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ELRUS manufactures and supports aggregate crushing equipment for the construction and mining industries.


ELRUS offers a full line of portable crushing equipment including: jaw crushers, cone crushers, impactors, screeners, control tower vans, feeders and conveyors. To minimize downtime and maximize production, ELRUS provides a full line of parts, training, diagnostics and mechanical services.

Established in Calgary in 1975, ELRUS serves customers across North America.


Operating since: 1975


ELRUS Aggregate Systems Ltd.

4409 Glenmore Trail SE

Calgary AB Canada T2C 2R8


Aggregates and Mining

Aggregate Crushing Equipment & Systems

PHONE: 403-279-7741

WEBSITE: elrus.com

What Clients Value Most about ELRUS


After conducting hundreds of detailed customer experience interviews, we learn a lot about what people like and dislike about a company.

Our role is to conduct detailed interviews with ELRUS clients at every stage of their experience. The primary objective of this research is to help ELRUS enable their customers to maximize production and minimize downtime.

This review offers an unbiased summary of what customers share with us. Use the menu to navigate through the different categories of interest.

Experience Factors

ELRUS Aggregate Systems Overview

Over the past ten years, Client Insight conducted more than 1,500 interviews with ELRUS’ customers. We repeatedly hear how pleased they are about ELRUS’ thorough and customer centric approach. Customers feel they can rely on ELRUS to consult on equipment purchases, provide training, supply parts and mechanical services. We frequently hear that ELRUS helps their customers reduce downtime and increase their aggregate production. ELRUS offers a complete aggregate crushing solution for aggregate and mining companies.

Here are examples of what customer share:

I recommend ELRUS because they do good work, and they know their stuff. They have experience with Sandvik cones, and they know what to look for. We had a problem, and we didn’t realize how big it was until ELRUS came to site. They were excellent, they educated us and took care of the problem.
Bill K, William Krieger, Parry Sound, ON

We buy 90% of our equipment from ELRUS Aggregate Systems. I value their customer service and recommend them because they provide an overall equipment, parts and service package.
JP Z, Federal White Cement Ltd, Woodstock, ON

I am really happy with ELRUS Aggregate Systems, and I recommend them to anyone. We have a lot of screening and crushing plants, so we need a supplier who is quick, thorough, and efficient. I call them for Parts, and they react. They know what they are doing, and I have never had a bad experience.
Dave S, Waterford Crushing & Screening, Waterford, ON

ELRUS provides great customer service. If I need parts at 2:00 am, Cody will answer the phone and find what I need. He will start driving the parts to me, so I can meet him halfway. I recommend ELRUS because of their customer service and their equipment works really well.
Oliver S, Peak Sand and Gravel Inc, Sandpoint, ID

I recommend them because we can rely on someone to step up and take care of things. I can count on ELRUS to resolve our operational issues.
Mike D, Inland Aggregates, Calgary, AB

Their overall customer service is excellent. They worked with us and built what we needed to increase our production. We are very satisfied.
Chad M, JMB Crushing Systems, Bonnyville, AB

Equip Sales

Equipment Sales

Customers routinely talk about their positive experience of purchasing aggregate equipment from ELRUS. Some of the things customers share about ELRUS include:

  • They listen, educate, provide guidance, and collaborate with us to design the equipment we need.
  • They explain the options, analyze our needs, and help us build a business case.
  • They have equipment ready to go if we need it on short notice.
  • They are solutions driven, they focus on our needs and treat our concerns with urgency and care.
  • They provide the information we need in a timely manner while keeping my best interests in mind.

