Creating “The Definitive”
Online Review of Your Business

Make Sure People Find Helpful Reviews About Your Business That Facilitate Their Purchase Decision

If you went looking for reviews of your business right now in a Google search, what would you find?

  • A few terse comments on your Google Business profile

  • A short mix of comments on your social media pages

  • If you’re lucky, someone posted an article about their experience on their blog

  • If you’re really fortunate, someone created a decent YouTube video review

Unfortunately, what many business owners find is either nothing at all, or a mix of anecdotal comments. They basically find nothing of substance to assist a potential client make an informed purchase decision.

How Can You Ensure People Find Useful Reviews?

There’s actually a lot you can do.

  • Use online satisfaction surveys to gather feedback

  • Conduct in-depth customer interviews by phone

  • Incentivize people to write reviews and articles on their experience

  • Engage Client Insight to create the definitive online review of your business

What is a Definitive Review?

The Definitive Review of your business is exactly what it sounds like. We prepare the most comprehensive review of your business anywhere online.

The review maps out your customer’s experience as they move from one stage of your business to the next. These stages are different for every business, but the goal is the same.

The goal is for prospective clients to understand what to expect from your company, from a complete lifecycle perspective.

We interview clients to assess each stage of your business. In the process, we generate a full spectrum of detailed and useful reviews.

We use these reviews to create a comprehensive multistage article. Each article includes an overall summary, plus section summaries detailing what to expect in each lifecycle stage. A list of curated comments supports each section. The reviews are further substantiated with a searchable database of customer reviews, organized to help people find the most relevant feedback for their location and needs.

The result is an exceptionally detailed review that rivals or exceeds anything available online. This is why we call it The Definitive Review. The review is so comprehensive, it will likely be rewarded by Google with a top ranking in search results.

If you want to gain control over your online narrative, consider The Definitive Review as the gold standard option.

Don’t just read about it, see for yourself.

Explore some real examples.

Review Live Examples Here

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It’s Not Just About Search Engines

To receive full value from your review, you’ll want to share it on your website. You link to it on your social profiles and directory listings. You direct people to your review in marketing materials, highlight it in sales meetings, on estimates, quotes and more.

There’s nothing more powerful than hundreds of people singing your praises. The review will demystify and de-risk your business. It helps build trust, shortens sales cycle times and increases conversion rates.

There’s Internal Benefits Too

Having a searchable database of customer comments relevant to each department and type of sale helps managers and executives zero in on service issues and opportunities quickly.

A live database of reviews is an excellent catalyst for internal improvement, staff training and experience design efforts. It can also serve as a performance dashboard to gauge progress on improvement investments.

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