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ELRUS Inc. has retained Client Insight Inc., a Calgary based research firm, to interview their customers and inquire about the customer experience.

The goal is to listen to customers and hear their stories: what went well, what was valued, and what could improve. Speaking to a third party encourages thorough and honest feedback and elicits a deeper understanding of the customer experience. The process allows a large cross section of ELRUS’ customers to express their views and have their experiences heard.

ELRUS uses the feedback to improve their processes and tweak all aspects of their service and product offering. The customer feedback supports ELRUS in helping their customers maximize uptime and production.

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★★★★★     Gerard P | Hillstone Aggregates | Cochrane, AB | Aug 2021

I have been in this business for over 40 years. ELRUS has been around for at least 45 years. ELRUS is the best place in Calgary to get machining/mechanical service for aggregate crushers. I value their service, knowledge and know how. There are not many options when you are looking for people who actually know how to fix crushers.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Armstrong, BC | Aug 2021

ELRUS does a pretty good job and they have a good team of Parts and Service Techs. I would say that ELRUS is definitely up there in terms of quality. If they don’t have something, they can get it in a day or two. I value their people the most.

★★★★★     Adam S | Mcnally Contractors | Lethbridge, AB | Aug 2021

ELRUS has a good selection of inventory. I value the quality of bearings that ELRUS provides. I would definitely recommend ELRUS for bearings, as they are the best for pricing and availability. I have likely bought 10K of bearings from them already. Jason has said to me that they are not in a place where they can compete on screens.

★★★★☆     Rene Gilbert | Island Aggregates Ltd. | Nanaimo, BC | Aug 2021

I was buying screens from ELRUS and I thought we had something good happening. I would have one set in the screener and a spare set on the ground. But then they stopped stocking my screens. I called about cone liners but they didn’t get back to me. Mike got me a quote on new equipment; he is good. He is on the ball. He has come out and seen me as well.

★★★★★     Josh M | Sage Management Ltd. | Cardston, AB | Aug 2021

There are some parts that I can only buy from ELRUS, so those are the parts I typically buy. Their pricing is a bit high. Another reason we don’t buy as many parts from ELRUS is because they don’t build our equipment. I have my equipment custom build, so I know where all the parts come from.

★★★★★     Brody M | Brocor Construction Ltd | Dawson Creek, BC | Aug 2021

The last time I called Mark, he got me the parts I needed and he was the only supplier who had them. ELRUS had them in Edmonton and also happened to have a good price. For equipment, I have limited experience and knowledge of their brand. If someone is having difficulty finding parts, I would definitely say “try ELRUS.”

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Calgary, AB | Aug 2021

ELRUS is very fair on parts pricing. I like doing business with Jason. I can talk to him about anything and if there is an issue on price, he is open to looking to see what he can do.

★★★★★     Gord D | Fowler Construction | Bracebridge, ON | Aug 2021

Because ELRUS does an excellent job on parts. ELRUS treats customers well and does a good job of helping customers get what they need. I value their customer service I also like ELRUS’s practice of having new equipment inventory in their yard. The ELRUS staff do a great job. They work with us on inventory. I would say that they go out of their way to help. They do what they can to make it easy to work with them.

★★★★★     Nelson O | Nels Ostero Limited | Taylor, BC | Aug 2021

I just recently needed a new bearing for our screen deck. ELRUS had it and packed it up and shipped it the next day. It worked really well. Everyone at ELRUS has a really good knowledge. If there is a problem or if I need parts, they know what I am talking about. I don’t even have to give parts numbers. Another reason is availability. ELRUS is well stocked and to some degree, that is 98% of battle.

★★★★★     Dan R | Car-Ouells, Div Robertson Group | St Paul, AB | Aug 2021

I would recommend ELRUS because they carry good products. Both their parts and equipment are good. It has all been good with ELRUS for the years we have been working with them.

★★★★★     Garth Anderson | D. Ray Construction Ltd | Beaverlodge, AB | Aug 2021

ELRUS is competitive on their pricing. I have referred people to ELRUS many times. After being in the industry for 40 years, I have a lot of people ask for direction. I am happy with ELRUS and am fine to tell people that. ELRUS has good parts and have a good group of people. But, ELRUS is located on the wrong end of Edmonton from us.

★★★★☆     Chris A | Hyjack Energy Services | Calgary, AB | Jul 2021

Our overall experience with ELRUS and their staff was fine. I would highly recommend ELRUS. I like the fact that they have been around for a lot of years, they are innovative and do things differently than others. The big mistake was getting the third party builder involved. My belief is it would be excellent if ELRUS had done all of it.

★★★★★     Bill K | William Krieger | Parry Sound, ON | Jul 2021

We have the gyratory crusher as well as the screen plant and that ups our production by 30% more. ELRUS Service Techs come out and fix your problems. With their competitor, everything is a secret. In contrast, the ELRUS staff will talk to you and tell you what they know. We are really pleased with the MS612 but there are a number of design tweaks required for Granite screening.

★★★★★     Jared K | Arro Crushing | Millbank, ON | Jul 2021

ELRUS’ staff do what they say they will do and they take care of you. We had some issues with the unit, they came out and took care of them, no questions asked. I feel that they went above and beyond. The equipment arrived a month early. That was a big win for ELRUS.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Bancroft, ON | Jul 2021


★★★★★     Leslie B | LJ’s Septic Services And Contractin | Fort McPherson, NT | Jul 2021

The staff at ELRUS are nice people to deal with. I have also toured their shop and they have everything you need if the equipment breaks down compared to other supplier’s shops. The equipment seemed nicer and better quality than other spreads that I looked at.

★★★★★     Willie D | Nova Construction Ltd. | Antigonish, NS | Jul 2021

The biggest reason I purchase from ELRUS is that Kurt and Kyle are friendly and helpful. They are easy to talk to and that actually makes a big difference. ELRUS has the quality parts we need. ELRUS typically has stock somewhere in their system but it is not always in Cambridge. The biggest issue with ELRUS parts is the Outbound Freight – it drives the costs of parts sky high. if they had a location down east, that would be helpful.

★★★★★     David C | Berah Gutone Tue Enterprises Ltd. | Colville Lake, NT | Jul 2021

We are satisfied with the overall purchase at this point. We have been under a lot of constraints with COVID. We received the equipment and it’s sitting on skids at the pit ready to go. We are waiting for the isolation requirements to lift so we don’t have to pay for a service tech to sit in Yellowknife for 8 days before they come.

★★☆☆☆     Paul C | Capital Concrete Inc. | East Helena, MT | Jul 2021

I think ELRUS is a capable company, they just need to apply themselves differently. I think a lot of my challenge was due to a sales staff change. The new salesperson is not nearly as experienced, as capable or competent as the previous one. The service after the sale has been poor.

★★★★★     Ricky D | Key-West Asphalt (333) Ltd | Surrey, BC | Jul 2021

I would recommend ELRUS because of the interaction and service I got from Barry and Mike. They realized there was a problem and they did something about it. The mechanical service at Mission needs to improve.

★★★★★     Brittany N | Macon Industries Inc | Parksville, BC | Jul 2021

We have been working with ELRUS for years. ELRUS’ name ends up on our machines. I would recommend them for their knowledge and quality products. The Mission office has been excellent.

★★★★★     Scott I | Blythe Dale Sand & Gravel | Embro, ON | Jul 2021

The purchase was very smooth. The equipment was delivered on time and the quality appears to be good. We purchased an ELRUS Control Van because the quality and design are better. As a smaller producer it appears to me that ELRUS worries about the big fish more than us smaller players.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Payson, UT | Jun 2021

Customer preferred not to have their comments shared online.

★★★★★     Bryon B | Kinross Round Mountain | Round Mountain, NV | Jun 2021

“ELRUS has been very good to work with. We had on a warranty issue with the screen deck and ELRUS was very good about it. They brought in another screen deck that we could use while the repair was being made. The way that ELRUS responded to the warranty claim was a big reason I would recommend them. The belts are a bit lite for our application. A different design for the hopper, surge bin and screen would have likely
worked better.”

★★★★★     Dennis | Gravier Collet Gravel Inc. | Notre Dame De Lourdes, MB | Jun 2021

We have been purchasing from ELRUS since the 1980’s. ELRUS builds good equipment. It is very strong – we have equipment that is 25 years old and still running 24 hours a day. It is durable and we have no need to replace it. ELRUS is a very good brand. With my latest purchase, the manufacturing screw ups should have been caught by their QC group before it left the plant in Ontario and fixed. They are already doing all they can do now.

★★★★★     Sean G | Basic Rock Products Ltd | Victoria, BC | Jun 2021

I recommend ELRUS because of a bit of history that I have with them. I knew Roland Russell and I liked the way he did business. Even though things change – I still have an underlying loyalty to ELRUS as they are a good company with good gear and good pricing. I go to them for unique and unusual products. I understand why they cannot always have parts available.

★★★★★     Boby M | Michel Miller Inc | Baie-Comeau, QC | Jun 2021

I would recommend ELRUS because of the quality of the machines, the designing capability, the quality of the service including the relationship we have with Marc. For example, we were working with a piece of equipment that needed more capacity. I spoke to Marc, and he was able to have his guys amp up the equipment to give us more output.

★★★★★     Abigail | City Of Portland, Oregon | Portland, OR | Jun 2021

ELRUS was the only company who could provide us with a crushing cabin. Once we decided to purchase it, Colin was good to work with. ELRUS could have a better web presence. They could provide a clearer understanding of options for a crushing cabin / tower.

★★☆☆☆     Mike G | Taggart Leasing Inc | Ottawa, ON | Jun 2021

ELRUS still makes good equipment and has good people. I have seen many applications where they have done an extremely good job. No one from ELRUS came to commission the equipment as we were just going into COVID as we were starting the equipment. ELRUS needs to show they are responsive and concerned about our production levels. They need to address the discharge belt damage from the produced rock.

Dillon F | R.W. Tomlinson Limited | Jun 2021

I used to limit the cone production to 85% but with this screen plant we can run at 100%, so it has upped production by 60 – 70 t/hour. Marc was great to deal with. He answered all my questions and is knowledgeable about any questions I had. He has no problem going into details and didn’t hold back from explaining things.

★★★★★     Ken W | Wood’s Crushing And Hauling Inc | Sandpoint, ID | Jun 2021

ELRUS builds good quality equipment. The production on my spread went up by 30 – 35%. I have had electrical issues on my spread and ELRUS came after hours to help solve them. I recommend ELRUS because of the reliability of their equipment, I have had great success with it. They got me new parts to fix the motor mounts but they continue to fail.

★★★★☆     Andrew R. | R.W. Tomlinson Limited | Sault Ste. Marie, ON | May 2021

ELRIS is flexible and they work with us. They let us lease equipment with 95% of the lease payment going towards the purchase. That makes our purchases easier. ELRUS also provides good follow up and training. ELRUS works with us on the plan and helps us with the business case. We need more training, more oversight and more validating that we are not conducting bad practices.

★★★★★     Drew P. | Thornton Sand & Gravel Ltd | Woodstock, ON | May 2021

They have been really attentive to anything that I have needed. Their parts and service have been good. So far it is a win-win.

★★★★★     Kevin M. | Dawson Civil Ltd | Kamloops, BC | May 2021

I have always had good service and support from ELRUS Aggregate Systems on parts. We buy screens and Sandvik parts from ELRUS Aggregate Systems. There is some equipment that ELRUS builds better.

★★★★☆     Anthony R & Keith G. | R.W. Tomlinson Limited | Bruce Mines, ON | May 2021

The ELRUS staff and Service Techs are good. If we have an emergency they come to site within 12 hours. They are thorough in their approach and will check the full system. If we are having trouble with a cone, they will check the other equipment as well and will come back the next day. The basket could be larger and adjusted to improve performance.

★★★★★     Matt K. | Waterford Crushing & Screening | May 2021

The screening plant is amazing and ELRUS’ customer service is great. It almost doubled our production. We had a day where we screened 7,000 metric tonnes in 10 hours. We used to work 24 hours per day with our powerscreen units and could only process 9,000 tonnes – roughly 375 t/h. Now we regularly do 6,000 tonnes in 9.5 hours which is 630 t/h. We have 15 of these MS612s and they have completely changed our business.

★★★★★     Rick B. | West Carleton Sand & Gravel | Carp, ON | May 2021

We had a breakdown and we needed something quickly. ELRUS had the screen plant in inventory and we were able to get it right away. It has worked well and got us out of a problem. I would recommend ELRUS because of their service and availability.

★★★★☆     Kyle B. | Inland Aggregates – Calgary | Calgary, AB | May 2021

The whole project went pretty smoothly and that was appreciated. I would recommend ELRUS but I would also include 2 other suppliers. ELRUS is right up there as far as operations is considered. One thing that went really well during the project was that we had daily update meetings with Matt and sometimes Kyle, who is really good. We have some safety issues. We also need to take some ownership for that as well.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Western Construction Of Lewiston | Lewiston, ID | May 2021

Client preferred not to have their comments shared online.

★★★★★     Wes E. | Ontario Custom Crushing | Wellesey, ON | May 2021

Compared to other suppliers ELRUS is honest, helpful and the staff are knowledgeable. It is their parts and service that I appreciate. They stock the right parts. In the end, we got what we wanted, but there was some miscommunication on the generator. I have called ELRUS for service and they are always quick to respond and send someone right away.

★★★★☆     Kevin M. | Baymag Inc | Exshaw, AB | May 2021

ELRUS has a very good design department from my experience. They have been willing to work with us and have created great designs. Their design department has the skill, we just need to get them more information. I need accurate budgeting and a smoother installation that addresses my needs.

★★★★★     Frank S. | City Of Calgary | Calgary – Spyhill, AB | May 2021

I would recommend ELRUS because they are helpful and they are knowledgeable when I need them. If I need a Service Tech (Millwright) they will send one. If I need parts, their parts guys Lloyd and Troy are really helpful and knowledgeable. They want to help.

★★★★★     Dominic D. | | Rouyn-Noranda, QC | May 2021

I have used the equipment before and it is well built. It is because of the quality. I think that ELRUS towers are top drawer. I have worked at 2 or 3 companies who have ELRUS towers. Their other equipment is good as well.

★★★★☆     Andrew R. | R.W. Tomlinson Limited | Sault Ste. Marie, ON | May 2021

ELRUS is flexible and they work with us. That makes our purchases easier. ELRUS also provides good follow up and training. ELRUS works with us on the plan and helps us with the business case. We need more training, more oversight and more validating that we are not making mistakes.

★★★★★     Drew P. | Thornton Sand & Gravel Ltd | Woodstock, ON | May 2021

ELRUS has been really attentive to anything that I have needed. Their parts and service have been good. So far it is a win-win.


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★★★★★     Rick K. | Kode Contracting Ltd. | Prince George, BC | Dec 2020

I think that ELRUS is in a class of their own. ELRUS is so different than other companies who are putting cones on chassis. ELRUS has had a lot of good people with them over the years. I have seen the evolution from Roland to Carolyn and now to more of a corporate structure. ELRUS has been so sound over the years. The ELRUS Control Van is doing the job, has stood up extremely well, no issues. As a client of ELRUS, we haven’t seen anything negative so far and I am pleased about that. The Salesmen have always been there for us, and they have been the right guys for the job.

★★★★★     Barry M. | Chapman Sand and Gravel Ltd | Armstrong, BC | Dec 2020

Paul in the Mission Branch is good about parts and will expedite something if we need it. ELRUS will go the extra mile for us to keep us happy as downtime is a real killer. The ELRUS control van has a good setup. We currently have the feeder and jaw behind the control van, so the rear window gives us a good panoramic view. Some towers that I have been in don’t have good windows in the back. In this one, the chair swivels, so it is easy to get a panoramic view.

★★★★★     Noel B. | Kode Contracting Ltd. | Prince George, BC | Dec 2020

I have never had a bad experience with ELRUS and they have treated us well. I think that 75% of our fleet is from ELRUS. We have 3 towers, one from ELRUS in 2010 and have 2 older Control Vans from their competitor. The tower needs to have good visibility, and the ELRUS one does. Some people want more space, but I prefer a smaller tower as it takes less space from the switch gear room. The issue that I have is that the larger tower takes real estate away from the Switch Gear room. The Switch Gear room space is key.

★★★★★     Leonard C. | Iron North LP | Split Lake, MB | Nov 2020

Darren was patient and explained things to me – there was a lot that I didn’t know. He was very good. Another thing is that the guys who came to help us break it in were excellent. I would give them a 10. The EL RUS service guys all gave me their cell numbers, so I can call them anytime. Previously, my guys were using equipment from 2 other companies. ELRUS equipment costs more but it is way better. The visibility is better and it is smoother. Before we were producing 4,000 tons in 11 hours with pit run. With the ELRUS equipment, we are producing up to 4479 tons in an 11 hour period. That is a 10% plus improvement (11.9%) and we haven’t been running the cone at full capacity. ELRUS is always there when you need them; they stand behind their product.

★★★★★     Tim R. | Oldcastle SW Group, Inc | Bayfield, CO | Nov 2020

ELRUS has really good control vans and we love them. From what we had before, these are great. Especially the two towerless control vans that we use for our wash plants. The control house is in the front and the switchgear / genset are in the back, they are roomy and have better soundproofing. The fact that ELRUS provides Eatons switchgear is significant. It is top of the line gear and that is really nice. ELRUS isn’t cutting corners on the switchgear and we value that. There is lots of space and room for storage in these vans. ELRUS customer service has been great. Anytime we need something, Curt is available and ready to help.