Marc explained the equipment options and helped analyze our needs. He then helped us build a business case to support our purchase process. It was a big help. ELRUS had the equipment in stock, and they provide good follow up and training. Andrew R, R.W. Tomlinson Limited, Ottawa, ON

What I value the most from ELRUS is the collaboration on the design process. Travis is knowledgeable, he provides guidance and answers my questions. I recommend ELRUS because of the excellent support and it was a good experience. Chad B, Wayfinder Sand Products Ltd, Calgary, AB

Ron listens and builds equipment based on what we need versus what he thinks we want. We started working with ELRUS in 2005 as their equipment is good quality. Dave D, McPhee Construction Edson, AB

We are happy with their equipment and the way Marc educated us on the options. We now have a solution that is safe, comfortable, and more functional for crushing. Marc gave us an estimate of how long it would take to build the equipment and then he kept us updated.
Dustin H, H & H Construction Inc, Petawawa, ON

I value that ELRUS has inventory of portable plants in Cambridge, ready to go. We get unexpected new projects, and need new equipment, now. Their inventory gives ELRUS the advantage. ELRUS staff are knowledgeable and are quick to respond to help us with parts and repairs.
Chris S, Dufferin Aggregates / CRH Canada

I recommend ELRUS because they treated my issues with urgency and care. Ron made everything happen and got me the equipment I needed, quickly. What I value the most about ELRUS is their commitment to satisfy my needs as a customer. They went above and beyond.
Rick L, Coeur Silvertip Holdings Ltd. Silvertip, BC

I recommend ELRUS because their salesman is solution driven versus peddling equipment. He is very knowledgeable whereas some salesmen are just trying to make a sale. That was not my experience with ELRUS.
Dave G, Hawaiian Cement Aiea, HI

We have a short season, so time is of the essence. Marc responded to me in a timely manner with helpful information. I recommend ELRUS because of their customer service. Marc has the customer’s best interest in mind.
Darrell M, H & H Enterprises Limited, Wabush, NL

Setup & Comm

Setup and Commissioning

We hear the excitement from customers when their new equipment is commissioned and optimized. Customers say that new equipment often requires training, so ELRUS staff come on site to provide it. Customers say ELRUS will stay on site until we understand how to use, adjust and optimize production. There are no secrets that a Tech will not explain. ELRUS Techs provide their cell numbers, so if questions arise, they can troubleshoot and provide guidance. We also hear that ELRUS’ Crushing and Screening schools provide a deeper level of knowledge and understanding.  Here are some stories customers shared:

During commissioning, the ELRUS Techs spent enough time training us so that we felt comfortable with the equipment. It is easy to adjust and check things. The Techs also gave us their cell numbers, so we can call them anytime. So far, we have had a 10% improvement in production. ELRUS is always there, and they stand behind their product. Leonard C, Iron North LP, Split Lake, MB

I recommend ELRUS because they believe in training. They are good with explaining and staying with us until we understood the machine. Often Salesmen sell you something and you never see them again. These guys are here, they come often, they explain things to us and make sure we understand. I tell other guys about ELRUS, and I say, “You’re crazy not to buy from ELRUS” because of the level of service. David F, Godbey Red-E-Mix Concrete, Brewster, WA

I think what I value the most is the relationship. ELRUS site service has been solving problems for us. It is not too often that they don’t have a solution. With new equipment, we got the support we needed from ELRUS to optimize production. Chris F, Dufferin Aggregates – CRH, Aberfoyle, ON

We have been dealing with ELRUS for years on parts purchases. I needed a new spread, so I talked to people who had both ELRUS and their competitor’s equipment, and they said that ELRUS is better because of the mechanical service, parts availability and because they have staff in Alberta. I decided cheaper is not better. I wanted to spend more money in order to get more productivity and fewer headaches. Brent also came for commissioning, and he provided a lot of training, advice, and instruction. Carl R, ACE Enterprises Ltd, Yellowknife, NT

I am comparing ELRUS with their competition and the difference is that ELRUS staff have experience. Their people came out to teach us how to use the equipment and educate us on how to problem solve. They answer their phones and will talk us through issues. Everyone who sees our ELRUS plant is amazed and sees that we are hitting it out of the ballpark.
Lane B, Premier LLC, Emmett, ID USA

The ELRUS staff have a good knowledge level of the crushing industry. I went to their Screening School, and it was helpful. ELRUS has a pretty good group of guys. Kerry M, Woodbrook Aggregates Ltd, Deroche, BC

