Active Listening and Customer Relations

Customer feedback is not a new idea. The first customer service complaint in recorded history was in 1750 BC, when Nanni, a Babylonian customer, wrote to complain that he had received a shipment of inferior copper from Ea-nasir. His long angry rant is recorded on a clay tablet which is in the British Museum. We don’t know if Ea-nasir read and responded well to the complaint. We hope he did!

What we do know is that listening to customers by gathering their feedback is only the first step in the Customer Relations cycle.  At Client Insight Inc., we work with our clients to LISTEN, MEASURE and IMPROVE.

At the core of that Customer Relations cycle is ACTIVE LISTENING. For businesses, ACTIVE LISTENING is crucial and it only occurs when it is done intentionally. It is in the budget. There is a process to MEASURE and analyze the feedback and for translating it into actions within the company to IMPROVE the customer experience.

But in order for a business to take ACTIVE LISTENING to customers seriously and make it a budget line item, customer feedback and business value must intersect.

At Client Insight Inc., we help our clients with ACTIVE LISTENING by conducting phone conversations (not surveys) to gather significant and rich information about their customers’ experiences.  We work with our clients to create an internal process for making the most of that feedback. They learn what they are doing well and where they need to address service and quality issues. Listening is only ACTIVE if it generates appropriate actions. Our clients use the meaningful customer feedback we obtain to IMPROVE their company and improve the customer experience.

Where does the business value come in?  In MEASURING the cost of obtaining a new customer versus keeping an existing one.  In MEASURING the financial gains to the company by rescuing a customer relationship instead of losing that customer. In MEASURING the Net Promoter Score that emerges from the feedback and translating the NPS into a dollar value.

As for IMPROVING, that requires your company to examine its processes, communicate, make incremental changes and continue to Listen Measure Improve. Incremental process changes and ongoing measurement has helped ELRUS Aggregate Systems succeed, to hear more, click ELRUS CI Video.

If you would like to learn more about how ACTIVE LISTENING can help your company improve the customer experience and your bottom line, give us a call.

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Listen. Measure. Improve. It’s a profitability strategy for your company.

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