★★★★★     Nash B. | Premier Aggregates, LLC | Emmett, ID | Nov 2020

ELRUS has done a really good job with the control tower. In the tower, the button panel is convenient and you can easily see in all directions. Our previous spread with their competitor had an outdoor control panel. This is definitely 100% better. There are instances where we have struggled to fix things but for the most part, it is really good. I really like it and the tower is nicely set up. You have easy access to the breaker boxes, they are all labelled well and if you need to switch directions on a conveyor belt, it is easy to do so. That is convenient.

★★★★☆     Wayne W. | Stony Valley Contracting | Fort McMurray, AB | Nov 2020

I will say that ELRUS stands on their heads to look after our company. It has been a long relationship, but I say a 4 because there always has to be room for improvement. I was just talking to Darren O in Nisku the other day about any potential parts shortages. Darren is always really good about that and if there are any liner shortages, he will call in advance and tell me about them. We have good communication and that speaks to our partnership.

★★★★★     Dan C. | Chapman Sand & Gravel Ltd | Armstrong, BC | Nov 2020

Mike has a lot of knowledge of both sales and mechanics. He goes the extra mile, and he is well versed in the field and in specific equipment applications. I have dealt with Mike for a lot of years. He always stays in touch with me. I am very satisfied with the quality of the control van. ELRUS is a good company.

★★★★☆     Blake K. | Stony Valley Contracting | Fort McMurray, AB | Nov 2020

Pretty much all our gear is from ELRUS. ELRUS staff have always been good to me. They answer my calls and get us the parts we need. I would give ELRUS a 5 if the control van was insulated a bit better. The tower has mild steel walls with 1⁄2 foam and thin windows. The tower and van should all be insulated much better as a standard feature.

★★★★★     Matt P. | Peak Sand & Gravel Inc. | Sandpoint, ID | Oct 2020  

This ELRUS spread is easy to move from one location to another. It is fast to set up and take down and its capability is much greater than the track plants we have. I am happy with it so far. Everyone that I have connected with at ELRUS has done a really good job. I would say they do really well as an organization.

★★★★☆     Oliver S. | Peak Sand  & Gravel Inc. | Sandpoint, ID | Oct 2020

ELRUS provides really good customer service. If I need parts at 2:00 am, Cody will answer the phone and find what I need. He will start driving it to me, so I can meet him halfway. I would recommend ELRUS because of their customer service and their equipment works really well if you have it in the right application.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Colorado Springs Branch | Oct 2020


★★★★★     Rick M. | McIntosh Redi Mix Ltd. | Montmartre, SK | Sep 2020

We are totally satisfied with the two ELRUS towers, from 20 years ago and the one we purchased last year. It’s the quality of build and the quality of the electrical contractor. For example, the design on the ELRUS steps to get into the van is much better. The ELRUS design has come a long way and they are a long way ahead of the competition. The steps hinge and fold up. The others you lift manually and throw them in. ELRUS puts quite a bit into their design and they want to make changes to improve the quality.

★★★★★     Lane B. | Premier LLC | Emmett, ID | Sep 2020

I am comparing ELRUS with their competition. The difference is that ELRUS has people who know what they are doing, people who will answer the phone and talk us through problems. Their guys have come out a number of times to help us. They help us solve problems and teach us how to use the equipment. Everyone who sees our ELRUS plant raves and says we are hitting it out of the ball park.

★★★★★     Brett D. | 1400684 Alberta Ltd | Ponoka, AB | Sep 2020

Everything that I have from ELRUS is top of the line. The equipment is user friendly and runs well. The equipment has to be strong because we are breaking rocks. For the spread to work, every piece has to work, so parts availability is very important. ELRUS has been good about keeping parts in stock and if they don’t have them, they will get them quickly.

★★★★★     Lyle W. | Venture Construction Inc | Martensville, SK | Sep 2020

We bought a new Control Van last year – 2019. You are sitting up at the top and can see everything – you have it all. It is much better than an asphalt plant, as you are at the ground level. What I like is the size of the tower. The new towers are roomier and the visibility is much better. We had the 6 x 4 or whatever it was and it was so cramped. The new ones are nice and you have enough room for everything. You can put in a microwave or filing cabinets. My staff like it and there is room to sit and talk. 

★★★★★     Don P. | TBG Contracting Ltd. | Fort McMurray, AB | Sep 2020

We have 2 Control Vans from ELRUS, one from 2014 and one from 1997. We have a total of 8 or 9 vans: 5 on crushing spreads, 2 on screening plants for coke, 2 on wash plants. We have some vans with switch gear and towers only and a van with two GenSets in it. The biggest thing is that it meets OH&S compliance. I would give ELRUS  a 5/5 rating. 

★★★★★     Lee W. | Joe Kerr Limited | Wingham, ON | Sep 2020

ELRUS is great to deal with from a parts and service perspective, even to price out stuff. Their staff will get back to you. If they don’t know the answer, they will call back. They are not afraid to help out and look after you.

★★★★★     Ben K. | Dufferin Aggregates Div of CRH Canada | Mosport, ON | Sep 2020

I have worked with ELRUS for many years. If I ever need anything, there is no hesitation – the ELRUS guys will help. They are also honest. If something will take 2 weeks to get, they will tell me that. The tower is not as user friendly as we had hoped it would be. Accessing the desk is difficult as it is more of a Perch seat, than a Desk seat. Maybe the desk should be adjustable, so it can be lowered and raised and swung closer. The Pit boss chair is comfortable enough, but it needs to be adjustable.

★★★★★     Murray K. | Joe Kerr Limited | Wingham, ON | Sep 2020

We are satisfied with the quality of ELRUS equipment. We bought the first plant in 2006 and then a second plant in 2016. We like both plants and my staff have never complained. We have not had any issues with the equipment and it has been a good  experience.

★★★★★     Jeff B. | Barnes Electrical Service Tech. Inc | Payson, UT | Mar 2020

 ELRUS equipment has increased our operational productivity. We used to have customers supply vans with the towers in them. This has given us the opportunity to do more work and get a better margin. ELRUS does an excellent job for the application. They are nice units and it is a good place for a plant operator: it keeps him safe and gives him good visibility of what is happening.

★★★★★     Bill K. | William K. | Parry Sound, ON | Mar 2020

ELRUS was excellent. We didn’t realize how big a bind we were in. We had a problem and we were not aware of it. Drew was very thorough and we are happy. We had a computer issue and they had to wait for a chip to come in from California. The chip had been stolen off the cone before we bought it at an auction. I would recommend ELRUS because they do good work and they know their stuff. They have experience with these cones and they know what to look for.

★★★★★     Brian J. | Dufferin Aggregates Division of CRH  | Paris Pit Site | Mar 2020

 I am at the Paris Pit. I have had ELRUS on site to do service work in the past few months. ELRUS will work around my schedule. I have had breakdowns in the past where ELRUS pulled a Service Tech off another lower priority maintenance job to help me get back on line. I appreciate that kind of service. They will also answer my questions when I have ‘after hours’ requests. They take care of it, I wouldn’t deal with a ‘9 to 5’ company. ELRUS is committed to the business.

★★★★★     John M. | Alderbrook Quarry Inc. | Chehalis, WA | Mar 2020

I purchase from ELRUS at this point because of Colin’s service and timeliness. When our equipment is down, you need to get the parts as quick as possible. I also appreciate that ELRUS  has been competitively priced. What I like is that when I have an order, Colin reminds me of things that I need that I may not think about. Colin comes by to help and I appreciate that attitude.

★★★★★     Albert D. | Dukes Industries LLC | Seabeck, WA | Mar 2020

We have two excavators and I can go to ELRUS for bucket teeth. I can get them from ELRUS faster than I can get them from their competition and ELRUS sells them for less money. Plus Colin will drop them off if he is going up to Port Angeles. He has to go right by us when he does. We are really tickled with ELRUS. Even if we have a question, I can just call them up and ask. If we need pricing on something that we are looking at, we can just call and they will help. We will be needing a new jaw in 6 – 8 months, so we will be looking at ELRUS for that. They are a good bunch of guys to deal with.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Cambridge Branch | Mar 2020


★★★★★     Dave S. | Waterford Crushing & Screening | Waterford, ON | Mar 2020

I am really happy with ELRUS. I would recommend them to anyone as they are really good at what they do. We have a lot of screening plants and crushing plants, so we need a supplier that knows the equipment. They are good, quick and thorough with their work. I would say that ELRUS is very efficient. I call and they help me out. They are very patient. When they are on-site, it is even better. They know what they are doing and what to look for. I have never had a bad experience with ELRUS.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Saskatoon Branch | Mar 2020


★★★★★     Steven F. | Paul Flasha Contracting | Whitecourt, AB | Mar 2020

ELRUS builds the best crushing & screening equipment of any one I know. The equipment holds its value. It’s very functional, if you have any issues they make sure it’s right. ELRUS  is always willing to bring parts out to us or give us a discount when they can. They are getting 100% of our business. I appreciate Darren’s humor, they are all good guys to work with.

★★★★☆     Peter G. | Nelson Aggregate Co | Burlington, ON | Mar 2020

I think they have good people. We purchased a stacker from them and have had no issues. This is a fairly new relationship, I am hands on and at the ground level. They are tearing down and moving a portable plant that is not often moved. They are a knowledgeable group of people. Having said all that, I have enough confidence with the people who referred me to ELRUS and I know they have the skill and expertise to get the job done.

★★★★★     Liam C. | Goldburg Gravel Ltd. | Biggar, SK | Mar 2020

ELRUS gets back to me and returns my calls. They are always good to talk to. We need successful people to partner with us for things to really work. They obviously get the job done and there are always glitches that need to be straightened out. I would recommend them. 

★★★★★     Gerrod M. | Mainland Construction Materials ULC | Mission, BC | Mar 2020

ELRUS was here the other day, and what I told them was the main reason that I purchase from ELRUS is because of Mike Wikdahl. He is always available. There is no question that he shies away from. If he doesn’t know the answer, he will find the answer and get back to me. Mike does good service calls.

★★★★☆     ELRUS Customer | Cambridge Branch | Mar 2020


★★★★★     Dennis C. | Gravier Collet Gravel Inc. | Notre Dame de Lourdes, MB | Mar 2020

There is no drama in dealing with ELRUS, they get the work done. I also know the service guys. I would recommend them because they are on the ball, they get the job done and they are fair to deal with. We have also had a long term relationship with them.

★★★★★     Luke R. | King Hoe Excavating Ltd | Langley, BC | Mar 2020

ELRUS has all the tools on their truck. They know what they are doing and they fix the equipment safe and quick. They answer the phone when I call after hours.

★★★☆☆     ELRUS Customer | Mission Branch | Mar 2020


★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Winnipeg Branch | Mar 2020

We run two crushers almost 365 days a year. We just purchased a new Powervan from ELRUS. It should be here in a few weeks. I am completely satisfied with the overall experience. I would recommend ELRUS because everything is working well.

★★★★★       Harlyn M. | Mill Creek Sand & Gravel ( 1980) | Redwater, AB | Feb 2020

In our business, we have a lot of people and equipment working. It is my job to keep everything working and that sometimes means getting parts fast. I can depend on ELRUS to ‘get me out of a bind’ or have a part when I need it. They can also fix up our equipment and that is helpful. It helps make me look good.

★★★★★     Chad E. | Lehigh Hanson Materials Limited | Cambridge, ON | Feb 2020

Now that I know about ELRUS and experienced their service I want to limit our purchases to one supplier. If we do more business with ELRUS, it betters our relationship. I don’t like the relationship that we have with our current supplier, so I am moving our purchases to ELRUS. I would recommend them because Kurt has gone ‘above and beyond’ for us. I know some of our competitors and I am referring them to ELRUS as well. The quality of their rollers is good and they have seals that can survive our Canadian winters.

★★★★★     Matt K. | Waterford Crushing & Screening | Waterford, ON | Feb 2020

For me, I wouldn’t run anything else. I don’t think there is anything better than ELRUS HF screen plants. We have had a lot of trouble with the one Superior Radial stacker but Superior still makes the best conveyor out there. I would recommend them because I think the world of the ELRUS team. We have never had a problem getting them engaged in helping us. You cannot beat the customer service that Lance provides. He has been great to work with.

★★★★★     Joe P. | APS Aggregate Services Inc. | Kitchener, ON | Feb 2020

The ELRUS staff are legitimately good people. They are not there just to make a dollar, they are there to support. I value their Customer service and availability. The ELRUS guys are always willing to try to match pricing from another supplier. I feel that is an area they can increase their share of the business. Overall my experience is fantastic from Calgary to Cambridge, the ELRUS staff are great. Their product and service are excellent.

★★★★★       Brad C. | Richardson Bros. (Olds) Ltd. | Olds, AB | Feb 2020

I get good service from ELRUS. If I need something, they bring it to me. If they don’t have something, they get it for me. They have a bunch of good people. ELRUS provides good customer service and they get the parts that I need.

★★★★☆     ELRUS Customer | Cambridge Branch | Feb 2020


★★★★★       Jeremy W. | RROX Aggregates Ltd. | Sherwood Park, AB | Feb 2020

I value ELRUS pricing – I think they are trying to help us be as financial sound as we can be. Park Paving is our main company and we have 5 divisions within the organization. I have been trying to get some of our other divisions to use ELRUS more. They are a good group of down to earth guys. They understand their customer’s needs. They do their best to get good prices on the best equipment.

★★★★☆     Kerry M. | Woodbrook Aggregates Ltd. | Deroche, BC | Feb 2020

They are pretty knowledgeable about their area of expertise. I went to their Screening plant school and it seems like ELRUS has a pretty good group of guys.

★★★☆☆     ELRUS Customer | Mission Branch | Feb 2020


★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Calgary Branch | Feb 2020

I would recommend ELRUS because they do good work and they are a good bunch of guys. I will definitely use them again.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Leduc Branch | Feb 2020


★★★★★     Duane M. | Duane Saunders Co. Ltd | Sundre, AB |   Jan 2020

Their parts guys are great. I will deal with Troy and Jason forever. I have a concern about getting parts for the scales – will it take a long time to get them? But when I think about getting any other parts, Troy and Jason have been excellent. They are honest and if something will take time, that is all I need to know. ELRUS has been more than good. Their parts service and site service is excellent.

★★★★★     Dale F. | Gauthier Soils Ltd | Winnipeg, MB | Jan 2020

We now have bigger better equipment so we would expect higher production. ERUS equipment can be more money but is better quality and heavier duty.  ELRUS always gets the job done, their equipment is good and there is little down time.

★★★★★     Robert R. | Maple Leaf Construction Ltd | West St Paul, MB | Jan 2020

If someone asked me who to go to, I would recommend ELRUS as they treat us pretty well. It sometimes depends on what people are looking for too. They stock the parts. We mention a model # and they know what we need. The level of knowledge is good, with Allan and James specifically. I have a good relationship with Alain. We joke around a lot and have a bit of fun.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Leduc Branch | Jan 2020

ELRUS is our ‘go to shop’ for repairs, it has been good. We had some significant cone repairs this past year. We have noticed that ELRUS makes an effort to get our equipment in and get it fixed. For us, that goes a long way and we feel that they are helping us with it. I will brag ELRUS up as they made the time to get our non-ELRUS equipment repaired. Their Estimators have been 100%. When we have gotten repairs done by ELRUS the final cost has typically been the same or less than what we were originally quoted.

★★★★☆     Carman F. | Carman Construction Inc. | Kenora, ON | Jan 2020

The operational productivity using ELRUS equipment is the same, very functional. If the equipment is available when we need it, I would repurchase from ELRUS. The warranty issue is not fully resolved. I think that some adjustment is required but we haven’t finished that discussion. We had their Crushing man, Drew, up here for 5 days and he just left earlier this week.

★★★☆☆     ELRUS Customer | Leduc Branch | Jan 2020


★★★★★     Clayton L. | Pioneer Construction Ltd. | Cooper Cliff, ON | Jan 2020

I like dealing with Jeff and ELRUS is a great company. I have recommended ELRUS and am very likely to continue. I really like ELRUS equipment. I have never purchased as much product from ELRUS as I have since Jeff has been in this area. 


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★★★★★     Odette P. | Dufferin Aggregates – Flamboro | Concord, ON | Dec 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because of the customer service. Previously, I was only purchasing parts for our cone crusher, now Lance and Kurt are available to me and offering us very good service. The service has been great. I value that they are very accessible so I can call them at any time and they will always answer the phone. What I like is the relationship and service that Lance is providing. He is very accessible and he is always willing to help.

★★★★★     Rheece M. | Rick Martin Trucking | Calgary, AB | Dec 2019

I contact Jason quite a bit. He is usually available and if he is not, he returns my call right away. He comes here if I need him and otherwise, he is usually out about once a week. Sometimes he brings me the parts that I have ordered. If there are new products, he tells me about them. He also looks at my setup and provides advice. ELRUS has what I need and Jason has good ideas.

★★★★★     Rob M. | Mitchell Sand & Gravel LLC | Winchester, NH | Dec 2019

I think ELRUS did a very good job and I am very happy with what they did. I would absolutely recommend them because they know what they are doing.

★★★★☆     Rick K. | Kode Contracting Ltd. | Prince George, BC | Dec 2019

From a parts supply perspective compared to their competitors, ELRUS is a 9 out of 10. They are definitely doing better than many competitors. I would recommend ELRUS because they are still very strong in all the areas they offer service. Their competition does not have the depth that ELRUS has. I mean they have a strong culture and values and that attracts good employees and helps to retain good employees. A good example, if Mike puts a lot of work into an Equipment quote but doesn’t get the deal, he is still very professional about it. He never ‘bad talks’ the competition and I really notice that and appreciate that. I think the price differential on their large components such as brass bushings needs to be worked on.