ELRUS has equipment that works wonderfully. They retrofitted it for our application and then trained our staff to use it effectively. We had a great experience with ELRUS. Tyson M, Paytori Group, Kitimat, BC



The story we hear most frequently from customers is that ELRUS equipment is functional, durable, reliable, and well designed. It’s a quality story that includes the equipment being designed for ease of use and serviceability. We hear examples where customers have equipment in service for more than 25 years. Its common to hear that when equipment is replaced with ELRUS gear, production increases by 10% to 20% and more. Read a few customer stories:

I have recommended ELRUS countless times because of their parts service and the quality of their equipment. It is functional, durable, and built it to be serviced. It is much different than the tracked equipment that is coming into the province. Russ Y, Pine River Holdings Ltd. Chetwyn, BC

What I value the most from ELRUS is the quality of the equipment. It is sturdy, reliable, and well designed.
Brian W, Wood’s Crushing and Hauling Inc, Sandpoint, ID

I recommend ELRUS based on my 30 to 40 years of dealing with them. I have always been satisfied with their parts and mechanical service. They build reliable equipment, and their people are service oriented.
Lloyd G, Butler Concrete & Aggregate Ltd, Duncan, BC

We have been purchasing from ELRUS since the 1980’s. ELRUS builds good strong equipment. We have equipment that is 25 years old and still running 24 hours a day. It is durable and we have no need to replace it. ELRUS is a very good brand.
Dennis C, Gravier Collet Gravel Inc, Notre Dame De Lourdes, MB

ELRUS has really good control vans and we love the towerless vans for our wash plants. They are roomy and have better soundproofing. The fact that ELRUS provides Eatons switchgear is significant. It is top of the line gear and shows that ELRUS doesn’t cut corners. Their customer service has been great and anytime we need something, Curt is available and ready to help.
Tim R, Oldcastle SW Group, Bayfield, CO

I chose ELRUS because they make durable equipment and their parts availability is good. When I first looked at their equipment, I realized it was built for what I needed. We needed a few custom modifications and ELRUS was good about accommodating that. Our interactions with them have been great.
Wayne A, LTL Contracting Ltd, Shuniah, ON

ELRUS Aggregate Systems focuses on product quality and every piece of ELRUS equipment that I have is top of the line. It is user friendly and runs well. The equipment has to be strong because we are breaking rocks. For the spread to work, every piece has to work, so parts availability is very important. ELRUS has been good about keeping parts in stock and if they don’t have them, they will get them quickly. Brett D, 1400684 AB Ltd, Ponoka, AB

Parts Availability

Parts Availability

Customers consistently tell us that if their aggregate equipment fails, getting the parts and equipment up and running quickly is the highest priority. What they appreciate about ELRUS is they stock the required parts and consumables they need. And they appreciate the lengths that ELRUS staff go to expedite parts delivery to get them up and running quickly. Other comments customers share about Parts Staff include they:

  • Understand our short seasonal business and the need to reduce downtime.
  • Have expertise and experience to know what is needed and make recommendations.
  • Are available 24 x 7, answer calls promptly, clarify needs and expedite delivery.
  • Are good people to deal with and show care and respect for their customers.

The ELRUS staff are there to help and are legitimately good people. I value their customer service and the parts availability. Overall, my ELRUS experience is fantastic from Calgary to Cambridge.
Joe P, AGS Aggregate Services Inc, Kitchener, ON

Everyone knows ELRUS is the ‘big dog’ in the crushing industry. I am not a big player, but I was surprised at the level of care and respect that I have received from everyone at ELRUS. They value all their customers.
Chris F, Friesen Hauling Ltd, Steinbach, MB

ELRUS has been in the aggregate business for a long time. Their main focus is customer service as opposed to turning a profit. I like that I can actually expect to talk with a person when I call for parts. That is not guaranteed these days.
Vince F, Lafarge Canada, Fonthill Pit, ON

