CI Reporting

All feedback reporting is tailored to your unique business goals with summaries, trends, scores and details as well as quotes from clients providing powerful suggestions on how to improve the business.

Assessment Reports

Client Insight provides an Assessment Report for each completed interview with scores for each phase of the interview. Assessment Scores include:

  • An overall assessment of the client’s experience.
  • An assessment score for each client ‘touch point’ (Sales, Dispatch, Installation, Product, Service, Process, Warranties, etc).
  • A rating indicating the client to be Promoter, Passive or Detractor.


Narrative Comments

In addition to scaled or numeric responses for each question, customers are encouraged to offer comments for clarification. All narrative is documented and Client Insight provides the actual comments plus categorizes the comments.

The resulting Assessment Report is easy to understand, logical to interpret, and reveals trends or anomalies when combined with the results of other interviews.

Dashboard Reporting

Dashboard Reporting

Client Insight’s Dashboard reporting tool is completely tailored to your company to allow you to view Assessment results quickly and easily. The tool organizes feedback and provides insights in a variety of ways:

  • Individual assessment scores for a single question, groups of questions or for all questions.
  • For any time period.
  • By business region or branch.
  • By project type and/or phase.
  • By role and person.
  • Trends.
  • What clients value most.
  • Factors that most influence purchase decision.
  • Why clients would recommend you.


Client’s Perspective:

“You don’t always hear feedback from clients. We get unsolicited feedback from 1 to 2% of our clients and it’s typically from the more vocal ones who had a bad experience. We needed more feedback with better information. Third party information is important and with Client Insight ‘it’s arms length’ .”
Stephen Buller, Legacy Kitchens

“The biggest benefit for us was learning what our key suppliers thought of ELRUS. When Sandvik Group came to us to discuss an expansion opportunity and evaluate our merits, they discovered that we were gathering customer feedback. When they saw the customer feedback results and what we were doing with it, their decision was made. We had the professionalism, the scrutiny and the accountability they were looking for.”
Greg Helfrich, ELRUS Aggregates

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