CI Methodology

Client Insight Inc. has developed a field-proven methodology that is tailored to the unique needs of each business we assist. The foundations of this methodology include:

  • Taking time to get to know your business, meeting your staff, hearing their thoughts and how they work is important to us. We want to understand your business, its products and services and the processes used to deliver. We seek to understand the customer touch points so that when we are talking to your customers, we can ask the questions that matter.
  • Having the expertise to know how to devise questions that gather the right insights for your business.
  • Engaging your customers in meaningful conversations about their experience and the impact on them or their business.
  • Hiring the right Interviewers who are trained as expert listeners and able to engage people to participate. In some cases, the conversations need to go below the surface, so an Interviewer who can gain trust quickly, is important. Many of our interviewers are Chartered Mediators.
  • We gather quantitative data so that you have an accurate measurement of your company’s performance and we also elicit qualitative data so that you have a clear understanding of what matters to your customers.
  • Refining our systems and reporting processes in order to distill the customer feedback into clear, meaningful insights you can use to guide your planning and investment decisions.


Client’s Perspective:

“What makes Client Insight different is that they have a direct conversation with our clients. It’s direct human interaction and they have a way of connecting with our clients that enables them to ask a variety of questions. It is far more effective than asking clients to fill out a survey. People don’t want to mess with that problem. This way it’s a more thorough interview and we get much better information.”
Stephen Buller, Legacy Kitchens Group

“Client Insight did more than just interview our members and gather statistical and narrative feedback. They are also particularly adept at helping companies figure out what they really need to learn and how they can use the feedback. That skill helps to control cost and scope without sacrificing value.”
Trudy Curtis, PPDM Assn.

“We were looking for a true sense of what our client’s experience was. Client Insight has a good sense of our clients and they dig below the surface and don’t just accept a simple answer. We wanted more information in order to improve our own level of client understanding and Client Insight, as a third party, was able to provide that.”
Stephen Klassen, Affinity Kitchens

“We have used the customer feedback to make small operational changes. One branch had difficulties with freight so we made some changes to the process. Follow-up interviews indicated that our customers had seen a real difference. For Shop Service, we were having challenges with project budgets. As a result, we continued to provide the initial quote but added a second quote once the equipment was torn apart and the root cause was identified. This allowed our customers to have a clear expectation on what was being done as well as what the total project cost would be. It was a better result for our customers as well as our staff.”
Greg Helfrich, ELRUS Aggregates

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We encourage a cyclical approach to business improvement: gathering feedback, measuring the results, implementing improvements, continuing to gather feedback so the improvement cycle can be maintained. Read more about our Client Insight Business Improvement Process.