ELRUS has a vast knowledge of the aggregate business. Their parts and customer service are very good. We get what we need, when we need it, and the equipment is Canadian built. They are solutions oriented and remind us of parts we will likely need. Darrin V, Diamond Ready Mix Ltd, Steinbach, MB

I was surprised to reach someone on a Sunday. I called Troy, he found the parts I needed and called me back within an hour. I had them faster than I expected. I value the customer service, the prompt response, and the ability to reduce my downtime. Russel L, Bob’s Welding, Inuvik, NWT

I recommend ELRUS because their service level stands out in the crushing industry. It’s the ease of connection. I can phone or text them and they will send parts right away. Terry, Ramsay and Mark know what I am talking about and know what I need. Nelson A, Nels Ostero Ltd, Taylor, BC

I purchase from ELRUS because of their service and timeliness. When my equipment is down, I need parts as quick as possible and ELRUS steps in. I also appreciate that ELRUS is competitively priced. ELRUS comes by to help, and I appreciate their attitude. John M, Alderbrook Quarry Inc, Chehalis, WA

Mechanical Service

Mechanical Service

Customers appreciate that ELRUS’ Service Techs will troubleshoot over the phone. Troubleshooting calls occur during normal business hours, on the weekend, a weeknight or in the wee hours of the morning. ELRUS Techs work with customers to reduce downtime and promptly schedule site visits if necessary. Customers routinely comment about ELRUS Tech’s superior knowledge, expertise, willingness to help, ability to fix their equipment and offer training.

When I call Drew or Ryan, they tell me what to check. The issues are often resolved over the phone. If not, they come to site as soon as they can. In this business, every hour of downtime costs a lot. My experience is that ELRUS helps as quickly as they can. Dale I, Flesherton Concrete, Flesherton, ON

The ELRUS staff are very knowledgeable. They are able to describe things, provide direction and help me solve problems over the phone. I am new in this role, so their education and guidance are very helpful.
Al G, Lafarge Canada Inc, Calgary, AB

We purchase parts from ELRUS because of their professionalism and they know what they are talking about. I value their friendship and being able to call them for advice or to troubleshoot a problem. They always answer and I like that.
Jim W, Cantex Okanagan Construction, Penticton, BC

ELRUS will work around my schedule. I have had breakdowns in the past where ELRUS pulled a Service Tech off a lower priority maintenance job to help me get back operating. I appreciate that kind of service. They also answer my questions when I have ‘after hours’ requests. They take care of me.
Brian J, Dufferin Aggregates – CRH, Paris Pit, Brant, ON

What I like is that ELRUS works around our schedule. They understand the seasonality of the crushing business. It takes a special kind of company to have Service Techs who come on site, repair our equipment, and teach our Operators in the process. They have incredible skill and patience.
Chris T, Tollestrup Construction, Lethbridge, AB

ELRUS has a great team. I have called Scott or Brent at all hours, and they are good about diagnosing problems. They keep a good inventory of parts, and they provide a strong level of onsite service and support. We had an issue with scrap steel in a 6800 cone a couple of years ago and they fixed it, so we were 100% satisfied. Ed H, Marnevic Construction, Fox Creek, AB

ELRUS gets us out of binds, and I could talk about tons of examples. We have breakdowns with cone crushers, telestackers, conveyors, slurry pumps, etc. We call, they come to site lickety split to provide mechanical service or parts to reduce our downtime. Joe P, APS Aggregate Services Inc, Kitchener, ON



We hear that ELRUS equipment is built to be more durable, resulting in less downtime. In addition, the spread components are designed for plug and play, are easy to move, and support multiple configurations. What people appreciate about ELRUS is everything they do reduces downtime from 24×7 support and troubleshooting to parts availability and onsite mechanical service.

