a great effort to match or better other quotes that I get. What Kurt and Kyle do is they try to get me the best price possible that works for me and for them. And I respect that too. Other companies only look at their bottom line but ELRUS understands. For most of what we need, ELRUS does give us the best rate. Most of our parts we get from ELRUS. I also consider the service and shipping factors in the price of things, and ELRUS really shines there. Between Kurt and Kyle, they are doing an excellent job.


★★★★★    Tom B.  |  Lafarge Canada Inc  |  Calgary, AB  |  Jan/18

ELRUS Staff are knowledgeable and always helpful. They have good service and have whatever we need almost all the time.


★★★★★    John M.  |  Orca Sand & Gravel Ltd  |  Port McNeill, BC  |  Jan/18

I would recommend ELRUS for their quick service and the knowledge of their people. I can call ELRUS and they almost always have an answer for a question about everything. If I call to ask about a part and I don’t know the name of it or the number, I can just describe it and they know what I am talking about.


★★★★★    Don S.  |  Harold Sorensen Trucking  |  Toledo, WA  |  Jan/18

 We called ELRUS after hours and they were there and helped us out. They said they were available after hours and they were. We were able to troubleshoot the problem over the phone with them and get back up and running.


★★★★    Blair J.  |  Richardson Bros (Olds) Ltd  |  Olds, AB  |  Jan/18

When I have been in a bind, ELRUS has sent out George to service us and get us going. Last time, something wouldn’t come on line. George is really helpful with that. Other times, they have been able to troubleshoot with us on the phone. That happens a lot actually.


★★★★★    Gregor B.  |  Westhills Aggregates Ltd  |  Penticton, BC  |  Jan/18

What I value is  ELRUS’ staff, how quickly they respond, and the quality of their equipment. Their reputation, support and service after sale, availability of their guys and the relationships we have with them is why we choose ELRUS.


★★★★★    Rick T.  |  Long Pine Crushing  |  Hughendon, AB  |  Jan/18

ELRUS has good service and parts availability. I have a good level of trust in them.


★★★★★    Mike C.  |  Flesherton Concrete  |  Flesherton, ON  |  Jan/18

I would recommend ELRUS because of the quality of the equipment.  Everything has always been great for us with ELRUS.


★★★★★    Wayne A.  |  LTL Contracting Ltd  |  Shuniah, ON  |  Jan/18

When I call after hours, I call the cell phones of the ELRUS parts staff, they answer or call back within minutes. Sometimes things have to wait until the next day. We run 24/7 for the most part.


★★★★★    Burt C.  |  Schmidt Construction  |  Colorado, Springs, CO  |  Jan/18

Curt, the Service Tech with ELRUS, is good about coming out and he responds quickly when we have problems. ELRUS does a good job. They have good service.


★★★★★    Kirk M.  |  Al Meisner Limited  |  Lac Du Bonnet, MB  |  Jan/18

I value ELRUS because of their good service, and their people know a lot.


☆☆☆☆    Sumner Branch Customer  |  Bellingham, WA  |  Jan/18

I am having difficulty reaching ELRUS now that Joey is gone.


★★★★★    Bill D.  |  Nielsen Brothers, Inc  |  Sedro-Woolley, WA  |  Jan/18

I would recommend ELRUS because of their good parts service in being able to help us get our parts.


★★★★★    Stan W.  |  Waunch Construction & Trucking Inc.  |  Olympia, WA  |  Jan/18

For after-hours service, I will call Colin and he answers and deals with the issue. There have been times when I needed things right away, and ELRUS had what I needed, and there have been other times when they didn’t have it.


★★★★★    Colorado Springs Branch Customer  |  CO  |  Jan/18

We were in a bind recently when our generator blew up. Barry got right on it and got us a generator quickly.


★★★★★    Oregon Customer  |  OR  |  Jan/18

I value product support if I can get it. I value Mark. He’s done fine. The drill is a good drill.