★★★★★     Ed H. | Marnevic Construction | Fox Creek, AB | Dec 2019

 All the guys at ELRUS are good. I have called Scott, or Brent or George at all hours. They are good about helping to diagnose problems. They keep a good inventory of parts, they are great with service and support, they are just a great team. If we have any concerns, they will take care of it. We had an issue with a 6800 cone a couple of years ago. We got a big piece of steel into our cone and we cracked the flange. No one knew what had happened. When we got it back to them, they took care of it for us and we were 100% satisfied. I say that only to underline their commitment to work with their customers. Their service is good and it is rare that a mistake would be made. They stand by their word and take care of things.

★★★★★     Ron F. | Sigfusson Northern | Lundar, MB | Dec 2019

The ELRUS guys are very professional and very helpful. I get treated very well by James and Alan and the other guys in Winnipeg. They go the extra mile for us. We operate 24×7 and unfortunately, our equipment doesn’t break down between 8 to 5 on Monday to Friday. Things conspire to break down at 5:00 pm on Friday or at 8:00 pm on Saturday. Actually, I am not convinced that Thor doesn’t sleep by his phone. He is always available. I have called him at 3:00 am and he will answer his phone. James will pick up parts and deliver them to Perimeter Air or our own hanger if we need the parts there. That is not a problem for James and we really appreciate that.

★★★☆☆     ELRUS Customer | Winnipeg Branch | Dec 2019


★★★★★     Nelson O. | Nels Ostero Ltd. | Taylor BC | Dec 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because of their level of service. It is above comparison from everyone else. It’s the ease of contact with ELRUS –  I can phone Terry or Ramsay and they know what I am talking about before I even say it. They know exactly what I need. I can shoot a text to Mark and he will have it on the way, right away. 

★★★★★     Sean G. | Basic Rock Products Ltd. | Victoria, BC | Dec 2019

I think that ELRUS has good equipment. I think that Mike is a straight shooter, so I value that as well. I think that I have had good luck with it. I have been happy but I also do not want to fall behind in technology. That is why I want Mike to follow-up and get me information on the equipment that ELRUS carries – it is important to be current.

★★★★★     Dale | Flesherton Concrete | Dec 2019

I am somewhat familiar with the ELRUS 550’s, so what typically happens is I call either Drew or Ryan and they direct to check things out. It sometimes ends up being ‘over the phone diagnosis’ and if they can get me up and going, they are happy to do that. They point me in the right direction and that is worth a lot to us. They will come as soon as they can and in this business it is very significant, every hour that you are down, costs a lot. My experience is that both Drew and Ryan do their best to get us up and running, as quickly as they can. 

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Cambridge Branch | Dec 2019

We now have a lot of ELRUS gear. To some degree it depends on the price. I think that they are more readily available to service our needs now. We just sent our crusher over to them to get shop service. They are working on it now, so we will see how the progress is coming. I find that their Field Mechanics are good to work with and they are very responsive. They are not the best priced supplier but it depends on what we are talking about.

★★★★★     Terri | Tervita Corporation | Dec 2019

I can see that ELRUS is a fairly specialized company and we continue doing business with them so I would recommend them to others. There have been no issues or flags raised in our system that would suggest that we are not happy.

★★★★★     Alana H. | Rowe’s Construction | Hay River, NT | Nov 2019

The guys in Leduc are knowledgeable and I enjoy working with them. Things are working well and Ramsay is ‘on the ball’. He is a good Sales Rep to work with.

★★★★★     Chris F. | Friesen | Friesen Hauling Inc | Steinbach, MB | Nov 2019

Thor has a knowledge of aggregate equipment that is second to none. I bought this unit as a potential stepping stone. Everyone knows that ELRUS is the ‘big dog’ in the crushing business. I value the level of care and respect that I have received so far.

★★★★★     JP Z. | Federal White Cement Ltd. | Woodstock, ON | Nov 2019

I would say that we buy 90% of our equipment from ELRUS.  I value their customer service and would recommend them because they provide a complete overall sales and service package.

★★★★★     Vince F. | Lafarge Canada | Fonthill Pit, ON | Nov 2019

ELRUS has been doing this business for a long time. Their main focus is customer service as opposed to the dollar. I like their level of customer service and that you can call them and actually expect to talk with a person. That is not guaranteed these days.

★★★★★     Darrin V. | Diamond Ready Mix Concrete Ltd | Steinbach, MB | Nov 2019

I am thinking that part of why we purchase from ELRUS is that they have equipment available. They have a vast knowledge of the aggregate business. Their parts and customer service is very good, we get what we need, when we need it, and the equipment is Canadian built. They have the solutions when we have needed them as well as the parts. It is a good relationship.

★★★★★     Joe A. | Moncrief Construction Limited | Kenora, ON | Nov 2019

I enjoy dealing with James at ELRUS, he is a standup guy and he definitely stands behind what he is selling. I have called him at 7:00 pm and he gets back to me right away. James is a guy, who never says no. James is the major reason for me in choosing ELRUS.

★★★★★     Chad M. | JMB Crushing Systems ULC | Bonnyville, AB | Nov 2019

Their overall customer service is excellent. ELRUS equipment is specifically designed to increase production. They work with us and build what we need. The result is that we are very satisfied.

★★★★★     Cody C. | Dufferin Aggregates Div of CRH Canada | Paris Pit, ON | Nov 2019

We have a new spread and everything crushing has been great. We have had problems with the screens but ELRUS has come clean on that. We had issues with the screen and everyone at ELRUS has been more than fair, helpful and willing to get that resolved.

★★★★★     Brody C. | Grimshaw Gravel Sales | Grimshaw, AB | Nov 2019

I would say that their service is the best out of all the competitors. With after-sales support and after-hours service to order parts, ELRUS gets back to you right away.

★★★★★     Jerry V. | JMB Crushing Systems ULC | Bonnyville, AB | Nov 2019

Our productivity definitely has improved. Initially we were working with a 36″ jaw and now have a 54″, so there would definitely be an improvement. ELRUS makes great equipment. The jaw liner changes are easy and requires minimal maintenance. The screen deck is great and I have had very few issues. 

★★★★★     Andrew T. | Knelsen Sand & Gravel Ltd. | La Crete, AB | Nov 2019

We deal exclusively with ELRUS for service. It seems like even if they have something in the shop, they will find a way to make our equipment a higher priority to fix. They make arrangements to get our equipment fixed and operational as quick as they can to reduce our downtime. That means a lot to us. Maybe we have just been lucky but it seems like they are very accommodating. It just seems that they care about their customers.

★★★★☆     Mike D. | Inland Aggregates | Calgary, AB | Nov 2019

I would recommend them because it is nice to be able to rely on someone to step up and take care of things. I feel that I can count on ELRUS to resolve the issues that we have. They did get us out of a bind one morning. They were on site within an hour of my call. 

★★★★★     Mike T. | True North Cannabis Company | Calgary, AB | Nov 2019

What led to the decision to purchase from ELRUS was their expertise. We are happy with the equipment. The equipment is working well but I don’t think we have quite the right screen yet. That is something that we need to resolve.

★★★★★     Darrell W. | Blue Star Construction Ltd | Brandon, MB | Nov 2019

I would say that I have a 20% increase in productivity. I have gone from 350 t/hr to 420 t/hr. I think I am being conservative. I would recommend ELRUS because of the quality of the equipment, and the fact that they are a Canadian company. The equipment was designed and engineered for our climate. I think that their support and service is the most important for our business. In this day and age, you need after sales support. ELRUS support is 2nd to none and they have the parts.

★★★★★     Stacey Moore | Waterford Crushing & Screening | Waterford, ON | Nov 2019

I like their people, they are easy to deal with and their service is great. They even had me try their new website where I can order the parts online. I would definitely recommend them.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Cambridge Branch | Nov 2019


★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Mission Branch | Nov 2019 

I would recommend ELRUS. They have the parts that we need.

★★★★★     Hannan A. | Dufferin Aggregates Div of CRH Canada | Teedon Pit, ON | Oct 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because of their level of service and the field staff that ELRUS has. Lance is great to have involved in our operations. It seems that ELRUS has the right people in the right place. If it was my choice, I would only have ELRUS equipment on my site. Out of all the Suppliers out there, ELRUS is the best I have dealt with.

★★★★★     Chris H. | United Concrete and Gravel Ltd | Quesnal, BC | Oct 2019

The ELRUS cone does a nice job of crushing and we are getting a better quality crush. It is actually performing better than I expected. It crushes a bit faster. I definitely save a lot of time when it comes to tightening the cone and adjusting for product. It is hydraulic as opposed to manual and it can be done on the fly. I would say it has improved productivity by between 10 – 18%. It isn’t 20% but it is close. I like that  I can ask ELRUS a question and I know that I am getting an honest answer. 

★★★★★     Jarid M. | K. McIntosh and Sons | Outlook, SK | Oct 2019

We have built our own plants and we have also used their competitor in the past. Now we only have ELRUS equipment and it makes our lives easier. We get awesome service from them and I am treated like gold. Their staff are knowledgeable and if I need something, I don’t have to wait. We get more out of our equipment if it is ELRUS. I get more help, quicker answers, more readily available parts and it is good to have their Saskatoon office. For me it is about knowledge, convenience and power.

★★★★★     Chase L. | Looker Properties, LLC | Puyallup, WA | Oct 2019

I like doing business with Colin at ELRUS. It feels like he is on our team. He wants us to win. He is helpful, is a wealth of knowledge and he gets us what we need.

★★★★★     Brian W.  | Wood’s Crushing and Hauling Inc | Sandpoint, ID | Oct 2019

I would recommend them because they build good equipment. What is most significant is that it is built by people who have experience crushing, people who have sat in my chair as opposed to an Engineer who only designs equipment and never sees it after it has left the plant. Kevin has been on both sides of the table.  ELRUS equipment is designed by crushing people.

★★★★★     Barry W. | Inland Aggregates | Edmonton, AB | Oct 2019

I have been dealing with them for 30 years. We have bought a lot of equipment from ELRUS over that time. Recently I updated our spread and bought screen decks, feeders and 4 stackers. We spent a lot of money and it is almost a new plant. ELRUS makes a lot of the equipment and some of the parts. They are familiar with what we have. I have taken a tour of their shop a couple of times and they let us come see the equipment as it is being built. It is custom equipment and they treat me well.

★★★★★     Brian L. | Lafarge Canada | Lethbridge, AB | Oct 2019

I get good service from ELRUS. It is good having Jason come by and see my equipment as opposed to me explaining it to him. He knows what we have so I can show him my concerns. He will also give me advice on improving things operationally. Jason often delivers the parts as well, so it is good.

★★★★★     Greg B. | Dufferin Aggregates Div of CRH Canada | Bethany Pit, ON | Oct 2019

I have experience with ELRUS equipment for the past 3 years. It really is standing up and we push it as hard as we can to get the production we need. I also enjoy working with their staff. Kurt and Kyle are helpful. Drew is very knowledgeable. Greg Y will answer my questions any time, even on holidays. They truly care about their customers.

★★★★★     Duane M. | Schmidt Construction | Fountain, CO | Oct 2019

It is good to have the connection with Curt at ELRUS. He is doing a great job. We get mostly cone parts from ELRUS. We have also gotten belt skirting and wear parts but we also have some other accounts that we deal with. We get prompt service from Curt. If we need something, we get it right away and he makes sure that we get the right material. They take good care of us.

★★★★☆     Matt S. | Potzus Ltd. | Yorkton, SK | Oct 2019

We call to ELRUS for parts when we are in a bind.  I know it is hard to stock everything but more parts availability would be good. I would recommend them because their people are knowledgeable. I think they are getting better at having parts inventory in Saskatoon. If we have a problem, Jared will make himself available. He has a lot of knowledge about crushers as well.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Mission Branch | Oct 2019

We setup the equipment but we haven’t used it. We decided to solve our problem with another approach. They provided good service for us. We would invite them for a quote again to repurchase equipment.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Chehalis Branch | Oct 2019

From my perspective, everything has gone well with ELRUS. We have no problems. Jim is there for me. I can get parts by emailing my order. Their lead times are good.

★★★★★     Harold M. | Granite Construction | Salt Lake City, UT | Oct 2019

I value Brent’s level of service. I can get the guys here, when I need them. I trust Brent – he is straight forward – he doesn’t beat around the bush. He has my back and will back me up. ELRUS keeps are part inventory stocked up, so that is good. We are happy.

★★★★★     Walter H. | Dufferin Aggregates Div of CRH Canada | Milton Quarry, ON | Oct 2019

I think that overall their equipment is well designed and it is good quality. There is no technical issue from my perspective. The availability of screens could improve, which may be solved with a Vendor Managed Inventory System.

★★★★★     Robert D. | AG & BLD Supply | Hope, AK | Oct 2019

ELRUS came through for me and they are knowledgeable about the industry. I now have a contact, so it is good. I am happy with the purchase. Colin is pleasant and professional. He was ahead of me on things and helped me get it to the port for shipping to Alaska.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Cambridge Branch | Oct 2019

I value that ELRUS has inventory of portable plants sitting in Cambridge, ready to be sold. When we get a new project out of the blue, we need to get new equipment in a short order. ELRUS having equipment ready, really puts them in the advantage and ahead of the competition. We need the equipment and they have it. ELRUS staff are knowledgeable and that is helpful as well.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Cambridge Branch | Oct 2019

ELRUS is getting the majority of our parts business. At this point things are working alright.  I value ELRUS staff who answer my questions or direct me to a person who can. I throw a lot of curve balls at them and they are pretty good about answering my questions. I appreciate that.

★★★★★     Chris M. | New Gold Inc. | Rainy River, ON | Sep 2019

Since we got the new jaw online, our production has increased by 75%. Their service reduces my down time significantly. If you are not producing you are screwed.  ELRUS is knowledgeable about my cone and have helped me maintain it. They introduced me to rubber screens with a great improvement. I didn’t even know they existed. We used to change the steel screen 3 times per week, now we haven’t had to change those screens for 2 months. James is a Godsend because he is knowledgeable in everything crushing. He called to see if he could see our equipment and potentially give us advice on improving the efficiency. He has done that and I am pleased.

★★★★★     Matt K. | Waterford Crushing & Screening | Waterford, ON | Sep 2019

We are screening 1,000 metric tons per hour with their equipment. It is truly impressive. We had major screening issues and we worked together as a team with ELRUS to get the issues solved. Greg understands the equipment and has a good amount of knowledge. He is hands on, he has solved a big part of our downtime issues. Lance is also helping us optimize our equipment.  We don’t work around the clock anymore or on weekends. It has given me my life back. We are running a 10 hour shift and getting everything done that we used to do in more than 20 hours. It has improved our operational efficiency immensely and we are saving a lot of fuel. 

★★★★★     Grant M. | K. McIntosh and Sons | Outlook, SK | Sep 2019

We were pretty strong  fans of their competitor earlier on, but now everything in our yard is ELRUS equipment. The biggest reason for that is ELRUS’ Saskatoon branch. Now we don’t have to stock parts or screens. Jared is very knowledgeable about the crushing industry and ELRUS equipment. He keeps a pretty good inventory of parts on hand. Also, if it looks like something is getting tight like liners, Jared will let us know. We appreciate that he is looking out for us. Our view is that having staff like Jared and Rick makes ELRUS second to none in this business. 

★★★★★     Jimmy S. | Severson Road Contractors | Mineral, WA | Sep 2019

I feel that ELRUS is the best company I can work with as they are working towards the success of my company. I don’t know too many other suppliers who will do that. It seems that going forward, ELRUS is the best solution for my company for all the help, interest, advice and service that they have given to my business. I am surprised how diverse they are and how much equipment they have. The reason I go to ELRUS is because of the service and advice. 

★★★★★     Lyle W. | Venture Construction Inc | Martensville, SK | Sep 2019

Every piece of ELRUS equipment that we add helps in our productivity. We always expect something from it and we get it. So far everything has been good with the equipment. We purchased the tower and put it on our van ourselves and we put the VGF on the feeder as well. It all went fairly smoothly. The equipment has worked well for us. ELRUS is dependable and we have had good experiences with them.

★★★★★     Emmett H. | Concrete Recyclers | Tumwater, WA | Sep 2019

First and foremost, for the customer service that Jim and Colin provide, I would recommend ELRUS. They are great guys to work with. They both work pretty hard to get me what I want. In this business, if you are not running you are not making money. If you are looking for parts, you are not making money. They will always help us find obsolete parts. Colin is good at digging deep for part graphs, diagrams or charts. That has been a huge help for a small shop like us. 

★★★★★     Lane B. | Premier LLC | Emmett, ID | Sep 2019

Their system works well. Their equipment is easy and clean and works a lot better than the competition. It is efficient operationally. I value the simplicity of the equipment. It is simple to move and put back together – it is just like Lego. I am a Contract Crusher and this is the third month we have had the rental equipment. So far, we have moved it 7 times. We can pull it apart in the morning, move it, set it up that afternoon and by evening we are ready to rock ‘n roll. Everything just fits together.

★★★★★     Brian R. | Miles Sand & Gravel Company | Enuclaw WA | Sep 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because they are really helpful and they are honest. They have found us parts that no one else could seem to find.

★★★★★     Michael S. | Cadman Inc | Battleground, WA | Sep 2019

I value the people at ELRUS. They are accessible and I can call them for help. I have dealt with them a lot on screens. ELRUS staff are ‘Johnny on the spot’ when it comes to answering questions, providing advice or help.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Winnipeg Branch | Sep 2019

For the scope of work we did, ELRUS is definitely the best contractor in the area. They answered the questions that we had been struggling with and didn’t have a solution for. Thor knows the details and has recommendations for different products that could help us out. Thor is definitely one of the local experts, that is for sure.