We are screening 1,000 metric tons per hour with their equipment. It is truly impressive. We worked together with ELRUS to get our screening issues resolved. We no longer have to work 20-hour days or weekends. It has given me my life back. It has improved our operational efficiency immensely and we are saving a lot of fuel. Matt K, Waterford Crushing & Screening, Waterford, ON

The ELRUS cone does a nice job of crushing, and we get a better-quality crush. It performs better than I expected and crushes faster. I save a lot of time adjusting the Sandvik cone as it can be done on the fly. It has improved productivity by between 10 – 18% and that all goes to the bottom line. I can ask ELRUS a question and get an honest answer.
Chris H, United Concrete and Gravel, Quesnal, BC

Since we got the new jaw operating, our production has increased by 75%. Their service reduces my down time significantly. If you are not producing, you are screwed. ELRUS has helped us maintain our cone. We used to change our steel screens 3 times per week and now, we haven’t changed the rubber screens in 2 months. James continues to help us increase the efficiency on our plant.
Chris M, New Gold Inc, Rainy River, ON

The equipment we purchased from ELRUS last year has made a huge difference to our operation. We produce more product in less time, and it has gone directly to the bottom line. Carl R, Ace Enterprises Ltd, Yellowknife, NT

I recommend ELRUS because of the quality and strength of the equipment. We operate in tough conditions and the equipment works well. It is my second ELRUS feeder and it has improved our productivity.
Ivan A, Cobre Del Mayo S.A, Alamos, Sonora, Mexico

This new screen box is fantastic. It has improved things quite a bit. We are gaining 2 hours of production on a 10-hour day. ELRUS provides good service. Marc said it would be ready on a certain date and it was. Then he said they would deliver it on a certain date, and they did. Their price was great.
Allan N, Campbell’s Bay Ciment, Campbell’s Bay, QC

Their overall customer service is excellent. They worked with us and built the equipment we needed to increase our production. We are very satisfied.
Chad M, JMB Crushing Systems ULC, Bonnyville, AB

Cust Care

Customer Care

We repeatedly hear that ELRUS staff are good people who want to help. They treat their customers with care and respect. People comment about staff going the extra mile to reduce downtime while building good relationships. They also appreciate the humor and how they keep things light.

I will deal with the ELRUS Parts Guys forever. When it comes to getting parts, Troy and Jason have been excellent. They are honest and if something will take time, that is all I need to know. ELRUS has been more than good. Their parts and site service are excellent. Duane M, Duane Saunders Co. Ltd, Sundre, AB

I value the people at ELRUS. They are accessible and I can call them for help. ELRUS staff are ‘Johnny on the spot’ when it comes to answering questions on parts or providing technical advice. Michael S, Cadman Inc, Battleground, WA

ELRUS stands on their heads to look after our company. It has been a long relationship. Darren is good and will let me know of liner shortages in advance. We have good communication and that speaks to our partnership.
Wayne W, Stony Valley Contracting, Fort McMurray, AB

I recommend ELRUS because of the customer service. I value their accessibility. I can call them anytime and they will answer. What I like is the relationship and service. Lance is always accessible and willing to help.
Odette P, Dufferin Aggregates – CRH, Flamboro Quarry, ON

I would say their service is the best out of all the competitors. With site service and after-hours parts support, ELRUS gets back to you right away. We have a 5 – 10% productivity improvement with our Sandvik cone.
Brody C, Grimshaw Gravel Sales, Grimshaw, AB

Paul in the Mission Branch is good about parts and will expedite something if we need it. ELRUS will go the extra mile for us to keep us happy as downtime is a real killer. Barry M, Chapman Sand & Gravel, Armstrong, BC

The ELRUS staff are knowledgeable, and I enjoy working with them. Ramsay is ‘on the ball’ and Matt is helpful. Alana H, Rowe’s Construction, Hay River, NT


We repeatedly hear that ELRUS Aggregate Systems, and their staff demonstrate professionalism in doing business. Professionalism is a subjective term, but this is what we hear from customers:

  • No hesitation, the ELRUS guys will help … and they are upfront on parts delivery timing.
  • They are available; they never shy away from questions; they will find the answers …
  • They listen and will tell you if they don’t think something will work.
  • There is no drama, they get the work done.
  • They have good employees … they never ‘bad talk’ the competition.
  • They are helpful and I am treated well by their staff.

