About Us

Client Insight is a customer experience research and reputation management consulting company.

We give your customers, employees and stakeholders a voice to help you improve customer experience, increase sales, develop your reputation and drive growth.

For nearly 20 years, we’ve worked with small and mid-sized companies across North America. Our customer base spans a wide-range of B2C and B2B scenarios in transactional and account-based businesses. We have experience working with retailers, professional services, real estate, agriculture, construction, heavy industry and more.

Our Story

Client Insight started as a market research company. We gathered insightful customer, employee and stakeholder feedback. The focus was on satisfaction surveys and in-depth customer interviews. Over the years, online reviews and then online reputation management became more and more central to our practice.

As reputation management technology matured and process automation became more common, we began to appreciate the inherent challenges companies faced and the opportunities available in customer feedback.

Our practice has evolved. Today we’re focused on helping companies gather insightful feedback, putting this feedback into action and developing a powerful online reputation. It’s a more systematic and business-results-focused approach.

Photo of Gerry Doerksen

Gerry Doerksen

President and Founder

Gerry is a reputation management consultant and a chartered mediator.

For nearly 20 years, he’s delved deep into customer, employee and stakeholder experiences. Gerry and his team help companies create systems to realize full value from the feedback gathered.

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