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All Client Insight services are tailored to the needs of the business or organization we serve. The scope, question focus and reporting of projects are customized to drive maximum value and control cost.

Ongoing Feedback Programs

Ongoing Feedback Programs are multi-year efforts focused on identifying improvement opportunities and monitoring trends over time. The scope of the program is tailored to your business needs and budget by selecting the following:

  • number of customers interviewed per period (typically monthly).
  • historical customers, current or new  customers, and/or lost sale buyers.
  • focus and number of questions.
  • type of reporting.
  • amount of debrief time by Client Insight to support your company in implementing changes and reinforcing positive behaviors.

Client Insight meets with Management to review feedback results and trends, to ensure relevant information is being gathered and that action is taken on the feedback from Clients. We combine our understanding of Management’s goals with analysis of customer feedback to advise when it would be appropriate to update questions or realign the focus to other topics.

Campaign Projects

Campaign Projects are occasional interview programs used to measure perceptions and experiences at a point in time or relative to a particularly sensitive topic. The scope of the project is tailored to the organizations needs and budget. Some examples of these feedback projects:

  • for a business to get an accurate perspective of their client’s level of satisfaction.
  • for a business to obtain credible quotes for a website.
  • for a Professional to maintain their International Designation.
  • for the Board of an Association to confirm their connection with members.
  • to measure the effectiveness of an Associations service or process.

The insight gained from a Campaign Project may lead management to convert to an Ongoing Program with refined questions and focus. Client Insight helps to redefine the objectives and process for the project.

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