I have worked with ELRUS for many years. If I ever need anything, there is no hesitation – the ELRUS guys help. They are also honest. If something will take 2 weeks to get, they will tell me. Ben K, Dufferin Aggregates – CRH, Mosport, ON

The ELRUS guys are available, professional, and helpful. They do not shy away from questions and overall, I get treated very well by their Winnipeg staff. I appreciate their level of customer service.
Ron F, Sigfusson Northern, Lundar, MB

I recommend ELRUS because they are good guys. They listen and are professional. ELRUS is very detailed with their quotes, you know exactly what you are getting. We love the jaw plant. It’s been working great for us.
Warren D, Steep Rock Ltd, Medicine Hat, AB

It was a weekend when I started the process and made the call to ELRUS. Their Equipment Sales Rep answered the phone, even though he was on vacation. The overall purchase experience was very professional. They were great to work with.
Jennie W, Lazy Mountain Enterprises, Palmer, AK

I think that if it is ELRUS built or Sandvik built, it will be dependable. ELRUS is a group of people who are professional and willing to listen. If they hear something that they don’t think will work, they will tell you. They are also willing to make slight modifications to the equipment, which is helpful. It is the ‘mom and pop’ feel that I get with ELRUS that I value the most. You can sit down and do business and then have a meal together and a friendly conversation.
Brad S, Kilgore Companies, Salt Lake City, UT

There is no drama in dealing with ELRUS, they get the work done. I also know the service guys and I recommend them because they are on the ball. They get the job done and they are fair to deal with. We have a long-term relationship.
Denis C, Gravier Collet Gravel Inc. Notre Dame de Lourdes, MB

I recommend ELRUS because they are strong in all areas they service. They offer a depth of service that their competition cannot match. Their culture and values help to attract and retain good employees. Our Sales Rep puts a lot of work into his quotes. If he doesn’t get the deal, he is still professional about it. He never ‘bad talks’ the competition and I really appreciate that.
Rick K, Kode Contracting Ltd, Prince George, BC

I chose ELRUS because of their expertise, our relationship and we get along. We have good communication, and they are very professional. They take pride in their work, they take care of the details, they are hard workers and safe.
Julius B, Lafarge Canada Inc, Winnipeg, MB

I recommend ELRUS because of their professionalism. They have smart knowledgeable people; they know about crushing and about their equipment. Most of the crushing equipment comes with electronic monitors, so knowledgeable people are important. They show us how to calibrate the equipment and what settings to use. Will M, Hawaiian Cement Aiea, HI

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NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 90%

Murray L, Inland Aggregates, Edmonton, AB - Dec 17, 2021

I recommend ELRUS because of the good relationship I have with their staff. I know the jobs they can do. I know that both Scott and Brent have our best interests in mind. I work with a number of their guys fairly closely to make sure we have the parts we need here. It is working well.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 97%

Rob H, Burnco Rock Products, Calgary, AB - Dec 15, 2021

ELRUS does a really good job and I am pleased with their work. The price is always exactly what Scott quotes me before he does the work. I recommend them because they are easy to get a hold of, easy to get along with and they do a good job at a decent price. ELRUS is achieving everything that I want done.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 95%

Troy M, Inland Aggregates, Calgary, AB - Dec 15, 2021

ELRUS is one of our ‘go to’ suppliers for service work. ELRUS delivers when it comes to service work, so they are at the top of my list. They get back to us fairly quickly. We have waited on a few things, but some of that is chalked up to COVID and guys working from home. For the most part, ELRUS gets back to us in reasonable timelines.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 83%

Shawn R, Inland Aggregates, Edmonton, AB - Dec 7, 2021

I would recommend ELRUS because they sell good products and they stand behind their work. ELRUS techs are good guys and they are generally quite competent. I think if the techs had more specialized training on the stackers they would be able to get it right the first time more often. ELRUS also has good parts availability and supported their customers at a time when many suppliers are reducing the parts inventory.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 93%