★★★★★     Al G. | Lafarge Canada Inc | Calgary, AB | Sep 2019

Usually when I call any of them, they are very knowledgeable. They fill in the blanks and inform me of stuff that I am not aware of. They will help narrow down what I need. If I am ordering something that is light duty, they will inform me of it and provide a recommendation. I would recommend ELRUS because of their prompt service. They have knowledgeable staff who can describe and provide direction. They may also provide a recommendation for solving a problem with ideas to try. I find that the ELRUS staff often go ‘above and beyond’ and provide additional information that they wouldn’t need to provide. That is helpful for me, as I am new in my role.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Cambridge Branch | Sep 2019

They will bend over backwards to get us parts. If something isn’t in stock, they will get us the parts as soon as it becomes available. I would recommend ELRUS for parts because their staff are knowledgeable and they know what they are talking about. If we get the wrong parts, they will bring us the right ones. From my perspective, that is excellent. We can also call them on weekends and get parts.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Chehalis Branch | Sep 2019

I will continue purchasing parts from ELRUS. They had the parts and that was good. I would recommend them because of their customer service. I am not a phone or text person. I like to talk to a Parts Salesperson ‘face to face’. I am a bit ‘old school’ that way – I like to be able to talk and show a person what I need. It just makes things clearer.

★★★★★     Sven L. | Fraser Valley Aggregates (2014) Ltd | Surrey, BC | Sep 2019

Mike has got a lot of experience, so I can call him on ELRUS equipment or other equipment and he will typically know what is happening. He has helped me out a lot. He has been good to me. It is good to have people like that to talk to as there is always more to learn. I value that ELRUS is always there when I need them. I can call Mike after hours and it is no problem.

★★★★★     Dale U. | Salvador Ready Mix Ltd | Cranbrook, BC | Sep 2019

ELRUS has good parts and screens. The screens are expensive but they are working very well. We had an issue with wet material sticking in the screens, but with these new screens we have had no sticking. That means we can screen longer in a wider variety of conditions. Kris has showed us new methods.

★★★★★     Carl R. | Ace Enterprises Ltd. | Yellowknife, NT | Sep 2019

The equipment we purchased from ELRUS last year has made a huge difference to our operation. We produce more product is less time and it has been good. It would be good to get the parts sooner and have the Proheat setup.

★★★★★     Mike P. | Lafarge Canada Inc | Gloucester, ON | Sep 2019

I value the honesty of Marc, Equipment Sales Rep at ELRUS. It is good to have him come by as he can see the equipment.  He gets a visual of the issues and then can tell me what I need. After Hours, I called Drew in Service directly and that is really good. He is helpful, knowledgeable and gives good direction.

★★★★☆     ELRUS Customer | Leduc Branch | Sep 2019


★★★★★     Allan N. | Campbell’s Bay Ciment | Campbell’s Bay, QC | Sep 2019

This new screen box is fantastic.  It has improved things quite a bit. We are gaining 2 hours of production on a 10 hour day, so that is a good improvement. ELRUS provided good service. Marc said it would be ready on a certain date and it was. Then he said they would deliver it on a certain date and they did. Their price was great.

★★★★★     Reed H. | Wolf Head Discovery & Mining, LLC | Cold Lake, AB | Sep 2019 

ELRUS builds the best equipment in the market for our application. ELRUS is a reputable company and they build good equipment. The parts availability is good but we don’t need many parts as their equipment is well built.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Leduc Branch | Sep 2019


★★★★★     Kent N. | Vallely Rock Construction | Birtle, MB | Sep 2019

Whenever I need him to see what is going on, I give James a call and he comes out. He has good perspective. I would recommend them because ELRUS has been really good. If I am broke down, they will help me out. They are prompt and they help me if I am down. If they don’t bring the parts, they will send it, promptly. 

★★★★★     Jason L. | Waterford Crushing & Screening | Waterford, ON | Sep 2019

ELRUS’s service and parts are fabulous. If I am down, their Cambridge location has the main components on the shelf to get me up and running. ELRUS is only an hour away but they will also talk you through issues over the phone. I value being able to connect with the ELRUS Service Techs directly. So far, my experience has been great.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Chehalis Branch | Sep 2019


★★★★★     Rob C. | Cockburn Construction | North Battleford, SK | Aug 2019

The customer service at ELRUS is very good. They are willing to help right away and what is important to me. They get back to you and they are always trying. I am also a big proponent of Canadian owned companies. ELRUS builds good equipment and has good parts availability.

★★★★★     Tom B. | Dolan’s Concrete Ltd | Port Alberni, BC | Aug 2019

I do a lot of consulting work and have been working with ELRUS for the past 30 years. I have always had good service from ELRUS, and they make great equipment.

★★★★☆     Jeremy M. | Emcon Services Inc. | Drumheller, AB | Aug 2019

I would recommend ELRUS. I value their expertise and knowledge and I look forward to dealing with them again, from start to finish. I only got involved halfway through. But once I got involved, I appreciated ELRUS willingness to help and the way they dealt with it. Once I talked with them, they were accurate with their timelines and they got the job done.

★★★☆☆     ELRUS Customer | Mission Branch | Aug 2019


★★★★★     Noel B. | Kode Contracting Ltd. | Prince George, BC | Aug 2019

The ELRUS staff treat us well. If there are issues, they will work with us to resolve them. All companies have issues, ours included. ELRUS is not without issues, but they are pretty good for us.

★★★★★     Reuben V. | T & L Aggregates Ltd. | Fort Assiniboine, AB | Aug 2019

They have a lot of knowledge, are available, and have a great stock of parts.

★★★★★     Wes E. | 2590638 Ontario Limited | Wellesley, ON | Aug 2019

ELRUS always gets me the right parts. They are awesome to deal with. I would say that they are the best supplier that I have because of the staff’s knowledge and accuracy – they get it right. It is the quality of their equipment and the longevity. Their equipment holds its value.

★★★★★     Russ Y. | Pine River Holdings Ltd. | Chetwyn, BC | Aug 2019

I have recommended ELRUS countless times because of ELRUS service and their equipment. They over build their equipment but also build it to be serviced. It is much different than the tracked equipment that is coming into the province.

★★★★★     Don S. | Inland Aggregates | Winnipeg, MB | Aug 2019

ELRUS is generally our first call when it comes to parts and service. There are a lot of options and we try to spread the work around, but I would say that at least 70% of the time we go to ELRUS first. It is all about the service. I have had Thor come to us directly off the plane. In that case, he was coming from up North and he hadn’t sleep in 24 hours, but he came and helped us out. In my experience, ELRUS has the fastest response time.

★★★★★     Chris N. | Mixcor Aggregates Inc. | Leduc, AB | Aug 2019

The biggest reason I would recommend ELRUS is that my overall experience with them is really good. The guys are friendly, helpful and accurate. Both Mark and Darren are good guys and make very few mistakes. ELRUS has well trained staff who know their product. They have a good inventory system. ELRUS has a wide range of products from screen media to motors – there is a lot for them to know.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Regina, SK | Aug 2019

ELRUS builds good equipment. I know Jared and he is a good guy. He used to run this equipment, and also fix it. If you bought something from Jared, he wouldn’t steer you wrong. He is not just a Salesman, he actually knows his stuff. He wouldn’t sell you anything that you don’t need.

★★★★★     John C. | Central Aggregates | Abbotsford, BC | Aug 2019

I will say that ELRUS has been very good to deal with. Their pricing is good, their availability is good and I think they always try their best to get us parts. I am pretty happy with ELRUS.

★★★★★     Cheryl W. | Northland Fleet Services Ltd. | Tumbler Ridge, BC | Aug 2019

We depend on ELRUS. We are in Tumbler Ridge and there is no one else around here. We know that ELRUS will return our calls. We had a crew in Calgary who picked up the product and ELRUS was good about staying late to get what we wanted. Lloyd has helped us when others suppliers would not.

★★★★★     Chris T. | Tollestrup Construction (2005) Inc. | Lethbridge, AB | Aug 2019

What I like is that ELRUS works around our schedule. They understand the crushing business and that you only have so many days in a year to get the work done. ELRUS is committed to selling, servicing and maintaining our equipment so that we can produce as many days of the year as possible. It takes a special kind of company to have Service Techs who can come to site and teach our Operators about the wide range of crushing equipment. They have an incredible skill and patience to help our guys understand.  

★★★★★     Rob R. | AAROC Aggregates Ltd. | London, ON | Aug 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because of the quality of product and the customer support that they provide.

★★★★★     Randy H. | R.B. Curry Auto Transport Ltd. | Grande Prairie, AB | Jul 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because they have quality equipment and they have excellent key people like Brent. ELRUS has a lot of knowledge and are very cooperative to work with.

★★★★★     Pat M. | City of Edmonton | Edmonton, AB | Jul 2019

I will take our equipment back to ELRUS again for service. They were able to give us an accurate timeline before they even saw our equipment. They were willing to hold a window of time open until we could get things sorted out, and they communicated and provided us with information. Now we know that they will get it done and that the service will be good.

★★★★★     Mohamed M. | Dufferin Aggregates, Division of CRH Canada | Concord, ON | Jul 2019

ELRUS is my number one pick because the key thing is downtime. Regardless of the cost of the equipment or the cost of the parts, if you go down, you are producing nothing. Our experience has been that when we go down, ELRUS is out there getting us back up and running and reducing our downtime. That is the main thing for me.

★★★★★     Scott B. | Biloski Bros Sand & Gravel Limited | Thunder Bay, ON | Jul 2019

ELRUS was able to source parts for us that are very difficult to find. We have a tracked crusher and so far, things are good. It was beneficial to have James at our site. Their service was good.

★★★★☆     ELRUS Customer | Cambridge Branch | Jul 2019


★★★★★     Jean-Pierre C. | Graymont Western Canada Inc. | Exshaw, AB | Jul 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because their service is good and Lloyd has been a good rep. I value Lloyd’s quick response.

★★★★★     Chris F. | Dufferin Aggregates, Division of CRH Canada | Aberfoyle, ON | Jul 2019

I think what I value the most is the relationship. ELRUS is solving problems for us. It is not too often that they don’t have a solution for us. When you have brand new equipment, you really need a resource like ELRUS.

★★★★★     Mark D. | Dmytryshyn & Sons Ltd. | Glaslyn, SK | Jul 2019

ELRUS has good customer service. They have the screens that we need and I think they are doing really well for us. I would recommend them because their equipment is good and they have good service.

★★★★★     Ryan | Budget Environmental Disposal | Hamilton, ON | Jul 2019

I am very happy with ELRUS’ Site Service. Drew is very personable. He answers our questions, when he doesn’t have an answer, he will find out. We never feel like he is trying to up-sell us. He is authentic.

★★★★★     Mark Unsworth | Hub City Paving Ltd. | Nanaimo, BC | Jul 2019

I am impressed with their equipment – it has proven itself to me. Also, ELRUS staff and their training end is good as well. I have been to their factory three times for training. I appreciate their willingness to train their customers.

★★★★☆     Jeevan W. | Pitt River Quarries, Division of Lafarge Canada | Pitt Meadows, BC | Jul 2019

I think all the people at ELRUS are good. They have a good attitude and are easy to talk to. I usually deal with Paul, and what I like about him is that he is responsive, easy to talk to and promptly answers my questions. It would be good to know who in sales we should be calling.

★★★★★     Collin O. | Burnco Rock Products Ltd. | Edmonton, AB | Jul 2019

ELRUS staff are great. I have a good personal relationship with Garret, George and Darren. Every time I get into a bind, I can call them and they go to bat for me. If I have a plant down, they will schedule me in and get things fixed.

★★★★★     Dell C. | W H Coderre & Sons Construction | Stoughton, SK | Jul 2019

ELRUS has been looking after us ever since we purchased the H3000 in 1999. That was 20 years ago and it still performs fine. It is actually amazing and everything is rebuildable. It may be lacking some of the new technology but basically it is running just fine.

★★★☆☆     ELRUS Customer | Texada Quarry Ltd | Van Anda, BC | Jul 2019

ELRUS can normally get us the parts that we need, they just need to have better inventory of screens. We are currently looking at 5 to 6 weeks to get screens.

★★★★★     Chris O. | Lafarge Canada Inc. | Edmonton, AB | Jul 2019

ELRUS does everything they can for us. They continually go above and beyond. I run three spreads and one is a German recycle crusher. I gave Darren the numbers for a bearing recently. It was to take 2 weeks to get from Germany and ELRUS found it in 3 days. Time is money. If our equipment isn’t running, we are in trouble. ELRUS has excellent customer service; Darren and his team are great!

★★★★★     Jim B. | Penn-Co Construction Canada Ltd | Blumenort, MB | Jul 2019

The service is great, it is second to none. We rent ELRUS equipment and it is great equipment. They have the reputation of being a top brand in the industry.

★★★★★     Dave H. | Hamilton Construction Corporation | Springfield, OR | Jul 2019

I would recommend them because of their service. Honestly, it is the service that is great. I also like dealing with the guys. They will help me when I am in a bind. Another thing I like is the equipment transfers of parts. If I call in on a Monday and they don’t have the parts, but I can wait until Friday, they will provide a free transfer.

★★★★★     Kris K. | B & B Construction Group Inc | Saskatoon, SK | Jul 2019

I always compare ELRUS to the auto world. ELRUS is like a Cadillac as compared to the rest of the competition who are a GMC. Their product is superior both for production and longevity. I like the relationship we have with Jared on parts, service and sales. I often call ELRUS for parts on our other equipment as well. The reason, it’s their customer service.

★★★★☆     Claire B. | C.D. Botkin Construction Ltd. | Regina, SK | Jul 2019

I think they make good quality equipment and products. They stand behind their stuff and they are easy to deal with. I value the ELRUS staff and the knowledge they have.

★★★★☆     JB A. | Canadian Silica Industries Inc | Calgary, AB | Jul 2019

 I have had lots of good dealings with ELRUS over the years. Their equipment seems to hold up. It is well built, almost over built in some cases. I can also usually reach Lloyd. ELRUS has been great – any mistakes were my mistakes.

★★★☆☆     ELRUS Customer | Calgary Branch | Jul 2019


★★★★★     Rick M. | McIntosh Redi Mix Ltd. | Montmartre, SK | Jun 2019

The ELRUS Screen Plant outperforms a 6×20, no question. We were feeding it pure rock to make the micro seal and it had no trouble. It out performs a 6×20 by probably 20%. In fact, a 6×20 wouldn’t have done the job that we were doing. This is quite an improvement over the 6×20 that we also use in another application.

★★★★★     Garth A. | D. Ray Construction Ltd | Beaverlodge, AB | Jun 2019

I have dealt with them many times over the last 40 years. They are always good to me. ELRUS is a good reputable Crusher Dealer.

★★★★★     Tyson M. | Paytori Group | Kitimat, BC | Jun 2019

ELRUS has equipment that works wonderfully. The big reason for me to recommend ELRUS is because of Kris. He ensured things were up to par. He retrofitted and built a few things for the project and taught the guys how to use the equipment. Kris is an all round great guy. It was a great experience.

★★★★★     Randy M. | B. E. Civil Projects Ltd. | Cranbrook, BC | Jun 2019

I would recommend the ELRUS Mission Branch because of their knowledge and the way they treat their customers. It feels like they are always wanting to help. We have built a relationship. I know that Paul will do what is required to get me the parts. I cannot say enough about the Mission branch, they have always been helpful.

★★★★★     Travis M. | McIntosh Redi Mix Ltd. | Montmartre, SK | Jun 2019

The Screen Plant is performing better than our expectations. It is a high frequency screen deck, it has a smaller footprint and it outperforms the competition. It would out perform a 7×20 screen plant. As an example, the first job we did, we budgeted a time period of 6 to 8 weeks and we had it done in 3 weeks. That was largely due to the screen plant. All the equipment we have purchased is from ELRUS because of the quality of the equipment, the customer relationship we have with Jared, Spenser and actually, with all of the staff. ELRUS equipment is built to last and the resale value sticks with it. It meets the test of time.

★★★★★     Ken G. | County of St. Paul No. 19 | St Paul, AB | Jun 2019

I wouldn’t go with anyone else. I like the cone, it is easy to work on. Their equipment is good and their people are great. Their staff are knowledgeable. For me, I chose ELRUS because they have simplified equipment that is easier to work on. Compared to a competitor’s cone, the ELRUS cone pricing is better.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Cambridge Branch | Jun 2019

The ELRUS staff are great. We have been dealing with them since the year 2000 and we have a relationship. Basically, ELRUS goes out of their way to get us parts as quick and efficient as possible. They keep a lot of stock. Sometimes you are looking at weeks to get parts from other suppliers.

★★★★★     Bruce C. | Chamney Crushing Ltd. | Estevan, SK | Jun 2019

It is often because of their price that I choose ELRUS. Their equipment is better and often heavier built. Jared has a strong knowledge of the industry and the equipment that people have. If I go to an auction, Jared will know about the background of the equipment. He knows about everyone’s fleet. He is always my first call, he is out ‘go to’ guy.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Cambridge Branch | Jun 2019

ELRUS is great. I would refer them. They get us the parts we need.

★★★★★     Jack H. | Custom Concrete Northern | Barrie, ON | May 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because over the years, we’ve had good experience with them for everything, including service and parts, and we have a bunch of ELRUS equipment. Most of our crushers are ELRUS. We wouldn’t go anywhere else. I’ve been using ELRUS equipment for about 20 years. We have almost all ELRUS equipment, and we like using their parts to make sure we don’t have problems. We like the equipment and the service we get.

