The Client Insight Approach

For nearly 20 years, we’ve conducted in-depth surveys and customer interviews to assess each stage in a customer’s lifecycle. We’ve learned what clients really think, want and need from companies. We apply the same approach to employee and stakeholder feedback to drive change from within.

This feedback gets channelled to sales, service and other departments to initiate target actions. We also share customer feedback with company leadership to support experience design and reputation building initiatives.

The 8-Step Client Insight Process

Step 1

Needs & Opportunity Assessments

This service is about digging into your situation, helping you evaluate options and develop a plan for moving your business forward.

Step 2

Database Development

One of the first things we work on is getting your database ready for use. You’ll need recipient names, emails, phone numbers, some form of segmentation and most importantly, permission to communicate.

Step 3

Reputation Management

We offer a range of consulting, reputation management software and client review development services to help you regain control of your narrative. Our Definitive Review is our gold standard offering.

Step 4

Satisfaction Surveys & Monitoring

Satisfaction surveys are an effective approach for preliminary screening and gauging customer, employee and stakeholder experience factors, uncovering lurking problems and soliciting feedback on mass.

Surveys help zero in on problem areas requiring more in-depth investigation.

Step 5

In-depth Interviews

In-depth interviews conducted by mediators involve a combination of scripted questions and off-script discussions to engage people in conversation. The off-script conversations yield the best testimonials, the most glowing reviews, insightful criticisms and actionable requests.

Step 6

Putting Feedback Into Action

Putting feedback into action is about anticipating response patterns and putting systems in place to follow up promptly and appropriately to identified opportunities. Ideally, this involves integration with sales, customer service and other customer-facing systems.

Step 7

Sales & Account Development

Driving sales, retaining and growing accounts is the most direct and compelling way to cost-justify your investment in customer research. By focusing on sales, account development and employee engagement and retention, you’re turning a cost-centre into a profit-centre.

Step 8

Experience Management Systems

Experience Management Systems are where customer and employee feedback, insights gathering, and reputation management are integrated into your sales, service and performance management systems. The goal is to improve internal processes, sales, customer development and retention.

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