Lyle W, Venture Construction, Martensville, SK - Dec 6, 2021

We have had good success with ELRUS equipment. We are currently getting 25- 30% improved production with the new sreen plant and the cone plant. Their original explanation could have been better on screen changes. Overall, ELRUS has been very good to us and they are on the ball with parts.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 79%

Lloyd G, Butler Concrete & Aggregate, Saanichton, BC - Dec 3, 2021

The new jaw plant has reduced my downtime. I have had volume increases of +15% because I have less daily maintenance. I would recommend EL RUS because of their equipment. It feels like they need to up their game on personnel and presence.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 100%

Bryan J, Lafarge Canada, Cambridge, ON - Nov 25, 2021

ELRUS is one of the better companies. Whether it is crushers, pumps or parts, they have it in stock. I recommend ELRUS because their staff are all very professional. They are always approachable and will always provide help. I have never had a bad experience with them. I like that ELRUS is close by and that they have a good supply of parts in inventory. Sometimes we run out and ELRUS most often has what we need.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 100%

ELRUS Customer, Winnipeg Branch - Nov 25, 2021

Customer preferred not to have their comments shared online.

NPS Rating: Passive

Insight Score: 25%

Blaine W, 2073702 Alberta Ltd, Calgary, AB - Nov 26, 2021

We are reasonably happy. The McLanahan equipment is really good equipment. It has worked well for us and I would definitely recommend the equipment. We just haven’t had good support from ELRUS. When I called ELRUS for support, I talked to their staff in Leduc but that took too long. The related invoicing from ELRUS is slow. The parts come in a reasonable time period. I want to understand ELRUS’ process. I want faster, detailed invoices and better communication.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 77%

Drew P, Thornton Sand & Gravel, Woodstock, ON - Nov 19, 2021

ELRUS normally shows up and do what they need to do. ELRUS staff have a good knowledge of the equipment and seem to care, so that is positive. I think the timeliness could have been better. It would have been good if they finished the work sooner.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 100%

John C, Dufferin Aggreg Div of CRH Canada, Aberfoyle, ON - Nov 19, 2021

It is good business working with ELRUS, they are readily available and that makes it easy for us. I have talked to ELRUS late in the evening, early in the morning and on weekends. They are easy to reach. Their staff are knowledgeable and they are not afraid to speak up if they notice an issue. ELRUS staff step up and are good at trouble shooting and identifying issues. I have had nothing but good support from them.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 90%

Ron F, Sigfusson Northern, Lundar, MB - Nov 3, 2021

The ELRUS service staff show up when they say they will. Their product warranty has also been good in the past. I recommend ELRUS because the quality of equipment, the service, the mechanics and the parts availability. If they rented more equipment, that would be great. Winnipeg doesn’t have much storage space, so they have little equipment inventory.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 100%

Earl M, Earl Marshall Trucking Ltd., Erskine, AB - Nov 1, 2021

I like the quality of the ELRUS people. They also innovates and updates their designs. I am 100% satisfied, the site service work was done well. The other thing is that ELRUS equipment holds its value better than the competition. ELRUS will also stock parts; no one wants to do that anymore, but ELRUS does. I cannot say enough about ELRUS.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 88%

Stirling F, Norway House Cree Nation, Norway House, MB - Nov 1, 2021

I recommend ELRUS because of they provide good service and I can get a hold of them. They have been good to deal with so far. We noticed the pricing at ELRUS is higher. If we go elsewhere for bearings, we can get cheaper prices. Other than that, there are no problems.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 100%

Cole S, Birds Hill Gravel & Stone, East St Paul, MB - Oct 27, 2021

I call Thor at ELRUS with a problem and he walks me through the issue on the phone. If we cannot figure it out, then he will usually be here in less than an hour. If he doesn’t know the answer to the problem, he will find out the answer and get back to us. I definitely recommend them for mechanical service work. Thor’s knowledge and ability to guide us is what I value. James’ response times on parts is valuable as well.


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