Why Choose CI

If you are looking for a competitive edge in your market, please read and listen to what leaders who have engaged our services have to say about Client Insight Inc.:


Astute Management Decisions
As Companies grow, Owners and Managers become isolated from the front lines of client interaction. A well implemented Customer Feedback program gives management the information they need to make insightful and timely decisions.
“The client feedback helped us to see trends and understand what was causing them, so we could adjust. Sometimes you just can’t please everyone, but we could make that assessment knowing we were working with real information.”
Legacy Kitchens, Stephen Buller

Brand Promotion
Through the Client Insight interview, your Customers are reminded of your Company brand and the diligence you pay to the client experience is exceptional. When you are “top of mind”, referrals follow “guess what my supplier is doing …”
“In the end, when I consider the craftsmanship, the design, the tweaks and the entire experience, it now feels like we got a deal. We have such a great outcome. It exceeded every expectation we had.”
Tony L, Scottsdale

Legacy Kitchens Video

Trust You Can’t Buy
Customers who feel heard believe their opinions and feelings are important. They trust that you are sincere about enhancing each client’s experience with their company which reinforces a positive feeling about you as their supplier. Customers feel they can be honest and upfront to a neutral third party and thus provide insights that can’t be accessed any other way.
“We work with high end buyers who are busy people and Client Insight is able to approach these people in such a way that they are willing to give their time and their feedback. Personal interviews show our Clients that we are serious about continuously improving.”
Stephen Klassen, Affinity Kitchens

Market Differentiation
Satisfied customers provide affirmative quotes, narratives and stories that can be used to promote your business. On average, Client Insight receives 8 to 10 affirmative comments per interview. That says a lot about our ability to engage your clients.
“Our “ah ha” moment was learning how to sell who we are. When suppliers came to evaluate us to discuss a distributor relationship and saw that we gathered customer feedback, their decision was made. We had professionalism, scrutiny and accountability.”
ELRUS Aggregates Greg Helfrich

ELRUS Aggregates Video

Staff Development
The Client Insight Assessment Reports help your Employees understand how their focus and attention is recognized and appreciated by clients. They also identify where behaviors and skills could be improved.
“I am very happy with the end result. It doesn’t look like we renovated our house, it looks like it was the original plan. We had a very pleasant experience with the Pinnacle Group.”
Glendale SW, Calgary

Fix Broken Processes
Early identification of processes and systems that are not a good fit allows companies to plan and communicate for efficiency and improved results.
“We have been able to improve things in small ways in a variety of areas, at all levels. We question every level of our process with the feedback.”
Stephen Klassen, Affinity Kitchens

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10 More Reasons Companies told us they choose to work with Client Insight Inc.

  • We saw the market getting more and more competitive. New players were coming in. To continue to grow, we had to play a better game and to do that, we needed to know what clients were thinking.
  • We needed better information and more of it. A company gets 1-2% unsolicited feedback and that’s often from the more vocal people with a bad experience. That wasn’t giving us enough insight.
  • Our own phone call to review a project would just get a simple “fine” response. We needed Client Insight because they dig below the surface.
  • Most of our feedback was positive. But, even when a client has been relatively happy we were able to learn about something minor that we could do for them that would take that client ‘over the top’. That is what builds loyalty.
  • We needed a third party with professionally conducted personal interviews to make people feel they could be forthright and their ideas and suggestions would actually be used.
  • We needed more than just data. We needed to know where to invest time, effort and money to improve the customer experience so that those investments could actually pay off for us too.
  • Our internal sales, customer service and administration staff don’t have the time, experience, or specialized training to interview effectively, to listen openly, or to capture details without bias.
  • On-line surveys and mail in cards just don’t work and the few responses we do get just don’t have enough clarity or depth to allow our company to act on the feedback.
  • We needed to understand if there was any trend behind the Lost Sales.
  • We needed to objectively explore rumour, gossip or anecdotal evidence of an issue.
  • “We wanted to validate that Management really had the pulse of the organization and the right intuitive sense about the market, so we could make sensitive decisions.