★★★★★     Doug F. | Lavis Contracting Co Ltd. | Clinton, ON | May 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because they give us great service. The guys in their office really look after us. They get the parts we need and they deal with us well. They are knowledgeable and we get the right part. Other companies we deal with, we seem to have issues, like they don’t have the part, they send the wrong part, or there are personality issues. We have a good straight-forward relationship with ELRUS.

★★★★★     Craig W. | Weeminuche Construction Authority | Towaoc, CO | May 2019

The support from ELRUS has been outstanding. The plant is running well and the help we’ve gotten from ELRUS is really good.

★★★★★     Dustin H. | H & H Construction Inc | Petawawa, ON | May 2019

We are happy with their service and the way they treated us as far as getting prices, making a final deal, and the way we were treated during the building of the equipment. They kept us in the loop. Marc gave us an estimate of how long it would take to build the equipment for us and then he kept checking in to let us know what stage things were at.

★★★★★     Richard S. | Alberta Aggregates Ltd | Brooks, AB | May 2019

I know that they have good equipment and they are knowledgeable people. I like interacting with them. If I have any problems, I can call George and get advice on the phone or he will come out to help us if we are having a problem. George is really good, and their sales guys are good too.

★★★★★     Sam J. | All Rock LLC | Myrtle Creek, OR | May 2019

Anytime I need parts I’m in a bind, and with ELRUS, I have them the next day.

★★★★★     Clayton H. | C&C Road Maintenance Ltd | Armstrong, BC | May 2019

What I value the most with ELRUS is their overall customer support. Their knowledge of the equipment, and the speed of getting equipment up and running is why I choose ELRUS.

★★★★★     Ken K. | Burnco Rock Products Ltd | Kelowna, BC | May 2019

Availability and price are important so we purchase from ELRUS. We do our due diligence, so whoever has the parts for the best price is who we buy from.

★★★★★     John B. | Barrow Construction Ltd | Salmon Arm, BC | May 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because of the availability and the quality of the parts. The price is better and the service is good too.

★★★★☆     Ross Coles | Johnson’s Concrete Ltd. | Corner Brook, NL | May 2019

We like the ELRUS Tower and Van. We got some good service and it was on time. They are prompt with us. I value the product and the quality of it. I wish the tower was in the right spot. I don’t know if somehow the message didn’t get through that we wanted the tower on the left side of the van.

★★★★★     Shawn M. | Bernt Gilbertson Enterprises | Richards Landing, ON | May 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because I like the people and I like the service. We have been working with them for many years and they are consistently good.

★★★★★     Brett D. | 1400684 Alberta Ltd | Ponoka, AB | May 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because of their equipment and their support team. Their service is way better than other companies. Anytime we have trouble and you get a hold of George, it gets done. He knows what these machines are worth when they’re down.

★★★★★     Brad E. | Westridge Rock Venture Ltd | Armstrong, BC | May 2019

In the past, we rented equipment from ELRUS and had breakdowns. I have dealt with George quite a bit, and he has come out even at weird hours to help us out. I value the availability and the level of service. They ship parts to us overnight all the time.

★★★★☆     Rick N. | Maple Leaf Construction Ltd | West St Paul, MB | May 2019

I value the fact that James can show me what they offer, he tells me what parts they have available. Last year, he gave me a list of their transmissions that they have in stock so I could cross reference it with what I need, so that was helpful. That’s why I went to him for this gearbox, but they sent a different make. They should have let me know they were sending a different brand.

★★★★★     Lou T. | Tezak Heavy Equipment Co., Inc. | Canon City, CO | May 2019

What I value the most from dealing with ELRUS is the quality of the products. I would recommend ELRUS because for the most part, they work real hard to get us the parts we need when we need them.

★★★★★     Lee S. | City of Swift Current | Swift Current, SK | May 2019

ELRUS has knowledgeable staff, good prices, and prompt shipping. They get back to you when you ask a question. The other people were terrible. The bar was pretty low. ELRUS does an excellent job!

★★★★★     Wayne A. | LTL Contracting Ltd | Shuniah, ON | May 2019

I chose ELRUS because they make durable equipment and their parts are good too. When I first looked at their equipment, I realized it was built for what I needed it to do. We made a few small modifications, but everything has been good for us. Our interactions with them and their service has been great.

★☆☆☆☆     ELRUS Customer | Colorado Springs Branch | May 2010


★★★★★     Kevin M. | Baymag Inc | Exshaw, AB | Apr 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because their equipment has good value, they provide good service, they are local, and the equipment is as good as we had hoped. There is some equipment that is as good as ELRUS, but the ELRUS equipment has superior value compared to others.

★★★★★     Brady J. | Orca Sand & Gravel Ltd | Port McNeill, BC | Apr 2019

What I value the most about ELRUS is their knowledge, the way they handle business, and any issues are not an issue with them. They are friendly and professional in dealing with us.

★★★★★     Albert L. | Ruel Concrete Ltd | Peace River, AB | Apr 2019

ELRUS is top notch in my book. The equipment is well built and they have good service. Ron is great. I have worked with him to buy several pieces of equipment. I recommend ELRUS all the time. Their competitors produce garbage. They stand behind their equipment. It’s hard to find a company that will do that. I have put most of my guys through the ELRUS cone school to upgrade their knowledge of their equipment. It’s fantastic what they do.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Cambridge Branch | Apr 2019


★★★★★     Shane B. | Wheeler Rock Products | Wapato, WA | Apr 2019

What I value the most from ELRUS is the service, the timeliness, the fact that Kevin always answers the phone and he knows what he is doing.

★★★★★     Sandra N. | G.W. Construction Ltd. | Buchanan, SK | Apr 2019

We have had a long and very good relationship with ELRUS. I would recommend ELRUS because of the quality of the equipment and their service. We have never had any issues with ELRUS. We can call at any time. We phone after hours. They are always able to answer and get us what we need.

★★★★★     Jesse A. | Kamlander Crushing Ltd. | Kaministiquia, ON | Apr 2019

The service is the number one thing that I value about ELRUS. James has been good for me. He always gets back to me, he always has an answer to questions or knows where to get the answers.

★★★★★     Cole S. | Birds Hill Gravel & Stone Ltd | East St Paul, MB | Apr 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because you can get your parts fast, they are cheaper and the guys are great. Also they are good at working things out if there are problems.

★★★★☆     Mark R. | Richardson Bros. (Olds) Ltd. | Olds, AB | Apr 2019

What I value the most from ELRUS is that I can count on getting a hold of their techs or parts guys. They are easy to reach and friendly to deal with, even just to ask questions on the phone.

★★★★★     Randy R. | River Valley Crushing Ltd. | Barrhead, AB | Apr 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because their service is the major reason, so much better than other places. They told me about their winter maintenance program. They have all the tools and everything we need. I know their guys and they know what they are doing.

★★★★★     Gord H. | Selkirk Paving Ltd. | Crescent Valley, BC | Apr 2019

ELRUS has most parts in stock, they are fast, and they can get me what I need in a day or two. They communicate well, the sales and the parts people are all good. It’s just easy to get what we need, no issues at all.

★★★★★     Rick L. | Coeur Silvertip Holdings Ltd. | Silvertip , BC | Apr 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because from the minute we started, I was treated with urgency and care by ELRUS people, and they made everything happen to get me this rented crusher. It was top notch service from start to finish.

★★★★★     Warren B. | YCS Holdings Ltd. | Prince George, BC | Apr 2019

I like the design and quality of the equipment. Overall I like dealing with the people at ELRUS and their ability to produce something that we need. A custom one off.

★★★★★     Adrian V. | Advanced Fluid Technologies | Woodstock, ON | Apr 2019

I had no issues with ELRUS. They are good to deal with. But the only thing I have bought from ELRUS is a McLanahan pump and they don’t stand up well. It is a poor pump made by McLanahan. So it isn’t ELRUS’ fault.

★★★★★     Dan N. Ash Grove Cement Company | Portland, OR | Apr 2019

ELRUS did good work. Brent is a good guy. He knows a lot. I don’t know if all their people are at his level. I would definitely recommend ELRUS to other guys. The ELRUS staff are friendly, knowledgeable and they are easy to deal with.

★★★★☆     Chad D. | LHC Inc. | Kalispell, MT | Apr 2019

I like ELRUS feeders. I would recommend using the feeders, but for the rest of the equipment, we don’t have any of it except the cone. I am satisfied the second time we got the service for this cone. Not the first time.

★☆☆☆☆     ELRUS Customer | Colorado Springs Branch | Apr 2019


★★★★★     Morgan J. | Joyco Drilling Inc. | Newport, WA | Mar 2019

ELRUS is different from our previous supplier with their ability to answer questions, they are accessible, and their level of service is #1.

★★★★★     Greg Palmer | Spray Lake Sawmills (1980) Ltd | Blairmore, AB | Mar 2019

What I value the most from ELRUS is the quality of the parts. We like their screens. We only buy screens from ELRUS and they do a good job.

★★★★★     Ron M. | Martin Bros. Crushing Ltd. | Listowel, ON | Mar 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because I know their equipment is high quality. Pretty much the whole package, it is all good, and their service is very good. Availability of the parts is important to us.

★★★★★     Bailey Y. | Clouthier Construction | Pembroke, ON | Mar 2019

I value how fair they are, and how extremely knowledgeable. They know what they are doing.  I have had them servicing our equipment for a long time. ELRUS has given us great service, they are really quick, and they spent lots of time with us on this cone issue.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Chehalis Branch | Mar 2019


★★★★★     Bob L. | Nelson River Construction | Winnipeg, MB | Mar 2019

Their prices are really good. They have good parts. The bearings are cheaper at ELRUS but very good quality. They are really a good bunch of guys who give good service. Good service means everything. When you phone James after hours and he answers right off the bat, that is worth a lot. Why would I go to the competition? Some say they will answer after hours but they don’t. ELRUS keeps its word on that.

★★★★☆     Brian J. | Lafarge Canada Inc. | Calgary, AB | Mar 2019

We have been long standing customers with ELRUS. What I value the most about ELRUS is getting the parts I need quickly.

★★★★★     Dennis C. | Gravier Collet Gravel Inc. | Winnipeg, MB | Mar 2019

We go 24 hours here. I can always reach Thor on his cell phone, and I deal with him mostly. He has been really helpful for us. I would recommend ELRUS because their service is good, it is prompt. They are accessible to me here in Winnipeg. Pricing is good.

★★★★★     Brad M. | Interpaving Asphalt And Aggregate | Garson, ON | Mar 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because first of all, it is a Canadian company, it is easily accessible, parts are readily available, and they have very good customer service.

★★★★★     Kevin H. | Harold Sutherland Construction | Kemble, ON | Mar 2019

We have been dealing with ELRUS for many years. We have a lot of ELRUS equipment. Their product knowledge, industry knowledge, their customer service and support is why I would recommend them.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Cambridge Branch | Mar 2019


★★★★★     Jim W. | Cantex Okanagan Construction | Penticton, BC | Mar 2019

We purchase parts from ELRUS because of their professionalism, they have the parts, and they know what they are talking about. I value the friendships and being able to call them to troubleshoot, or sometimes for advice. They always answer and I like that.

★★★★★     Tyler G. | Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc. | Vancouver, BC | Mar 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because for the products we use, we have had no issues with the quality of the parts, the price, or the delivery. Everything has been good. It is easy to get in contact with ELRUS and they are quick to respond to us.

★★★★☆     ELRUS Customer | Cambridge Branch | Mar 2019


★★★★★     Bob R. | Triple R Construction Ltd | Prince Alberta, SK | Feb 2019

I value their experience in the industry, and the products they build and sell. My experience with ELRUS from day one has been great. They have good people.

★★★★★     Rod Z. | United Concrete & Gravel Ltd | 100 Mile House, BC | Feb 2019

Every time I need parts or advice on the phone, ELRUS is very helpful. Their people have a wealth of knowledge. I’ve been in a pickle before and they have old timers there who know my equipment. I talk to Lloyd in Calgary and he puts me through to their head mechanics too. They are always able to help me.

★★★★★     Ivan A. | Cobre Del Mayo S.A. De C.V. | Alamos, Sonora, Mexico | Feb 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because of the quality and strength of the equipment. We have hard conditions here, and the machine works well in our conditions. It is my second ELRUS feeder and it has improved our productivity.

★★★★★     Cameron B. | R.J. Gilespie Enterprises Ltd | Port Colborne, ON | Feb 2019

What I value the most with ELRUS is their speed and efficiency. We do a lot of break down jobs, and time is important.

★★★★★     Russell L. | Bob’s Welding | Inuvik, NWT | Feb 2019

I was actually surprised to have been able to reach someone on the phone on a Sunday. I called and Troy answered right away. He checked on the parts I needed and called me back within an hour. I had them in a week. It is five days from Edmonton to get up here by truck. The main part that I ordered was large and heavy, so it had to go onto a truck. It was too heavy for a plane. I value the customer service – the prompt responses that I get.

★★★★★     ELRUS Customer | Cambridge Branch | Feb 2019

We’ve been using the equipment for years and it does what we need it to do. We have 6 or 7 f feeders from ELRUS. It’s the product of choice for us because of how well it is built, the portability, it fits our niche and is well designed.

★★★★★      Kelly L. | Fish Creek Excavating Ltd. | Calgary, AB | Feb 2019

We had a crusher break down and we needed someone here ASAP to fix it and they came right out. We are lucky to be so close to ELRUS. They are reliable.

★★★★★     Frank W. | City of Calgary | Calgary, AB | Feb 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because I have always had good dealings with ELRUS, with parts and service, and they have been really good to work with.

★★★★★     Max D. | GCS Energy Services Ltd | Hardisty, AB | Feb 2019

We always call ELRUS for repairs. What I value is that they try to go out of their way to get us up and running. The service group are very smart guys.

★★★★☆     Mike Z. | Margo Greenwood Consulting Inc | Vernon, BC | Feb 2019

I have dealt with ELRUS for so many years, that they are just my go to place. They have good stock of parts and the staff are always good to deal with. It’s only $100 or $150 bucks, but I guess I just feel like there should be a threshold where after you buy a certain amount of parts there, you don’t get charged for after hours calls.

★★★★★     Alan G. | Good Crushing Inc | Winlock, WA | Feb 2019

I value them getting me parts quickly. They follow through on what they say they will do. They let me demo some equipment, and we might end up buying a screen from ELRUS. I want to try it out in the spring. It goes a long way to be able to try it out first. It’s a good partnership with ELRUS. We get to see what they have. It’s a good relationship.

★★★★★     Kerilee R. | Delhur Industries Inc | Port Angeles WA | Feb 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because Jim has gone above and beyond to help me out. I use ELRUS over other vendors now. I will call Jim first, because he provides better customer service and he is quicker at finding information and getting back to me than anyone else. He is knowledgeable and willing to help me out. He tries to make sure he finds the best solution for our problems.

★★★★★     Rick B. | West Central Contracting Ltd | Hinton, AB | Feb 2019

We looked at all the equipment around and we’ve used other makes and models over the years. Our owner found it easier to deal with ELRUS, and I like how the equipment runs. I know if I need anything, the guys will find the part or find the solution for me.

★★★★★     Tom B. | TBG Contracting Ltd. | Fort McMurray, AB | Feb 2019

Their equipment is extremely high quality, better than anyone else’s. Their service is very good and so is  the parts availability. They are very good at troubleshooting and teaching us what to look for. Lot of times we can solve problems over the phone with them.

★★★★★     Paul F. | Grimshaw Gravel Sales | Grimshaw, AB | Feb 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because of their professionalism and my good relationship with them. They are reliable, experienced, they have quality parts and equipment that is dependable.

★★★★★     Tom S. | Eagle Rock Construction Ltd. | Kamloops, BC | Feb 2019

We run 24 hours a day, so Kris is on the phone any time of day or night with me. We have $2.5 million of equipment that needs parts all the time so it is important that I can get a hold of Kris after hours. We like to deal with ELRUS because we can count on good service.

★★★★★      Dave G. | G & D Crushing | Viscount, SK | Feb 2019

I value the the good product, and their equipment lasts longer so it brings up the value of my equipment. It really is the best place to get what we need.

★★★★★     Adam L. | Quality Aggregates | Renten, WA | Jan 2019

Colin is very knowledgeable. He is a nice guy, and he isn’t pushy. He’s fast at getting us what we need. The parts are good quality. No junk. I value that I get them quickly.

★★★★★     Ed S. | White Stone Construction Ltd. | Steinbach, MB | Jan 2019

ELRUS has good product, good after sales service and their parts are reasonably priced. We are really happy with ELRUS.

★★★★★     Lee W. | Joe Kerr Limited | Wingham, ON | Jan 2019

I have had stuff break down at 11:00 pm at night and they will have guys out here by 7:00 am the next morning. What I value the most with ELRUS is the knowledge of their service guys, their flexibility, and the fact that they can get here on short notice.

★★★★★     George Y. | Youngberg Pump & Drilling | Estacada, OR | Jan 2019

Whenever I need parts, I’m in a bind, and Jim does a really good job of getting them to me as fast as he can. I value Jim’s attitude and his willingness to help me find the parts that I need. Also his ability to get them to me quickly.

★★★★★     Tim D. | Oyen Concrete | Oyen, AB | Jan 2019

ELRUS was fair to deal with, and they provided good service. We got what we needed.

★★★★★     Mission Branch Customer | Abbotsford, BC | Jan 2019


★★★★★     Miles R. | Inland Aggregates | Calgary, AB | Jan 2019

When the bearings went on that screen, ELRUS was here in 4-5 hours which was fantastic for us.  I value their knowledge and the service mechanics that come out here have all the tools they need. They are safe in how they work. We’ve never had an issue with safety when they are here.

