Benefits of Customer Feedback

Companies that gather customer feedback using Client Insight interviews reconnect with their customers and bring the ‘voice of the customer’ into their business. Our feedback interviews reinforce the customer-supplier relationship and demonstrate  that ‘our supplier really cares  …  they really want to know what we think and what we experienced’.

  • Base strategies and plans on facts not assumptions
    • Learn what’s broken and how to fix it
    • Identify training needs
  • Understand what motivates buyers to become their customers
    • Create powerful marketing strategies
    • Influence prospective buyers/partners
    • Prevent lost sales
  • Reinforce their connection with Customers
    • Understand what motivates buyers to become their customers
    • Our customers feel valued and acknowledged by us asking for their feedback
    • Our customers understand that we care and want to improve
    • Our customer’s loyalty has been strengthened, our referrals have increased
  • Increase Management/Employee/Member engagement
    • Align internal departments
    • Keep management focused on the right things
    • Reinforce and reward good employee behavior
  • Improve business processes
    • Identify what is working well and what needs to improve
    • Measure the impact of business improvement decisions and investments
    • Create a customer focused culture

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