Stakeholder Engagement

CEOs and Boards of non-profits, charities, and member associations want energized and engaged members. Board composition may change from year to year and sometimes CEO’s need a deeper grasp of member sensitivity on issues and direction. They value the narratives gathered during our interview process to validate how they are leading and to guide decisions on sensitive issues.
Client Insight interviews go far beyond simple member surveys to help Boards and Executives to:

  • Discover what engages members to volunteer, get involved, participate, and contribute.
  • Learn what causes members to disengage and discontinue their membership.
  • Find out if internal processes that members must use, are a fit for purpose or too heavy and difficult.
  • Validate if ideas pushed by vocal and strongly opinionated Board members represent the broader membership views.
  • Allow new Board members to come up to speed quickly on priorities facing the organization. This member perspective helps them stay at the strategic level and make decisions with confidence.
  • Gain the data, statistics and trends that clarify the direction that members wish to proceed.
  • Verify if volunteer members in positions of influence are behaving in the best interests of the organization versus exercising personal agendas.