★★★★★     Colorado Springs Branch Customer | Saint Thomas, VI | Jan 2019


★★★★☆     Mission Branch Customer | East Kootenay, BC | Jan 2019


★★★★★     Cambridge Branch Customer | New Liskeard, ON | Jan 2019


★★★★★     Josh L. | Ron’s Oil Company | Coquille, OR | Jan 2019

ELRUS have all the parts and all the answers. I tell them what I want, they say, “Yes, no problem” and they solve the problem.

★★★★★     Jeff C. | R.W. Tomlinson Limited | Gloucester, ON | Jan 2019

We had a pump failure on our crusher, ELRUS was here the same day with the right parts and got us going the same day. We had minimal down-time.

★★★★★     Tom G | Bergen sand & Gravel | Sundre, AB | Jan 2019

I would recommend ELRUS because of the service we get from Travis. He is a good representative for ELRUS. Travis has really helped us out. He had information that I needed to know.

★★★★★     Garland S. | CPB Equipment | Winnipeg, MB | Jan 2019

When I call ELRUS after hours, it’s usually James and he is on it right away. James and Thor are very good, when you need something. They get things done right away. They provide good value for the money.

★★★★★     Terry M. | Lawrence Meier Trucking Ltd. | Dunmore, AB | Jan 2019

I have recommend ELRUS because of the level of service and the quality of the equipment. I love the equipment. The service has always been personal. Parts and Service and Sales – everyone is so eager to help you get back to work quickly.

★★★☆☆     Calgary Branch Customer | Rocky Mountain House, AB | Jan 2019


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★★★★★     Terry H. | Walker Sand & Gravel | Bellevue, ID | Dec 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because they represent good products. They are fairly aggressive at trying to make you happy. They are there for you. I’ve never had an issue with any of the people at ELRUS.

★★★★☆     Cambridge Branch Customer | Mississauga, ON | Dec 2018


★★★★★     Gerrod M. | Mainland Construction Materials ULC | Surrey, BC | Dec 2018

What I value the most about ELRUS is the relationships, like with Mike. And then George. He was super passionate about the equipment and he was teaching the guys a lot about it.

★★★★★     Roland W. | Blue Star Construction Ltd | Brandon, MB | Dec 2018

ELRUS equipment is better for sure. It is a lot more efficient, we can do more jobs, different kinds of jobs. It’s just better in so many ways.

★★★★★     Brian W. | Wood’s Crushing and Hauling Inc | Sandpoint, ID | Dec 2018

What I value the most from ELRUS is the quality of the equipment. It is sturdy and well designed.

★★★★★     Julius B. | Lafarge Canada Inc. | Winnipeg, MB | Dec 2018

I chose ELRUS because of their expertise, and the relationship. We get along with the ELRUS people. We have good communication and they are very professional. They take pride in their work, the details, they are safe in what they do and they are hard workers.

★★★★☆     Colorado Springs Branch Customer | Colorado Springs, CO | Dec 2018


★★★★★     Matt K. | Miles Sand & Gravel Company | Puyallup, WA | Dec 2018

Last time we ordered something, it was really simple. We needed something in a hurry, we called and gave ELRUS the part number and it was here the next day. There was no back and forth, just one call and they got it done.

★★★★★     Adam W. | Green Drop Ltd. | Calgary, AB | Dec 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because they generally have good inventory, and their customer service is really good.

★★★★★     Nelson O. | Nels Ostero Limited | Taylor, BC | Dec 2018

I’ve been dealing with ELRUS for a long time – I’m third generation, so at least since 1970. They are a bigger company, but when you stop by the branch and everyone knows you, it’s a good feeling.

★★★★★     Lisa B. | Draco (1985) Ltd. | Red Lake, ON | Dec 2018

Alain is really good at getting our parts, and he knows what we need and the parts come quickly. There have been many times we have needed parts right away and they are shipped to us right away, almost always overnight.

★★★☆☆     Bert L. | L. Chabot Enterprises Ltd | Winnipeg, MB | Dec 2018

Normally I am satisfied with the site service, but on this one, I was not very happy with him leaving in the middle of it. My machine is down, my guys are at home, we are waiting. Then he had to come back a third time because it wasn’t repaired properly. But he did eventually get it all sorted out for us.

★★★★★     Winnipeg Branch Customer | Emo, ON | Dec 2018


★★★★☆     Gilbert H. | Germanic Mfg. Ltd | Rathwell, MB | Dec 2018

ELRUS makes a beautiful machine and they are good people. This one time, we are only upset about being told that we needed a new liner when we didn’t.

★★★★★     David F. | Godbey Red-E-Mix Concrete Inc. | Brewster, WA | Dec 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because they believe in training and they are good with explaining and staying with you until you understand the machine. Usually a guy will sell you something and then you never see them again. These guys are here, they come often, they explain things to us and make sure we understand everything. I tell other guys to buy from ELRUS, and I say, “You’re crazy not to buy from ELRUS” because of the level of service.

★★★★★     Chad B. | 2073702 Ltd | Calgary, AB | Dec 2018

What I value the most from ELRUS is the collaboration on the design process. We bought a plant, and it was good collaborating with ELRUS to come up with what we want.

★★★★★     Luke R. | King Hoe Excavating Ltd | Langley, BC | Dec 2018

Our cone was all messed up by other contractors who torched some things. They caused about $5000 of damage to the cone. Kris came out and fixed everything that they screwed up. ELRUS is professional, they know what they are doing, plus they were on time and on budget.

★★★★★     Harold M. | Granite Construction Company | Watsonville, CA | Nov 2018

ELRUS got us out of a bind when our cone was down, and we had to get parts and ELRUS shipped them overnight. We had them the next day, ready to go.

★★★★★     Mike M. | Kilgore Companies | Salt Lake City, UT | Nov 2018

What I value about ELRUS is the amount of knowledge that the team has, and the service quality. They can help us out of any bind any time. Not many other crushing suppliers can do that, and walk you through a problem even over the phone. That is rare.

★★★★★     Bill A. | Bill Armstrong Trucking Ltd | Thorhild, AB | Nov 2018

ELRUS’ Service Tech, George, came from Calgary. He showed us what to do and what not to do. He looked at everything to do with the cone. He has really good experience and expertise. The guy knew what he was doing.

★★★★★     Mario T. | Alvin Caldwell Sand & Gravel | New Liskeard, ON | Nov 2018

What I value the most is no breakdowns. We have a lot less breakdowns because of how well the ELRUS equipment is built.

★★★★★     Graham B. | Rockard Crushing  Services Ltd | Regina, SK | Nov 2018

ELRUS is the most well known brand in the crushing industry, so I heard about them a long time ago. I purchase from ELRUS because I can’t get the rollers and the screens always, but I happened to get them from ELRUS a few times.

★★★★★     Tony L. | Taggart Construction Limited | Ottawa, ON | Nov 2018

The quality of the service and the good people who work there is why I recommend ELRUS.

★★★★★     Dave M. | S.W. Weeks Construction Ltd. | New Glasgow, NS | Nov 2018

What I value most about dealing with ELRUS is that I get what I ask for. There is no run around. If I have a problem, or I am not sure what I am looking for, the guys help me out with that too.

★★★★☆     Troy G. | J.E. Nash Enterprises Ltd. | Slave Lake, AB | Nov 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because they find my parts, and they have good availability for everything except for the old cone (1962). They are good people to talk to and they always get back to me with good service.

★★★★★     Dan | RW Cox Drilling | Benton City, WA | Nov 2018

The customer service is what I value the most because the parts get here so quick, and Jim called me back right away on a weekend.

★★★★★     Gord D. | Fowler Construction Co. Ltd. | Bracebridge, ON | Nov 2018


★★★★★     Doug F. | Doug Folden Trucking Ltd | Melfort, SK | Nov 2018

What I value the most is that they can get the parts and get us going quickly. Sometimes there is an issue with a particular part. But we’re never down more than a day with ELRUS. That is really important to us.

★★★★★     Will M. | Hawaiian Cement | Aiea, HI | Nov 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because of their professionalism. They have smart and knowledgeable people, they know about crushing and about the equipment. They can get a plant up and running for us. Most of the crushing equipment now comes with electronic monitors and stuff. To actually have it all hooked up and ready to go, adjusting the electronic system is also important. They have shown us how to calibrate the equipment with the computer and what settings to use.

★★★★☆     Jorden | Goodnight Construction Inc. | Monroe, WA | Nov 2018

I heard about ELRUS when I came here two – three years ago, and found them in the files. I decided to try ELRUS out, and it was so easy, I’ve never looked back. What I value the most from ELRUS is the ease of communications with Jim. I never feel like I’m lost in the dark wondering about my order. We have an older screen, which is from Ireland, so it makes sense that the parts for it take a while to get here from Ireland.

★★★★★     Rob G. | Waterford Crushing & Screening | Waterford, ON | Nov 2018

I’ve had Greg Y come here with overalls on and a wrench to change screens with us. I had your mechanics out a few years ago and they did a great job for us. ELRUS is a great company.

★★★★★     Ryan M. | Anchorage Sand & Gravel Co. Inc. | Anchorage, AK | Nov 2018

I recommend ELRUS because of Kevin, and good vendors like Sandvik. You carry good lines of parts.

★★★★★     Gary G. | Aecon Transportation West Ltd | Calgary, AB | Nov 2018

We purchased equipment  from ELRUS because the price was right and the quality was better. With AECON, we have to get more than one quote, and ELRUS came in with the best quote. Their chassis are probably the best in the industry. I’ve seen the one that Steep Rock had and it was doing really well for them. We liked what we saw. We like the way the plates fit onto the mounts. We did some research into the 2054 and the ELRUS one was the best.

★★★★★     Hugo Acosta | Aggregate Crusher Specialists | Lake Elsinore, CA | Nov 2018

ELRUS had the equipment in stock. They build the equipment and it is well built, sometimes maybe over built, but it is high quality. ELRUS was working on getting this plant to us over the 4th of July weekend, so we were back and forth on the phone and they were working to get it to us on a holiday.

★★★☆☆     Ted P. | Tedlon Services Ltd. | Thompson, MB | Oct 2018

My experience was a 3 because of James making a decision on his own as to what liner I needed and not going with what I asked for. Everyone believes that coarse liners work, but I have spent more of my life crushing with granite than limestone, so I knew what we needed. It was the right one for limestone, but not for granite.

★★★★★     Guy F. | Sandhill Equipment Corp | Kelowna, BC | Oct 2018

We had some ASRI computer issues that came up and we needed Brent Martens to sort it out for us. Brent is very knowledgeable, and he’s the best. There is nobody better.

★★★★★     Chehalis Branch Customer | Portland, OR | Oct 2018


★★★★★     Mike L. | Miller Paving Northern | New Liskeard, ON | Oct 2018

ELRUS has well-built equipment. The people at ELRUS are great too. We’ve seen ELRUS equipment in the past. So far we are satisfied with the jaw and we are thinking of buying more ELRUS equipment.

★★★★☆     Kevin P. | Snake Lake Construction | Prince Albert, SK | Oct 2018

What I value about ELRUS is the relationships. Jared and the other sales guys are great to work with. Something else I value about ELRUS is that I live in a small town between Prince Albert and Saskatoon, and I can get to ELRUS fairly quickly if I need to get parts. Otherwise, sometimes we order parts in the morning and they arrive in the afternoon.

★★★★★     Dave J. | 731695 Ont Ltd. London, ON | Oct 2018

There have been several times where things broke down, things that were on warranty and the ELRUS guys scrambled to get us up and running. But generally, ELRUS equipment is usually rock solid. We don’t have too many problems with it.

★★★★★     Steven F. | Paul Flasha Contracting | Whitecourt, AB | Oct 2018

I have recommended ELRUS several times. I recommend ELRUS because they have the best quality equipment and the best service on the market. Their equipment has the best resale value too, from my point of view.

★★★★★     Rick W. | ROXX Aggregates Ltd. | Sherwood Park, AB | Oct 2018

What I value the most was getting the order correct and the knowledge of the ELRUS staff. I chose ELRUS because of the availability and price.

★★★★★     Brad C. | Richardson Bros (Olds) Ltd | Olds, AB | Oct 2018

I’ve been in binds lots of times! ELRUS always gets me the parts I need right away so I can get up and running again.

★★★★★     Leduc Branch Customer | Lloydminster, AB | Oct 2018


★★★★★     Gilbert D. Lafarge Canada Inc | Calgary, AB | Oct 2018

I buy from ELRUS because it is convenient, the parts fit our equipment, they treat me well. The parts are good quality. I’ve tried other rollers and the ELRUS ones are the best. They seem to care about me doing well.

★★★★☆     Shayne E. | Emshay Enterprises | Moose Jaw, SK | Oct 2018

I get what I need, when I order their parts for my equipment. The parts fit perfectly onto the equipment. There are some parts that I feel are high priced. I use other suppliers so I know the prices, and sometimes, ELRUS is high.

★★★★★     Leduc Branch Customer | La Crete, AB | Oct 2018

We were down with our machine that ELRUS fixed for us, we did a rebuild ourselves and it didn’t work for us. I was really impressed that they offered to have our guys work in their shop to save us on labour costs. They got us up and running in a pretty quick time frame.

★★★★★     Ken F. | Hopkins Construction (Lacombe) Ltd | Lacombe, AB | Oct 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because their inventory is really good, I can count on that. Their guys are experienced and know what they’re talking about.

★★★★★     Jennie W. | Lazy Mountain Enterprises LLC | Palmer, AK | Oct 2018

It was a weekend when we started the process, and that’s when I called Kevin while he was on vacation and he answered his phone! The overall purchase experience was very professional. Kevin was great to work with.

★★★★★     Mike H. | Haas Construction Ltd | Saskatoon, SK | Oct 2018

Because ELRUS has more experience with this kind of repair, we chose them for service. I called Matt and talked to him about this skirting problem. He knew right away what I was talking about. If I had called a machine shop in Saskatoon for this repair, they wouldn’t have known what to do.

★★★★★     Cambridge Branch Customer | Amaranth, ON | Oct 2018


★★★★★     Leduc Branch Customer | Lacombe, AB | Oct 2018


★★★★☆     Allan S. | Russell Redi Mix Concrete | Russell, MB | Sep 2018

I call James at ELRUS directly after hours. He is 90% of the reason we buy from ELRUS. He goes beyond the call of duty. He has acquired 85% of our parts business, and we buy a lot of parts.

★★★★★     Mike S. | Iron Ore Company of Canada | Labrador City, NL | Sep 2018

I would say that our production has increased by 75% with the new equipment from ELRUS. What I value the most with ELRUS is their people. The ones I have met so far have always been friendly, supportive and helpful. Getting their help on the phone is important.

★★★★★     Merritt S. | Wheatland Aggregates Ltd. | Lafleche, SK | Sep 2018

I bought a piece of equipment from ELRUS in the 1990s and we’ve been using ELRUS ever since. I would recommend ELRUS because of the good availability of parts and they have great people who are always helpful.

★★★★★     Jay D. | Dufferin Aggregate-Mill Creek | Mill Creek, ON | Sep 2018

We have been dealing with ELRUS for a lot of years. I would recommend ELRUS because they get the job done in a timely manner, and safely, which is important to us too.

★★★★☆     Matt C. | Macon Industries Inc | Surrey, BC | Sep 2018

ELRUS has high quality equipment and the terrific service. When we deal with them for parts, they always get them out quickly to us. ELRUS is a local company, a Canadian company. The people are easy to deal with, easy to reach and to talk to.

★★★★★     Kevin P. | JMB Crushing Systems ULC | Bonnyville, AB | Sep 2018

I have been around gravel crushers for 18 years so I know ELRUS. It is good to get them to come out because ELRUS has the right tools, they know the equipment and that way, the equipment stays up to spec and keeps running properly.

★★★★★     Chehalis Customer | Orville, CA | Sep 2018


★★★★★     Brian L. | Lafarge Canada | Lethbridge, AB | Sep 2018

I have referred ELRUS to McNally Contractors, and Jason was there yesterday, and now he is delivering parts to him. So that worked out for ELRUS. I recommend them for the quality of the service, the parts, their knowledge, and they deliver the parts too. They have always been good for us.

★★★★★     Slade G. | Van-Isle Aggregate | Nanaimo, BC | Sep 2018

I value the quality of the parts at ELRUS. ELRUS has higher standards than the parts places around here. ELRUS has the quality and the know how. They cost more money but you get what you pay for.

★★★★★     Bart L. | Winston Quarry | Mossyrock, WA | Sep 2018

Kevin B with ELRUS knows his stuff, and he is pleasant. He is just a good guy. He has helped me a lot. He has even come here and worked on things on Saturdays with me.

★★★★☆     Mark S. | Farrell’s Excavating Ltd | St John’s, NL | Sep 2018

Their products perform well. The 24-42 jaw we have is excellent, and we have a 6 x 20 screen deck from ELRUS. They work fantastic.

★★★★★     Darrell M. | H & H Enterprises Limited | Wabush, NL | Sep 2018

I like the customer service. Marc is great and he has his customer’s best interest in mind. It was a pleasure dealing with him. He responded back to me in a timely manner. He did his best to accommodate our needs. Overall the customer service with this sale was really good.

★★★★★     Don S. | Esker Aggregates | Timmins, ON | Sep 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because they have good products, and they are focused on the aggregate business, unlike say other manufacturer. They live and breathe the aggregate business. I wish I had more ELRUS equipment.

★★★★★     Albert D. | Dukes Industries, LLC | Toledo, OH | Sep 2018

I have Colin’s cell and I call him or text him after hours, any time and he calls me right back. I appreciate the personal service that we get and the speedy time of response when we call.

