Client Results

What gets measured gets improved.

If you want to grow profitably and have your clients feel you are a ‘supplier that really cares’, gathering objective customer feedback is a sound business decision. Our history shows that a Client Insight interview reinforces a positive experience. For a less than satisfied customer, the Client Insight interview creates the opportunity to recover the relationship and the client.

Client Insight Interviewers are skilled at connecting, building rapport quickly and remaining neutral and objective. Respondents feel heard and valued and will speak freely of their purchase experience. We dig deep to understand what was done well and what the client feels can be improved.

“In situations where the client was not happy, the interview allowed us to reconnect with them and restore the relationship.”
Stephen Klassen, Affinity Kitchens

Many business issues can be resolved and the business relationship recovered. Gaining a second chance links directly to increased revenues and profitability for your business.

“The feedback we gained has allowed us to improve our processes, eliminate inefficiencies and improve communication internally and with clients across all levels of the company. We are able to see the impact of changes as we continue to interview our customers.”
Greg Helfrich, ELRUS Aggregates

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