★★★★★    Chris O.  |  Lafarge Canada Inc  |  Edmonton, AB  |  Aug 2018

ELRUS knows what keeps me satisfied as a customer – their availability and customer service. Some companies just don’t do what ELRUS does. It benefits me in so many ways.

★★★★★    Jackson F.  |  EDCO Aggregates Ltd  |  Turtleford, SK  |  Aug 2018

 When contacting ELRUS after hours, I call Jared’s cell phone and he answers anytime day or night, if he is awake, even 9:00 or 10:00 at night.

★★★★★    Shane G.  |  Buffalo Gravel Corp  |  Grande Prairie, AB  |  Aug 2018

Just last week, we were in a bind with our cone liner. The backing that you pour into the cone liners cracked on us and we were unfamiliar with this liner. I reached out to Kevin at ELRUS and he instructed me what to do, we did that and it all worked out. He was able to help us out by guiding me through it on the phone.

★★★★★    Geoff W.  |  Coast Aggregates Ltd  |  Squamish, BC  |  Aug 2018

I bought parts from ELRUS because Dawson has come and shown them to us. He has good solutions. I value just being able to show him what we are dealing with and then he can see what we need. What I value the most is the good friendly service. I have dealt with Mike quite a bit too over the years, and there is always service with a smile.

★★★★★    Scott T.  |  Fann Contracting  |  Prescott, AZ  |  Aug 2018

The tower leaked water when it rained and it leaked into the control van. Brent with ELRUS came out to do a repair to a seal where the leak was. What I value the most from this experience was working with Curt at ELRUS, who I dealt with for this purchase. He made everything simple.

★★★★★    Ron F.  |  Sigfusson Northern  |  Lundar, MB  |  Aug 2018

James usually comes out to see how we’re doing. He’ll bring parts if I have a breakdown, and he was coming anyways. Just being able to keep in contact with him is really good, especially I am in a bind.

★★★★    Carl R.  |  ACE Enterprises Ltd  |  Yellowknife, NT  |  Aug 2018

We have been dealing with ELRUS for years to purchase our parts. I finally got to the point of needing a new spread. I went to ELRUS and to some other companies. I talked to people who had both ELRUS and their competitor’s equipment, and they said that ELRUS is the way to go because of the service and because they have staff in Alberta. I decided cheaper is not better. I wanted to spend more money in order to get more productivity and less headaches.

★★★★★    Kenny W.  |  Wood’s Crushing and Hauling Inc  |  Sandpoint, ID  |  Aug 2018

The ELRUS equipment is top notch and the people behind it are as well, even after hours. I enjoy their company professionally and personally.

★★★★★    Don B.  |  Glenko Enterprises (1994) Ltd  |  Arborg, MB  |  Aug 2018

When I needed a screen, I called Matt and right away he found the unit that would work for us. Then connected me with Mike in BC and he got me the van. They handled that really nicely.

★★★★★    Darren D.  |  William Day Construction Ltd  |  Copper Cliff, ON  |  Aug 2018

What I value the most with ELRUS is the personal relationship with Greg. He knows us, our equipment, our needs, our jobs, so he makes sure we get what we need for the work we do. He is very knowledgeable.

★★★★★    Mark H.  |  Skeena Gravel Products  |  Terrace, BC  |  Aug 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because of their service and equipment. Their staff are helpful and friendly.

★★★★★    Adolf B.  |  Fast Brothers (1978) Ltd  |  Blumenort, MB  |  Aug 2018

I value ELRUS’s knowledge. Often, I learn quite a bit from James about our equipment. It’s very beneficial and I am satisfied with how often he comes.

★★★★    Mission Branch Customer | Stewart, BC | Aug 2018


★★★★★    Leduc Branch Customer | Edmonton, AB | Aug 2018

Everything went well with ELRUS’ service. We had no problems.

★★★★★    Shane B.  |  Wheeler Rock Products  |  Wapato, WA  |  Aug 2018

Kevin at ELRUS has been great and very helpful. I have contacted him early in the morning and late at night. He follows up to make sure that we get the part.

★★★★★    Joe P.  |  APS Aggregate Services Inc  |  Kitchener, ON  |  Aug 2018

I strongly agree that ELRUS can be called to get us out of a bind! I have tons of examples. We have had breakdowns and issues with our cone crushers. They come to site, lickety split. Same with our telestackers and conveyors, I have had them here for multiple things, also slurry pumps. If I really need ELRUS, they would be on my doorstep.

★★★★★    Rod Z.  |  United Concrete  |  Williams Lake, BC  |  Aug 2018

What I value the most about ELRUS is the staff’s ability to answer questions. They are very knowledgeable and they are helpful.

★★★★    Greg B.  |  Vihar Construction Ltd.  |  Smithers, BC  |  Aug 2018

My dealings with Kris have been great, he is pretty on the ball. Their staff in general is good. Mike is top notch.

★★★★★    Kevin M.  |  Dawson Construction Ltd.  |  Kamloops, BC  |  Aug 2018

Kris comes to site and yes, it’s very beneficial to have him come. A lot of the stuff you can physically look at together and he can help me understand what we can do to fix things or maintain them better.

★★★★★    Kenny W.  |  Wood’s Crushing and Hauling Inc  |  Sandpoint, ID  |  Aug 2018

ELRUS is knowledgeable & available to answer my questions and determine the parts I require. That would be a 6 out of 5! Kevin comes out all the time and he is a huge help to me. He’s around and he knows what I need. Colin is also very helpful to me, too. They are all excellent to deal with at ELRUS.

★★★★★    Brad M.  |  McDonald Aggregates Inc.  |  Leduc, AB  |  Aug 2018

The main reason I would recommend ELRUS is their proximity. They are quite close to us. But aside from that, ELRUS also has great customer service, quality product, pricing, and they are great to deal with.

★★★★★    Ron F.  |  Sigfusson Northern  |  Lundar, MB  |  Aug 2018

I can call ELRUS anytime. A few weeks ago I had a motor blow up and I was talking to them at 11:00 pm looking for a motor. We got the motor right away. I always get very good service from their sales and mechanical division. Thor is excellent too.

★★★★★    Claude L.  |  Alamos Gold Inc  |  Toronto, ON  |  Aug 2018

ELRUS’ service has been excellent. I have made emergency calls to get parts and they pulled through for me. One time, I called at 2:00 am and they had the parts to me the next morning to me. That was great service!

★★★★★    Cambridge Branch Customer | North Bay, ON | Aug 2018

What I value the most about ELRUS is that they respond to us quickly. They do provide good service.

★★★★★    Jim S.  |  Waterford Sand & Gravel  |  Waterford, ON  |  Aug 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because the equipment works well. I love the equipment. It is doing a phenomenal job for us. At this location, it has been a great investment for the company.

★★★★★    Kenny W.  |  Wood’s Crushing and Hauling Inc  |  Sandpoint, ID  |  Aug 2018

Kevin comes out all the time and he is a huge help to me. He’s around and he knows what I need. Colin is also very helpful to me too. They are all excellent to deal with. I value Kevin’s knowledge and his willingness to help. He helps with other issues not just ELRUS ones.

★★★★★    Cambridge Branch Customer  |  Cambridge, ON  |  Aug 2018

We didn’t have any issues with the purchase.

★★★★★    Vince F.  |  Lafarge Canada  |  Fonthill, ON  |  Aug 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because of their knowledge and expertise in the industry. They will do their best to provide good customer service and help a guy out. And I trust them and I have good relationships. If they give me an estimate for a worst case scenario and if it comes in less, then they only bill for what they did. That’s huge for me.

★★★★★    Lloyd G.  |  Butler Bros Supplies Ltd  |  Duncan, BC  |  Aug 2018

When I do call ELRUS after hours, Mike calls me right back. We had some issues with the new plant and they acted on those pretty quickly. I have always been a fan of ELRUS, I have dealt with them for many years and I think they have great equipment.

★★★★★    Chris O.  |  Lafarge Canada Inc  |  Edmonton, AB  |  Aug 2018

With any issue I’ve had, ELRUS has shown up and got us out of the bind. I am satisfied with the quality of ELRUS Site Service. If I got the wrong part, ELRUS will have a guy come to pick it up or deliver the correct one. They will do whatever it takes to get me going.

★★★★★    Colorado Springs Branch Customer | Birmingham, AL | Aug 2018


★★★★★    Geoff W.  |  Coast Aggregates Ltd  |  Squamish, BC  |  Aug 2018

It’s valuable to have Dawson come to site as he has shown us some good solutions. I value just being able to show him what we are dealing with and then he can see what we need.

★★★★★    Calgary Branch Customer | Calgary, AB | Aug 2018


★★★★★    Cam C.  |  Cook Brothers Cartage  |  Swan River, MB  |  Aug 2018

I’d like to thank ELRUS Winnipeg for sending me a gearbox immediately yesterday when we asked for it.

★★★★★    Adolf B.  |  Fast Brothers (1978) Ltd  |  Blumenort, MB  |  Aug 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because of the good service, and they have good people to work with. James is knowledgeable. And it is local. Last year, they did a fantastic job when I broke a shaft on a motor. Jeff ordered the part even though my boss had not approved it. My boss gave me the go ahead the next day, and it was already there. That was fantastic!

★★★★★    John S.  |  Canada Building Materials  |  Aberfoyle, ON  |  Aug 2018

If we do need a part after hours, we can reach ELRUS and they deal with it. I call Rick D’s cell. He gets the part for us or he goes through Kyle or Kurt.

★★★★★    Jackson F.  |  EDCO Aggregates Ltd  |  Turtleford, SK  |  Aug 2018

A jaw plate fell off on Saturday evening. I called Jared with ELRUS at 8:00 pm Saturday and he had a guy out to fix it on Sunday morning, and we were up and running by Sunday evening.

★★★★    Carl R.  |  ACE Enterprises Ltd  |  Yellowknife, NT  |  Aug 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because I like the way they have all American parts for the most part and it is easy to find parts. Everything seems solid. I really enjoyed working with Brent. He is a very knowledgeable guy. He is old school and that is how we operate. He knew exactly what we had, and what we needed to work with when he came here to get us going.

★★★★★    Shane G.  |  Buffalo Gravel Corp  |  Grande Prairie, AB  |  Aug 2018

By having Mark come out, I can put a face to a name and I value that. I also learn about new products. I like being treated as a person and it’s nice to see them on site. It’s just good to feel that we are being taken care of.

★★★★★    Lyle W.  |  Venture Construction Inc  |  Martensville, SK  |  Jun 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because with everything we use from them, we have had very little trouble. We haven’t had problems in our system. We have almost all ELRUS equipment and it is very reliable. We get good service and we can get parts quickly. Most of it is stocked in Calgary so we can get it overnight. There is very little down time for us.

★★★★★    Kirk M.  |  Knife River Corp.  |  Portland, OR  |  Jun 2018

ELRUS jumped to help us when we were in a bind. We got in a pinch with drive belts one time. We went through 2 sets in one day, and I called Colin at ELRUS. He had drive belts to us by 5:30 am the next morning. He has gone above and beyond to get us parts. If they have the parts, we will get them very quickly.

★★★★★    Joe A.  |  Moncrief Construction Limited  |  Kenora, ON  |  Jun 2018

When I call ELRUS after hours, I phone James on his cell. He always answers and helps me out with what I need.

★★★★★    Gary G.  |  Aecon Transportation West Ltd  |  Calgary, AB  |  Jun 2018

What I value is that ELRUS gets a good job done for a fair price. If the work varies from their original quote, they call and ask us about it. And if something isn’t right, they will come back and make it right. I have been dealing with ELRUS for 10 years in Alberta, and in Ontario since the late eighties, so I know how consistent they are. We just bought a jaw screen and a tower van from ELRUS.

★★★★    Wes O.  |  Williamson Trucking  |  Reston, MB  |  Jun 2018

I value providing feedback because I know that somebody’s actually listening and asking me questions. It’s good to know I am being heard. I want to be a proud ELRUS customer and I don’t really like to complain. But I want a better experience. I need parts that are coming from Calgary, dropped in Brandon as opposed to going all the way to Winnipeg.

★★★★★    John T.  |  T & T Sand & Gravel  |  Devon, AB  |  Jun 2018

ELRUS has been good to us. They are knowledgeable about our equipment and they will share information and troubleshoot on the phone. We have other equipment as well. We use some service places in Edmonton for those.

★★★★★    Phil H.  |  Granite Construction  |  Salt Lake City, UT  |  Jun 2018

Brent at ELRUS has a lot of knowledge. He understands everything about the equipment and the industry. Also, we are really satisfied with the Vendor Managed Inventory system they are using to keep us in stock with parts that we need. That is really helpful for us. Rod is doing a great job for us with that.

★★★★★    Glen B.  |  Oliver Redi-Mix LLP  |  Oliver, BC  |  Jun 2018

I usually call Brent at ELRUS even after hours, and he always answers. He says to call any time so I do!

★★★★★    Zac E.  |  R. G. Crushing Inc  |  Chehalis, WA  |  Jun 2018

We have been in a bind and ELRUS helped out. Just last Friday, we had a belt rip in half and I couldn’t find one, so I called Colin. ELRUS doesn’t stock those belts, and yet he was able to come up with the belt I needed within 3 hours!

★★★★★    Stan W.  |  Deschutes Aggregate & Recycle  |  Olympia, WA  |  Jun 2018

What I value the most about ELRUS is Colin, their Outside Sales Rep. I’ve only been in rock crushing for a year and he has been helping me understand the industry.

★★★★★    Wes B.  |  Smook Contractors Ltd  |  Thompson, MB  |  Jun 2018

ELRUS has good people and they provide good service. Their pricing is good, and so is their delivery. When I started here, they were shopping at ELRUS, so they have a history with the company. As time went on, I have had good experiences with them and they are a good company to work with. I value getting parts from them quickly.

★★★★★    Winnipeg Branch Customer  |  Winnipeg, MB  |  Jun 2018

Everything went well, we had problems with ELRUS Site Service.

★★★★★    Leduc Branch Customer  |  AB  |  Jun 2018

I have a long relationship with the ELRUS guys and I know that whatever I need, whether that is help or parts, I can get it. I just pick up the phone and they are there. I can count on them.

★★★★    Winnipeg Branch Customer  |  Kenora, ON  |  Jun 2018

Yeah for sure. I needed an obsolete part and I couldn’t find it, and I talked to ELRUS and they found it somewhere. It might have been from another customer actually who had a connection, and ELRUS got it for me.

★★★★★    Harold W.  |  Westside Asphalt & Concrete Inc  |  Corner Brook, NL  |  Jun 2018

ELRUS really specializes in this industry and we have had some good past experiences with them. Based on that, we decided it was easy to have them do this one for us too. We like the control tower.

★★★★★    Dave G.  |  Hawaiian Cement  |  Aiea, HI  |  Jun 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because Kevin is a solution driven type person versus a salesman peddling equipment. He is very knowledgeable too. Some salesmen are not knowledgeable, and they are just trying to make a sale. Kevin isn’t like that at all.

★★★★    John P.  |  Borland Construction Inc.  |  Winnipeg, MB  |  Jun 2018

It’s nice that ELRUS is following up and asking what we thinking. There is always room for improvements. It’s good to know that they want to improve, so hats off to ELRUS. Service can improve on parts.

★★★★★    Rick M.  |  McIntosh Redi Mix Ltd.  |  Montmartre, SK  |  Jun 2018

Yes in the past I have. They were good at resolving the issue right away. I was more than pleased and that is why I keep going back to ELRUS.

★★★★★    Noel B.  |  Kode Contracting Ltd  |  Prince George, BC  |  Jun 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because they are knowledgeable and 95% of the time they have what I need. It is up time, the quicker you get parts, the quicker you are making product. About 75% of our equipment is from ELRUS and they know the equipment and that is good for us. I appreciate their knowledge. They understand the industry and the equipment really well.

★★★★★    Reggie K.  |  Miles Sand & Gravel Company  |  Lacey, WA  |  Jun 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because I have had a good experience with them, and they have quality equipment, parts and service.

★★★★★    Andrew D.  |  Painted Rock Aggregates  |  Savona, BC  |  Jun 2018

Mike and Kris after hours a few times. They always respond and help.

★★★★★    Cambridge Branch Customer | Baie-Comeau, QC | Jun 2018


★★★★★    Joe A.  |  Moncrief Construction Limited  |  Kenora, ON  |  Jun 2018

On a long weekend, we had a problem. I called James at ELRUS, and he went to work and got the part we needed and met us halfway between his office and the job site to get me the part.

★★★★    Justin B.  |  A.L. Blair Construction Ltd  |  Moose Creek, ON  |  Jun 2018

The ELRUS Feeder Screen Plant is well made. There are a few issues that we have with it but the welding and construction is quality. Lots of dealer support too. I would never feel like I was left high and dry with ELRUS equipment.

★★★★★    Kent P.  |  Greenwood Asphalt Products  |  Pembroke, ON  |  May 2018

I recommend ELRUS because they look after you, they are good to talk to, they do a good job, and they have the parts.

★★★★★    Ken F.  |  Hopkins Constr. (Lacombe) Ltd  |  Lacombe, AB  |  May 2018

Whenever I call ELRUS, I’m in a bind. They respond quickly, they know everything about the parts. They can always help me out or they know who can.

★★★★★    Chris N.  |  Mixcor Aggregates Inc.  |  Leduc, AB  |  May 2018

There have been after hours calls to ELRUS for some gear boxes, those pieces that go down late on a Friday afternoon. Last year, our operators changed settings and pushed a piece of equipment harder. We lost the gearbox and ELRUS was the only one who had a gear reducer box. Some of the parts we needed after hours, they have delivered right to the site. I have lots of stories of ELRUS helping us out.

★★★★★    Rob F.  |  Farrish Crushing Inc  |  Listowel, ON  |  May 2018

Kurt at ELRUS lives in Listowel and brings me parts all the time. ELRUS shipping is a 6 out of 5!

★★★★    Graham L.  |  Inland Aggregates  |  Winnipeg, MB  |  May 2018

Their proximity to us is good. They are 20 minutes up the road if I need something quickly off the shelf.

★★★★★    Clare C.  |  C. R. Chittick Construction Ltd  |  Cambridge, ON  |  May 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because they send you what you want in a timely manner. They have good service and a good attitude.


★★★★★    Mike K.  |  Burnco Rock Products Ltd.  |  Edmonton, AB  |  May 2018  |  ELRUS’s 24×7 After Hours Parts & Service

Usually I get someone right away, or if not, someone calls back within 10 minutes for the most part. Usually it is an emergency, so it is great that the ELRUS guys can check their stock on their phones no matter where they are. That is really helpful!

★★★★    Brandon F.  |  Folden Construction  |  Melfort, SK  |  May 2018

ELRUS always responds when we have a problem, and they are quick about it.


★★★★★    Saskatoon Branch Customer  |  SK  |  May 2018


★★★★★    Kari M.  |  Western Explosives Ltd.  |  Surrey, MB  |  May 2018

I am satisfied with ELRUS. I only got the wrong part once. Otherwise, they have tried their best to help me out. The guys at ELRUS are very helpful.

★★★★★    Saskatoon Branch Customer  |  SK  |  May 2018


★★★★★    Charlie H.  |  RD Mac Inc  |  La Grande, OR  |  May 2018

We were in a bind on some blow bars a few months ago. ELRUS got them out pretty quick to us. ELRUS has always done a good job getting me the right parts on time.

★★★★★    Les B.  |  Burns Construction Inc  |  Cathlamet, WA  |  Apr 2018

I would recommend ELRUS for many reasons. Their people are knowledgeable, they have quality parts that are readily available. My experience has been great so far. I am also very happy they have moved into our area. There is a need for them in this area of Washington.

★★★★★    Morley L.  |  Swayze Concrete Ltd  |  Weyburn, SK  |  Apr 2018

ELRUS will get me what I need, they will come here to my shop, or they will meet me halfway with a part when I call after hours.

★★★★★    Beverly T.  |  Fraser Pacific Enterprises Inc  |  Abbotsford, BC  |  Apr 2018

I had a gearbox go just lately, and ELRUS said it would be the next day to get me a new one, and it actually came that afternoon. I was very happy with that. They are very good to work with.

★★★★★    Levi W.  |  Elite Crushing  |  Morden, MB  |  Apr 2018

What I value the most is the quick service from ELRUS and their people. They can be depended upon. I get along really well with Thor and James.


★★★★★    Mack M.  |  Penny Lee Trucking Inc  |  Renten, WA  |  Apr 2018

ELRUS is easy to talk to. They go the extra mile to figure out what you need, and they are just helpful. The prices are comparable, and they are fairly close to us.

★★★★★    Travis A.  |  Nuway Crushing Ltd  |  Whitehorse, YT  |  Apr 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because they do build good products. I have positive things to say about ELRUS equipment. Ron is the only contact I have at ELRUS and he is great, very knowledgeable.

★★★★★    Kent N.  |  Valley Rock Construction  |  Birtle, MB  |  Apr 2018

I only call ELRUS after hours once in a while. I have the cell numbers of the mechanic and he always gets back to me. Thor, and the parts guys, James, always call me back quickly.

★★★★★    Rex P.  |  Peterson Rock Inc  |  Chehalis, WA  |  Apr 2018

The mechanic Robert at ELRUS helped get us out a bind a couple of times. If we needed parts in a hurry, then Kevin is fantastic at getting things done as fast as he can for us. He is one of the best sales guys around.

★★★★★    Cambridge Branch Customer  |  Cambridge, ON  |  Apr 2018


★★★★★    Sylvain H.  |  Les Pavages Chenail Inc.  |  Montreal, QC  |  Apr 2018

With ELRUS, I have never had any difficulty placing orders for parts. I would mention that their prices are a bit high, but their people are fantastic and I value the fact that they are accurate on parts orders.

★★★★★    Daryl W.  |  Blue Star Construction Ltd  |  Brandon, MB  |  Apr 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because of the level of service they support, and the quality of the equipment overall. We did a lot of research before buying this equipment. First and foremost, ELRUS is a Canadian company, and the quality of the equipment is very high.

 ★★★★★    Leon J.  |  SSR Mining Inc  |  Regina, SK  |  Apr 2018

Yes, we have called ELRUS after hours a few times this year so far. Usually we talk to Jared and he is very helpful. I don’t think we have ever called and not gotten someone on the phone right away. They supply everything for us.

★★★★★    Darren H.  |  Kerridge Concrete Ltd  |  Calgary, AB  |  Apr 2018

When we first started the new concrete plant last summer, we had problems with the belts blowing up. ELRUS came out twice to help fix those for us. I would recommend ELRUS because they come out straight away, they get parts quickly, they are prompt and thorough. They are just really great people to work with.

★★★★★    Mike S.  |  Cadman Inc.  |  Battleground, WA  |  Apr 2018

What I value the most about ELRUS is their staff’s knowledge. They do their best and they are getting better at stocking parts locally.

★★★★★    Leduc Branch Customer  |  Edmonton Area, AB  |  Apr 2018


★★★★★    Jacob W.  |  DTG Enterprises Inc  |  Mill Creek, WA  |  Apr 2018

They are the only who deals with ExTec equipment and they are pretty good. They get me what I need.


★★★★★    Aaron S.  |  Selkirk Paving Ltd.  |  Crescent Valley, BC  |  Apr 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because they have very good service. They are knowledgeable and they have a good support system. The gears seem to work efficiently.

★★★★☆    Ted S.  |  Farwest Portable Crushing Inc  |  Gresham, OR  |  Mar 2018

I was satisfied with the after-hours service with ELRUS, especially with Colin. I text him 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. He gets right back to me and gets me the parts I need.

★★★★★    Travis P.  |  KLS Earthworks Inc  |  Rocky View AB  |  Mar 2018

I can say ELRUS has a good parts inventory. They have parts readily available, so when we have a breakdown, it is usually a part that we need in a hurry, and they do have a good stock of parts.

★★★★★    Lorne S.  |  L & G Crushing  |  Raymore, SK  |  Mar 2018

What I value the most from ELRUS is the friendships. I have become friends with the people at ELRUS. I also value how they are helping us keep our business going.

★★★★★    Dean B.  |  Associated Aggregates Inc  |  Falun, AB  |  Mar 2018

I have been treated very fairly over the years by ELRUS. On this job, we didn’t give them a lot of time to do this work. They had this piece of equipment in stock and they were able to pull it off the line to get it to us quickly. We appreciated not having to wait long for it. ELRUS gives great service to their customers.

★★★★★    Cam C.  |  Dale Croswell Construction Co  |  Thorhild, AB  |  Mar 2018

I recommend ELRUS because of their good service and good availability of parts. We have ELRUS equipment, so far it has been working really well for us.

★★★★    Dennis C.  |  Gravier Collet Gravel Inc  |  Notre Dame De Lourdes, MB  |  Mar 2018

When I call after hours, ELRUS answers right away, and usually I am getting a price, or placing an order. Sometimes I just text because I am in a poor cell phone area, but it works.

★★★★★    Grant M.  |  K. McIntosh And Sons  |  Outlook, SK  |  Mar 2018

ELRUS got me up and running quickly when I was in a bind. I had a set of bearings go last fall and I was only down for 2 days. ELRUS had the bearings in stock in Saskatoon, and they brought them out and helped put them in for us.

★★★★★    Levie D.  |  Glacier Northwest DBA  |  Seattle, WA  |  Mar 2018

Kevin and other staff at ELRUS always are quick to answer and get me any information I need. The customer service that Kevin gives me is what I value the most. He is just really helpful all round.

★★☆☆☆    Winnipeg Branch Customer  |  Winnipeg, MB  |  Mar 2018


★★★★★    Dave D.  |  McPhee Construction  |  Edson, AB  |  Mar 2018

Their equipment is good quality and they have good people to work with.

★★★★★    Andrew K.  |  Aim Recycling Hamilton  |  Hamilton, ON  |  Mar 2018

Anytime I call Greg or Marc with ELRUS after hours, they have always picked up the phone, or else they get back to me right away.

★★★★★    Frank M.  |  Mortimer Brothers Construction  |  Regina, SK  |  Mar 2018

I have been in a bind several times, I’ve needed parts in a hurry and Jared at ELRUS drove it out to me right away. I’m in Regina and he’s in Saskatoon, and he’ll drive it down here for me.

★★★★    Ron H.  |  Holdeman & Sons Inc  |  Buhl, ID  |  Mar 2018

What I value the most about ELRUS is their service. I can get prompt help and good deals.

★★★★★    Jim P.  |  Vale Canada Limited  |  Winnipeg, MB  |  Mar 2018

Thor was really helpful for us. He has a lot of experience.

★★★★★    Gary F.  |  Texada Quarry Ltd  |  Surrey, BC  |  Mar 2018

I would recommend ELRUS to others because it makes good business sense, and we appreciate the quality of the parts and the availability of parts.

★★★★    Mission Branch Customer  |  Mission, BC  |  Mar 2018


★★★★★    Lloyd G.  |  Butler Bros Supplies Ltd  |  Duncan, BC  |  Feb 2018

I would recommend ELRUS based on my 30-40 years of dealing with ELRUS, I have always been satisfied with their service. They have really good equipment and their people are very helpful.

★★★★★    Leduc Branch Customer  |  BC  |  Feb 2018

I call Darren at ELRUS if its after hours, or else Terry or Ramsey. We run 24/7 here and we talk to Brent a lot, and 50% of the time it is after hours. That’s because we do a lot of our own work here.

★★★★★    Tom S.  |  Eagle Rock Construction Ltd.  |  Kamloops, BC  |  Feb 2018

In this business, we get in binds. We only have a few ELRUS pieces and they have gone above and beyond to get us parts we couldn’t get otherwise. ELRUS has helped us immensely.

★★★★★    Mike R.  |  Formation Capital Corporation  |  Salmon, ID  |  Feb 2018

I value the knowledge and helpful attitude of the ELRUS staff. We have ELRUS equipment and they are brand new crushers purchased in 2011 and 2012. We wanted to get them checked out before we set them up for this mine.

★★★★    Mission Branch Customer  |  Vancouver Island, BC  |  Feb 2018


★★★★    Warren D.  |  Steep Rock Ltd  |  Medicine Hat, AB  |  Feb 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because they are good guys, the price is fair, they are professional. Lots of the other aggregate dealers are not professional. ELRUS is very detailed with their quotes, you know exactly what you are getting. We love the jaw plant. It’s been working great for us.

★★★★★    Jordan F.  |  McLeod Valley Sand & Gravel  |  Edson, AB  |  Feb 2018

ELRUS usually calls us back really quickly when we call them after hours.

★★★★★    Jody B.  |  Lafarge-Central Agg  |  Abbotsford, BC  |  Feb 2018

ELRUS has helped us get out of a bind many times before. We needed some parts and they got them to us really quickly. That has happened a number of times when we were down.

★★★★★    Doug L.  |  Granite Construction  |  Salt Lake City, UT  |  Feb 2018

The equipment. The Sandvik is a really good reliable cone and it is easy to work on.

★★★★★    Rick B.  |  West Carleton Sand & Gravel Inc.  |  Carp, ON  |  Feb 2018

ELRUS service is fine, but I wouldn’t recommend this piece of equipment. It hasn’t been a fit for us. I would say the ELRUS staff are friendly and they tried their best for us.

★★★★★    Bob P.  |  Ptolemy Bros. Trucking Ltd  |  Rosetown, SK  |  Feb 2018

I would recommend ELRUS equipment because is better than other manufacturers. It is simple to work on and easy to maintain.

★★★★★    Chris T.  |  Terrane Metals-Mount Milligan  |  McKenzie, BC  |  Feb 2018

When we call ELRUS after hours, they are prompt to do what we need. George is quick to respond and even some of my employees call to get him to troubleshoot something for them on the phone.

★★★★★    Ed S.  |  Diamond Ready Mix Concrete Ltd  |  Steinbach, MB  |  Feb 2018

 There was one time when we first bought the ELRUS spread, we had electrical issues, and we talked to Brent on the phone. He was able to talk us through the problem on the phone.

★★★★★    Lou T.  |  Tezak Heavy Equipment  |  Canon City, CO  |  Feb 2018

I value getting good quality parts. Curt has been real good, he takes care of us.

★★★★★    Chehalis Branch Customer  |  McMinnville, OR  |  Feb 2018


★★★★★    Doug L.  |  Tanas Concrete Industries  |  Airdrie, AB  |  Feb 2018

They gave us good service, they had good response, and immediate action.

★★★★★    Cambridge Branch Customer  |  Cambridge, ON  |  Feb 2018


★★★★★    Page C.  |  Martin Marietta  |  Colorado Springs, CO  |  Jan 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because their customer service is beyond compare. They are readily available, and they do everything they possibly can to get us what we need.


★★★★★    Scott R.  |  Concrete Recyclers  |  Tumwater, WA  |  Jan 2018

 When I call ELRUS, I talk to Colin, and a few times he has worked with me after hours on his cell to troubleshoot problems. They custom made some parts for us. They were awesome.

★★★★★    Dale S.  |  Nemadar Ranch Ltd  |  High Prairie, AB  |  Jan 2018

We were in a bind when our jawcrusher was down last summer in the busiest part of our season. The ELRUS guys got out here and took the jaw apart and got the bearings from halfway around the world. They are right on the ball to help us as quickly as possible.

★★★★★    Joe P.  |  Aggregate Processing Services  |  Kitchener, ON  |  Jan 2018

What I value the most about ELRUS is the relationships with their staff. And when I ask for a quote, it is as honest as it can be. They put forth a great effort to match or better other quotes that I get. What Kurt and Kyle do is they try to get me the best price possible that works for me and for them. And I respect that too. Other companies only look at their bottom line but ELRUS understands. For most of what we need, ELRUS does give us the best rate. Most of our parts we get from ELRUS. I also consider the service and shipping factors in the price of things, and ELRUS really shines there. Between Kurt and Kyle, they are doing an excellent job.

★★★★★    Tom B.  |  Lafarge Canada Inc  |  Calgary, AB  |  Jan 2018

ELRUS Staff are knowledgeable and always helpful. They have good service and have whatever we need almost all the time.

★★★★★    John M.  |  Orca Sand & Gravel Ltd  |  Port McNeill, BC  |  Jan 2018

I would recommend ELRUS for their quick service and the knowledge of their people. I can call ELRUS and they almost always have an answer for a question about everything. If I call to ask about a part and I don’t know the name of it or the number, I can just describe it and they know what I am talking about.

★★★★★    Don S.  |  Harold Sorensen Trucking  |  Toledo, WA  |  Jan 2018

 We called ELRUS after hours and they were there and helped us out. They said they were available after hours and they were. We were able to troubleshoot the problem over the phone with them and get back up and running.

★★★★    Blair J.  |  Richardson Bros (Olds) Ltd  |  Olds, AB  |  Jan 2018

When I have been in a bind, ELRUS has sent out George to service us and get us going. Last time, something wouldn’t come on line. George is really helpful with that. Other times, they have been able to troubleshoot with us on the phone. That happens a lot actually.

★★★★★    Gregor B.  |  Westhills Aggregates Ltd  |  Penticton, BC  |  Jan 2018

What I value is  ELRUS’ staff, how quickly they respond, and the quality of their equipment. Their reputation, support and service after sale, availability of their guys and the relationships we have with them is why we choose ELRUS.

★★★★★    Rick T.  |  Long Pine Crushing  |  Hughendon, AB  |  Jan 2018

ELRUS has good service and parts availability. I have a good level of trust in them.

★★★★★    Mike C.  |  Flesherton Concrete  |  Flesherton, ON  |  Jan 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because of the quality of the equipment.  Everything has always been great for us with ELRUS.

★★★★★    Wayne A.  |  LTL Contracting Ltd  |  Shuniah, ON  |  Jan 2018

When I call after hours, I call the cell phones of the ELRUS parts staff, they answer or call back within minutes. Sometimes things have to wait until the next day. We run 24/7 for the most part.

★★★★★    Burt C.  |  Schmidt Construction  |  Colorado, Springs, CO  |  Jan 2018

Curt, the Service Tech with ELRUS, is good about coming out and he responds quickly when we have problems. ELRUS does a good job. They have good service.

★★★★★    Kirk M.  |  Al Meisner Limited  |  Lac Du Bonnet, MB  |  Jan 2018

I value ELRUS because of their good service, and their people know a lot.

☆☆☆☆    Sumner Branch Customer  |  Bellingham, WA  |  Jan 2018

I am having difficulty reaching ELRUS now that Joey is gone.

★★★★★    Bill D.  |  Nielsen Brothers, Inc  |  Sedro-Woolley, WA  |  Jan 2018

I would recommend ELRUS because of their good parts service in being able to help us get our parts.

★★★★★    Stan W.  |  Waunch Construction & Trucking Inc.  |  Olympia, WA  |  Jan 2018

For after-hours service, I will call Colin and he answers and deals with the issue. There have been times when I needed things right away, and ELRUS had what I needed, and there have been other times when they didn’t have it.

★★★★★    Colorado Springs Branch Customer  |  CO  |  Jan 2018

We were in a bind recently when our generator blew up. Barry got right on it and got us a generator quickly.

★★★★★    Oregon Customer  |  OR  |  Jan 2018

I value product support if I can get it. I value Mark. He’s done fine. The drill is a good drill.